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PRO Titan Arm

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I bought this arm new from GPI, right here in the Valley, about seven years ago, give or take.  I'll see if I can dig up an invoice or something, to verify my purchase.  This arm has proven to be the one thing, in nearly thirty years of buying gear, that significantly improved my operating.  If you've never had the pleasure of using one of these then I'd wager you're missing out.  This arm in particular is in great shape.  There are a few cosmetic blemishes here and there, mainly some scratches on the ends of the blue canisters.  I mostly used blues for the work I did.  

Which brings me to the reason I'm selling this beauty: RETIREMENT.  I am done...technically.  I won't rule out regular operating now and then, but as far as Steadicam goes, I'm hangin' it up.  And selling all my gear.  This arm is the first thing I'm posting. There's lots more to come: PRO ll sled w/DBlll, three different vests, two TB-6's, my beloved Innovativ Ranger and gear cabinet, batteries, chargers, MDR-3, Klassen Garfield, DB ll, QRB w/touch 'n go plate, SOS, a really sweet 2-Bartech focus system (Thank you Jim Bartel for a great piece of gear, as well as being a wonderful-to work-with vendor and stand-up guy!), a brand new PRO gimbal bearing,  a Camwok 3000 for goddsakes!  Plus more gear.  I'll be posting this stuff as I get pictures taken.

The arm, with 4 blue canisters, attached Klassen solid block and some other stuff, will come to you in a Pelican case, nestled in a really cool foam configuration I think I stole from Ron Baldwin.  Don't worry about Ron.  I'm giving him a potentially historically interesting bit of gear that came on my first sled, which I bought from Bob Ulland.  If it turns out to not be that interesting then he can bite me.   I digress.  

A separate box will contain the canister case and arm bag.


The other stuff includes:

- 4 black canisters that got used only a few times, well-protected in the original canister carrier case (that's probably not the real name of it).  It's a little rectangular cordura bag with a nice foam block which has four holes for the extra canisters.

- Original flexible block

- T-handle wrench for adjusting the canister spring tension and removing the canister-end bolts. 

- 2 trunion cover & hinge pin wrenches 

- A couple extra canister bolts and hinge bumpers

- PRO arm bag (heavy black cordura)

Call or text:  213-810-2218

I'm in LA.  

As is the arm.

- John

















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