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Backstage Shotsaver Rickshaw

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Hi… Ive received lots of inquiries… wanted to post pictures and create it’s own listing for more information. It’s a product from Backstage called the Shotsaver.  Not exactly a richshaw since it has four wheels, but is intended for handheld, Steadicam hard mounting, and loads more.  Very customizable design.  It comes in two large cases, although depending how far it has to ship, I might break out items into a third box for better protection.  Local pickup available in Doylestown, PA. 

The cross members are expandable speed rail sections so the chassis width can be adjusted per application. 

Pictures below…  will add more soon.  Not shown in the pictures are four Dune Wheels (deflated and never used), pair of additional fixed wheels (matching the ones in the picture so you can have four straight wheels), a pair of smaller sized wheels (so you can lower the chassis if necessary), one additional chest/back support that’s v-shaped, and tools/spare parts.  

Asking $3500 USD








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