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Charles Papert

Russian Ark screening in LA

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I totally second that.

Tilman is a machine and the crew behind him as well!

Even worth to buy the DVD and watch the making off...

Lots of stairways and complicated moves + small cold outdoors scene that could've ruin everything when he got back inside...

VERY amazing work.

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To me there are few things that saps one stamina (and chops a significant amount of accuracy off one's operating) than doing Steadicam on a job you are also DP'ing. The brain is just going too many directions at once to do both jobs equally well. The fact that Tilman shot this as well as operating is mind-blowing, especially that story about the gaffer whispering to him that all the lights had gone out in a hall that he was due to enter 10 or 15 minutes later--I mean, how is that not horrifyingly distracting to the herculean task at hand, and what can one do about it at that point anyway??


Can't say as I really understand the film, but it is quite a spectacle and obviously an achievement.

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