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ACC connector Transvideo Monitor

Alberto Ojeda

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Helo guys!!

Since long time ago, I saw in my Transvideo monitor that the ACC connector it have the 4 first pines to power + vídeo, but I don't know how it work the video side.
I tried to understand it with the monitor users manual, but I couldn't.

My sled is the RIG Betz, and it have a MONITOR connector at the bottom, so if I plug the SDI from the camera to the top stage bnc, do the electronic of my sled convert the HD image to have video trough this MONITOR connector at the bottom of my sled?

So if I plug a 8 pins lemo cable from the bottom of my sled, to the 8 pins lemo ACC connector to the monitor, do I have power and HD video with one cable without SDI cable?!

I hope I'm clear with this doubt, so thanks so much in advance!!


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Hi Alberto, 

Usually, that 8pin monitor lemo on the bottom of sleds is for power and analogue video, not HD-SDI, and should be tied to the analogue input on your top stage. 
On your ACC port on the monitor, you can see pin 3 (Y/CVBS) is an analogue video input.
So unless you're using an analogue outputted signal at your camera, eg film camera with sd tap, you can't send HD-SDI signals that way, so it's 2 cables I'm afraid!


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