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  2. Selling my well pampered GPI Pro steadicam arm. 4 blues 4 blacks Klassen solid block and original Pro block Custom drag screw 3 size posts w. Collar Angled low mode bracket Extra bits Arm bag. $18 000.00 usd. Obo. Plus shipping. Any questions reach out at qpaglaro@gmail.com
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  4. Selling my personal 2575B, works great, never had a problem. Send a message with any questions. Located in NY. Asking $5,000.00
  5. Dear manager. I want to buy it. I want to know condition of it. (Is it working good?) If possible I want to pay VIA paypal, Is it possible? let me know, (popowowo2@naver.com) Thanks a lot. Best regards, Yong
  6. Selling my PRO Atlas arm. $8,500.00 I am the original owner. Bought it brand new from GPI PRO in 2016. It has been well taken care of and has minor scuffs/wear, but it is ready to fly right out of the bag. Package includes: - Atlas arm - Pro arm bag - Four canisters (2 black, 2 grey) - Canister bag - 5/32 canister tool with color indicator to adjust tension - 3 different size posts - 2 PRO spanner wrench type tools - Extra misc. arm hardware Based in Los Angeles, CA. You can email me with any questions: anraygoza@yahoo.com
  7. I don't know for a fact, but that's a unique little bolt. I'd reach out to Tiffen directly, they've always had the little weird things like that that I've needed on hand, or the closest reseller if you're not in the US.
  8. Selling my WCU-4. In good shape, no known issues. Normal wear from usage. Included: WCU-4 handunit 3 premarked focus rings (metric) 0.35m, 0.5m, 1.0m 1 Blank focus ring Neck strap Hand strap Battery charger (110/240v 50/60hz) with european style plug. No batteries included due to potential issues with shipping them. Located in Stockholm, Sweden Price: US$ 5500 / EUR 4600 including world wide shipping. Bank wire transfer preferred. (Paypal ok if you pay additional 3.5% fees) Private sale, no VAT. peter(at)milanov(dot)se
  9. i am looking for this screw anybody know.thanks
  10. Hey Matt, Thanks for reaching out the MDR and the HU have sold. I have the 2 motors and motor cables left to sell.
  11. Thanks for letting me know it is safe to go. Thank you Charles!
  12. Selling two black canisters I have for GPI PRO arms. Had these for almost two years as a backup and only used them once. New they are $3300 each plus tax and shipping. Selling for $2500 each or $4800 for both (OBO). Pickup in LA preferred, will ship at buyer's expense. - Greg
  13. Hi guys, Full Ward Sniper laser rangefinder kit for sale. US$5000 plus shipping from New Zealand. Kit includes; Wards Sniper mk3 - infrared laser focus system Sniper head unit S/N 455 Interchangeable lens 5 degrees Interchangeable lens 17 degrees Interchangeable lens optical flat Smoke Iris 2 x RS - Sniper Power Cable 2 x 4pin Display Cable 1 x Arri UMC serial cable 1 x Arri Alexa Display Cable 2 x 4 Pin Sniper - Display Cable Display Unit Sniper arm with pan head 4 way 9V Battery Charger 6x 9V batteries 1x Laser Cut Pelican Case
  14. Hey guys, Full Cine-tape kit for sale. Includes a wireless cine-remote and Preston mdr interface cable. US$5000 plus shipping from New Zealand Display - S/N 31158 Horns Noga Arm PLC electronics UDM Cine Remote Transmitter PLC electronics Cini Remote Receiver Cine Remote Antenna x 3 2 x Sensor cable 2x RS24V 1 x D-tap 1 x 2 pin Lemo 1 x 24V PV 1 x 12V PV 1 x Cine Data Cable 1 x Cine Data - Preston Handset Custom cable 1 x Arri UMC Cable 1 x laser cut pelican case
  15. Hi, This is a unique item here , up for sale is my beloved Maxima that I literally chopped in half : I am a Trinity owner operator and wanted a stabilized head to go on the dolly and cranes super fast from Trintiy . Since the Maxima shares all of the electronics, cables , and technology , the decision was simple. Sadly , the Maxima is designed to be a gimbal with both handles on each side. This prevents the pan to go anywhere if it's not hand operated. I took the thing to my machinist and we took away one side of the handles , we now have almost 300 degrees of pan. Problem solved. The tilt is still not very convincing but I would say it does the job 80% of the time . I really loved the thing but it's time to move to the big sister : I am getting an SRH head next week . Time to let this one go . You will get: ( in the video , you see accessories not included , please refer to this list only ) •Modified Maxima head with gold mount plate (transport case included) •mitchell base on the bottom and mitchell mount on top •Short QL Plate Gen2 for SRH-3, TRINITY, MAXIMA with two set screws •(2) power cables (Arri mini and RED ) •rods and plates to go back to original mode(*) •Veracity wheels in perfect condition •JETI(arri) and Spectrum radio (, MOVI and LETUS gimbals) •Wheels Dtap power cable, cable to link both wheels, cable for upgrades, PPM cable •Maxima manual •Veracity Wheels Manual YOU WILL NEED : a laptop with FOMA software to make changes to the rig. I am keeping my laptop for my trinity . The fine prints : The Spektrum radio module with the wheels was never tested , I bought the wheels with that module on, but changed it right away withthe JETI one. Price reflects this. The top Maxima pan motor is unplugged from the board : while we disassembled the rig , both motors were off sync and fighting each other when put back together. After a call to FOMA , they were super helpful and we decided to unplug one of the motors (the top one since the weight of the rig is at the bottom). It does not affect at all the performance of the rig. I have never experienced lag or anyhting related to having one motor less . (*)This modification to the frame was never intended to be reverted back to normal : we deliberately decided to do it once and used locktite to make sure the rig would be rock solid . Of course, if you REALLY wanted to go back , I guess it could be done but be warned this will be a venture. Since we have messed with the integrity of the unit, messed with the motors, you understand there is NO WARRANTY at all on this particular piece of equipment. The unit is 100% working right now. ASKING 11000 $USD Payment will be thru wire or credit card . Paypal is accepted using friends option . Sale in Canada will have taxes applied to the sale . Shipping thru FEDEX on your account . The Veracity wheels will be sold with the Maxima only. All the pictures and video : https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0iJ058xyJujAtN Email me: info@frederic.ca with questions
  16. More new things always coming... 1481875921_4Cablewranglers.pdf 1784752009_4Cablewranglers.pdf
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