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Genesis / Dionic 90's

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Has anyone run a Genesis (with recorder on) off of Dionic 90's successfully? I am weighing Dionics vs. Power Cubes for new batteries, and this camera is high on the list of considerations for power. If the Dionics work, I can avoid new chargers & battery mounts. I have seen input on the Power Cubes, so mainly looking for experience from those using Genesis / Dionic 90 combo.


My current sled is:



PRO Upper J Box

XCS post

MK-V Nexus base (with 3 battery mounts)


I understand the Genesis's high amperage draw is potentially too much for the Lemo power connectors. I will put a call into GPI about this. Any input running Genesis on Dionics is appreciated.


Best regards,


Mark Karavite

A Camera / Steadicam Operator


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I have adamantly avoided running it one-piece, but I believe it is possible to power it off two Dionics with direct cabling from the batteries (P-tap), although not for very long.


For long-term consideration, it is likely that the Genesis will be going out with onboard flash drives within six months or so which will cut the power draw down a good amount. With any luck we will never see another camera for Steadicam use (if you can call the one-piece Genesis that) that pulls this kind of amperage. Then again, 3D seems to be on the upswing...oy.

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Do you prefer not to fly the Genesis in 1 piece due to power, or weight, or is it both? I have not flown it yet, but I know the VTR "mag" weighs the same as a 1000' magazine. Although the overall weight is supposed to be close to an XL, I imagine being so backheavy could be a problem. Is this your experience?


I was in Atlanta for the IA Central Region's digital cinema camera training last weekend. Al Mayer Jr. mentioned that a flash drive was in the works. That would solve both the power & weight problems.


What run times are you experiencing with the Camera split from the recorder, and what batteries are you using? On another note, I spoke with Hugo last night, and he says you have a XMas present coming shaped like a new battery hanger. Let us know how you like it.

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