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    Lightranger2 $9500 with pelican case LR2 Sensor VOU 2x Arri power cables , 2x serial cables ,lightranger Arri bracket Available in L.A. US shipping available.
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    BUMP. Artemis Arm Pkg Now $8000.00 Tiffen Ultra Pkg $6000.00 Together $13500.00 ALL OFFERS will be considered
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    The cage above is pretty universal as far as I know, so you shouldn't run into too much of a problem if you're trying to do something similar to it on your own. I would imagine camera clearance and access to magazines would be the biggest issue, but I don't have much knowledge about machining.
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    Hey Fernando, Mounted like this picture. The camera sits in the cage while the top portion is mounted onto your top stage. This way the camera sits upright while you're in low mode and the film path is not affected.
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    I hope you will be using a Arri SR 2 or 3 or an Aaton XTR with digital video splits .The quality of these splits were never great but usable . I would also ask your DP to use as little ND as it will only decrease again the quality of the V/split. I would be looking at replacing your current monitor with a Analog monitor .There a lot of monitors out there which have analog inputs ok. With regards to Low mode if you don't have a classic LM cage or the right camera bracket I would NOT go poor man LM as there are many issues with doing that ok . Good luck with the shoot Louis Puli
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    Hi, ever thought about a third arm segment? It's the perfect companion for those challenging Trinity, Omega or Gimbal shots or also while regulare steadicaming, where boomrange is king. or whatever. it is a nice tool in your kit to have the option.. https://tiffen.com/products/steadicam-x3-3rd-arm Fortunately i have one for sale! :) (i sold my Exovest because i never realy got used to it, so now it is kind of sitting there, sad and useless as i cant connect it to my other vest) virtually unused, it comes with the mountingadapters for Exovest and Walter Klassen. Selling for 5500USD (before VAT) + Shipping Located in germany
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    Pretty sure it's 8-32 x 3/4' length.
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    This is a zero delay link (less than 1ms) that transmits uncompressed signal..!
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    Hi Kevin, What rig and arm are you working with? Everyone has their way of doing things. Try this. Super light touch with your operating hand when keeping your frame. If the rig is balanced correctly trust that it will stay that way with out you overcompensating with your operating hand. Arm hand can be as firm as you like. Footsteps should roll. Not flat feet of course. I operate regular. Walking forward I tend to have very short strides. Rolling from my left heel to my toe and then onto the outside of my right foot rolling onto my right heel. Then back to my left foot and so on. Backwards, it is simply rolling from my toes to my heels. Harder to explain than to physically show this sort of thing. I hope what I wrote is clear. If not, please let me know.
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    This is my personal technique for making whip pans. I’m sharing here in hopes that it might help a newer operator who is looking to improve their whip pans during this quarantine.
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    Sand work is tough. It seems fruitless but try to scout the area first and if there is the time and money (when is there ever...) have locations, under your direction, dig up the sand and put chicken wire down, then lay the sand back on. Instant workable surface but not compatible/safe if you are working with background performers in their bare feet. I never promote bare feet on set at any time with gear around but in some circumstances you may get better footing yourself operating with shoes and socks depending on density/moistness of the terrain.
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    Hello Everyone! For those of you with an SD Pro I sled, an HD-SDI Upgrade is now affordable and a real option. We have spent a considerable amount of time researching, developing and refining the installation of a very high quality upgrade, with materials and components sourced from only reputable companies from around the world. We have also negotiated with FedEx, a special rate so that we can move a specific item anywhere around the world. Upgrade Includes On the front of the upper-junction box, the LEMO socket marked VID/PWR will be removed and replaced with an HD-SDI BNC socket, which has been gold-plated for corrosion resistance by a German manufacturer. The original BNC to the right will remain. Center post/LEMO plug The surgery performed is not a bypass, but a transplant. Due to the nature of the upgrade, the Rig's Loom/Wiring Harness will be removed and replaced with a coiled, purpose-made cable assembly. The LEMO plug at the bottom of the coiled cable will have a new LEMO with HD-SDI insert installed. The Bayonet connection between the centre post and the lower junction box will stay the same. Lower Junction Box At the top of the lower junction box, the original LEMO plug socket parts will be replaced with new purpose-made components with HD-SDI. On the front of the lower junction box another gold-plated HD-SDI BNC socket will be fitted to the right of the Monitor LEMO socket, along with the installation of the new internal cabling. The original BNC in the rear of the lower junction box remains. Both the original upper-and-lower junction box BNC sockets can then be used for a standard definition video signal or tally light. Development We have consulted a number of operators who have worked with us on this project, and have had HD-SDI upgrades installed into their rigs several years ago that have performed flawlessly, and with their feedback we have now settled on this configuration. If you want more specific information regarding things like shipping, turnabout time, pricing etc. please contact us. Contact - admin@steadyrig.com -Hugo

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