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    Pristine condition Tiffen M1 rig with Volt system. *Flat (equals rock solid) M1 topstage. *M1 Camera Dovetail Plate (unused/as new). *Two stage 1.75” M1 Centerpost. *M1 Gimbal with Volt. *Volt Control cable. *Volt Sensor Box Power cable. *Volt Sensor Box and attachment bracket. *M1 Monitor Mount (monitor not included). *M1 lower Junction Box and dual battery plate. *Eight IDX V mount batteries. *One IDX simultaneous Quad Charger. *Tiffen Volt Docking Bracket. *Spare Volt motor belt. *Spare Volt Sensor Box Power Cable. *Spare Encoder Sensor. *Case for M1 Volt Rig. *Case for Batteries and Charger. Price for all: $25,500 US. Buyer pays shipping (shipping account preferred). This rig has been fantastic. The only reason for selling is that i just received my M2 Volt. Serious inquiries only. More photos available. Email only please. I don’t always check the forum. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC graysonaustin@me.com
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    Selling my G70X Arm. Located in Denmark. Includes bag and rain covers. €7660 / $8500
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    $8.5K Arm performs as if new. Selling because I am DPing full time. Selling with Gray canisters (32lbs to 45lbs) Includes pro arm bag, spare parts, tools and 5/32 t-wrench!
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    Sand work is tough. It seems fruitless but try to scout the area first and if there is the time and money (when is there ever...) have locations, under your direction, dig up the sand and put chicken wire down, then lay the sand back on. Instant workable surface but not compatible/safe if you are working with background performers in their bare feet. I never promote bare feet on set at any time with gear around but in some circumstances you may get better footing yourself operating with shoes and socks depending on density/moistness of the terrain.
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    NO. The "1" stands for one axis stabilization.... At least until they come out with a "2" in which case the "1" stands for obsolete ;)-
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    This is the original forum for discussing steadicam. The Facebook group is a cascade of posts. It is easier to find and reference archived information here which makes this a better place for any info to be posted. If you have info, it would be great to post it here for all to be able to read, see, etc instead of directing someone to go to yet another place. Not everyone has time to scroll through countless posts on a Facebook page just to find a bit of info on a new piece of gear. Grayson Grant Austin, SOC
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    Hi all; Over the years I've been good and terrible at this. Have a pen and pad available wherever u are to make notes and give yourself an outlet for the emotions of what you're thinking and hearing There is no crime in saying "hey, let me take a minute and call u back in 5 min." You can take a breath and weigh your options then call them in under 5 min. Don't dilly dally it's got to be quick. What do u think? Janicr
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    Hi Janice, nice topic! This reminds me about a very important moment in my professional life: I was frustrated because I did´t got what I expected to be paid .Normally I was sitting with my clients in a meeting room, discussing the job and then give a approx. quote before leaving the round table. Often I did´t asked enough because it was a interesting job and I was exited about it. I wanted to change my behavior, because I knew it´s me and not the clients wallet who was responsible for my "underpaid feeling" (I was often working as a freelancer in advertising for big companies). I spoke to a good friend about it. He is in psychology. He told me the next time I should leave the meeting room without giving a quote and tell them I' ll phone them the next day. It took me all my courage to do so, but I did. My client was a bit shocked, he said I should be professional enough to give him a quote straight away...I was tempted, had a budget in my head, but I kept myself back....before I left the meeting room my client turned too me and told me about the budget he thinks to spend for the job to be done . I still resisted to give him a answer. The next day I told him that I would gladly accept his offer....Well, I should add, the budget in my clients head was exact the double from mine! Now, I always wait a bit before I give my quote.
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    A few things. Agents as its been said, don't get you work, ESPECIALLY if you don't have a deep credit list Agents want to see a track record and see a constant stream of employment Agents make your deals as such they want you working on projects that pay over scale a few shorts isn't decently experienced in the eyes of an agent, just saying
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    Well, I just did it. After 19 years with a PRO1, I finally upgraded to a PRO3. I can't really believe it myself, and I feel compelled to write my first post on this forum, to share this with the only group of people I know that can appreciate the magnitude of the moment. What can I say. I loved my PRO1. I remember vividly my first visit with George and seeing the machine, and knowing right away that I had to have it, and that I had to get rid of my 3A as fast as I could. Jack at GPI-PRO had called to tell me about this new sled when it came out. "You are going to like this one. You can set it up just like your PRO1. Same foot print, same height, same length, same weight, and more importantly same feel" I went to see it and I knew on the spot, that he was probably right. However, I couldn't bring myself to make the switch.... too busy, too lazy, too emotionally attached to number 52. There were always a reason not to do it. Finally, I had no choice. I'm starting a new feature where I will be switching constantly between Film/ 2D red / 3D red and I knew that the PRO1 would not cut it. Well, now I have seen the light and since then I keep asking myself, "Why did I wait so long to do this?" As all of you who are using it already know, this is a great sled, far superior to my old one in every aspect. It is a great combo between the old and the new the way I see it. Finally Jacques, welcome to the 21st century! Jacques Jouffret
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    But why? for $700 it should be correct...

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