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    This is my personal technique for making whip pans. I’m sharing here in hopes that it might help a newer operator who is looking to improve their whip pans during this quarantine.
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    I have a Letus Helix Pro 1Axis for steadicam same level horizon and 360 capabilities as the MKV but with video and power pass-through the unit. I have comfortably used from Red Moustros with Cook Anamorphics to Alexa Mini LF with Atlas Anamorphics. I am constantly flying over tables. Rotating as subject gets in and out of bed. Coming out of car windows with the subject. Dutch low angles. Using the RC remote, operator joystic or iPhone smart link, one can simulate a Drunk actor walking, earthquakes, follow a stunt person doing a flip, rolling down hill. It is a great tool. As far as weight, it is always appreciated to make conservative choices on camera and accessories. Best of luck

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