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  1. Ear tec for smaller gigs, where you aren't displaced, really spread out etc. They are fast, and cheap so if one breaks its not the end of the world. The things that break are the mic attachements, they lose their tension and don't hold the position. Rubber bands/bongo ties can fix this by adding friction. But if they are treated well, they will last, I've had mine for about 2 years. The HME's way more versatile, good for bigger gigs, and where communication between multiple departments for specialty shots, stunts, heavy coordination is a must. The ac's still have to monitor batteries on the headsets for both, and when transporting I usually hand my headset off to one of them anyway. HME's are great for high end projects that have the money to rent the kit. but if you are just packaging your headsets into your base kit and have a quick fix for those times no one thought about communication, then ear tec is the way. Personal note: The sounds HME's make ie. beeps, etc. are more annoying than the eartecs, even though when the base station or master headset of the eartecs dies, the incessant beeping would drive anyone mad. Also a broken HME is still possible, and those are a bit more to fix/replace
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