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MK-V Omega AR + iPod + AKS


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(Apologies for black background, not sure how to get rid of it)

For sale, Asking for $25,000 or best offer. Retails for $30,750 (assuming supply chain issues and inflation haven't increased it) not including additional accessories and iPod

I'm parting with my Omega AR. Purchased in January 2020, it hasn't seen that much action honestly. Its maybe gone out on jobs half a dozen-dozen times a year. 

I have a video of it on the last job it was on to show its still in full operating function. 

Disregard the words on the cable photo, the cables are in good working order - this was sent to another operator who was interested in purchasing it. I was only labeling those cables as ones he would need to have crafted for a different sled system. 

Cables are built for Pro Cine Live Sled so the polarity IS different so please be aware of that. If you have a different system and have to purchase different cables for it, I will take off $500 the sale price to cover your loss. 

I have a video of the iPod on phone mount/super clamp + receiver and Omega AR in operation that I can send. Please DM for it (marketplace won't let me post video with sale post)

List of contents:
MK-V Omega AR Roll Cage
MK-V Stabilized Monitor Arm + Yoke (originally designed to work with 2" posts)
Delrin Inserts for Post reduction (works with GPI Pro Cine Live Sled 1.5" post)
3 pin 1B Lemo to 3 pin 2B Lemo Power Cable for Omega AR (Pro Cine Live Polarity Configuration)
8 pin 1B Lemo to BNC (Roll Cage to Monitor arm signal)
8 pin 1B lemo to 3 pin 2B Lemo (Pro Cine Live Polarity Configuration) & BNC for Monitor Arm Power + Signal
Pelican Storm Case
Yoke mounts for SmallHD 703 and Transvideo Cinemonitor HD8 SBL Evolution
Cable Ring Mount 
Super clamp with 5/8" receiver stud (for iPod/iPhone operating)
Smallrig Clamp with 1/4 20" thread for phone mounting to anything really
3/8" thread to 5/8" receiver for phone mount
Phone mount with 1/4 20" and 3/8" mounting
6' & 10' 3 pin 1B Lemo to 3 pin XLR for powering Omega AR to VCLX/Block Battery for tripod/dolly operating
2 mesh zipper bags to hold AKS + cables










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