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  2. jordi punyet

    Mkv AR for Sale

    New price: 8000€+shipping
  3. Per Petersen

    Wanted - Complete Rig

    Hi Sam! I have a GPI Titan arm ( 4 blue and 2 black springs), and a GPI vest, medium size, for sale. Located in Denmark. Regards.
  4. Per Petersen

    WTB GPI Pro complete setup. Vest/Arm/Sled

    Hi Michael! I have a GPI Titan arm and GPI vest, medium size, for sale. Located in Denmark. Regards.
  5. Looking for a digital micro force 2 or 3, brackets, cables....thanks
  6. Selling my X-22 Arm and Vest. £900 for both OBO. No VAT. UK Based. Shipping at buyers expense.
  7. I am in the market for a complete professional cine rig. I am located in Vancouver BC but am happy to buy from anywhere in NA. Would be happy to have GPI, Steadicam, Arri, Walter Klassen, XCS, or any combination of. Very serious buyer.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Matthias Biber

    Starlight HD bracket to sled?

    Have a look at this one: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/recorder-mount-for-quattro-monitor-arm/ Also works for the return feed for live shows.
  10. Hugo Longtin

    Mini rearview RF bracket

    Hi guys, I can’t remember where I’ve seen this, but I saw a bracket that allows us to mount the Arri Mini RF at the back of the camera. Do you guys know where I could find this? thanks
  11. brett.mayfield

    Gen 4 Batt Rack with Two jumper blocks

    That was a great explanation
  12. Oh god. ok I believe this post will attract a lot of veterans to choke me to death. but here is my honest opinion U don't worry anything about compatibility. it all works with each other as long as your's is not a pro1 (chocolate bar batt style) I've owned them all. currently using gen3 cuz I've cut my post real short (15 inches xcs post if you ask. but if I do it again I prob go 13.5). and I hate to extend my post, so Gen3 is the only choice. I have to 3d print some of the wedges in it to make the batt plate solidly stay there. But I have yet to experience vibrations from Gen3. So. Gen 2/3 is better if you fly heavy setups and want to keep the sled short. (talking about Alexa Classic/SXT/65/Top heavy Panavision DXL2 and heavier) #1 : what gen 4 is better than 2 is if you own the 6x6 gyro like I do and wish to mount it to the front position. gen2 won't work cuz of the 45 degree tilt of front batt position. (it physically fits, but just don't work) #2 : gen 2 can't be settled on a flat ground (if your dolly grip is flirting with girls on set and your dock is far away, then at least gen 4 can let you park your rig somewhere flat). although u could get Fracol's flat plate to mount on the bottom of gen2, it is still not as clean look as the 4. #3: Gen 2 by far can get the most forward with the rear two batteries, the 4 is one inch further back than the 3. meaning gen4 does intrude with your thigh position, so when u switch positions during the take, u might have to push out the rig another inch or so. Not a big deal. you won't feel the real world difference. #4: Gen4 is by far PRO's best offering for the most solid battery mount (if you don't extend gen2/3/4, keep all collapsed, there is just nothing on the 4 that could generate vibrations). I always fly with 3 batts. so I never extend gen 4, I always adjust the monitor to achieve balance. #5: Gen2, due to its design, isn't as solid as the 3 or the 4. its rear batt could wobble a bit. if you extend you pro aluminum post long, that little wobble will transfer some vibrations. u will see what I mean if you tap your rear batt mount. but if you go with the 4 instead, for the same camera setup, you have to further extend the post to achieve balance. and for aluminum post, u really don't wanna do that. you better go gen3 instead. #6:some will say you have limited choice for jumper blocks on the 4. but two of these blocks literally covers all your need for Today's industry requirements. 12V all parallel (I have the same one for my gen3). then have another PRO official one for 24v. (reason explained in the selling post). I do the same for my gen3. literally two is all u need. #7 if you go gen4, your sled would feel way more sensitive in the tilt. just be aware of that. some love it some don't. gen2 and 3 feels the same. To my understanding the only reason for you to ditch the gen2 and get 4 is if the work you do are always alexa minis and your gimbal position is pretty low. you want to get the gen4 to shorten your post so you can push over tabletops. squat down to get lower than ever shots. or if you go high low mode, your batt won't hit the ceiling as much compared to the other two. also you could have the gyro mounted to where it works the best. and yes, it will "fix" the vibrations a bit assuming you aren't extending your post length. I wish what I said here was all non-sense and superstitious. but every single Con of those batt mounts all bit me at some point during the past. tho not painful. hope it "helps" LOL (Don't slap my face please Dear Legendary Veterans, Im just a nerdy kid...)
  13. brett.mayfield

    Heden Motor questions

    I absolutely love the heden motors. maybe a year or two ago they were purchased and the customer service is a little quicker i believe. i think that preston motors are only common because they are an american institution, but frankly i think that they are way behind the curve. so many positives to heden: -very easy to swap the gear to the other side of the unit (snaps in and out) -size -doesnt require any screw drivers for mounting, changing orientation, etc. -mounting is super quick and easy; can flip upside in seconds (the only arguable disadvantage is if you need to mount to a dogbone or something like the preston mounting congiuration, youll have to get creative, but i have never had an issue) -package comes with all sorts of gear sizes as well as collets for 15mm and panavision size (the motors are standard 19mm) -quiet the only advantage preston may have its that their beefiest motors probably has a bit more torque, but i never had an issue. ive owned 6 hedens i believe. i dunno what your kit would be but i carried 1xM26 and 3xM21 but that LM30 looks rad. total disclaimer - i no longer own them because i sold off all monitors, wireless, and fiz units because i like buying remote heads and rigs brett.
  14. hey yall looking to buy a 2" docking bracket, preferably xcs since its will work with my setup, however will consider others. no gorelock also wouldnt mind just a set of forks (bracket without balancing post, arm hanger etc.) brett.
  15. brett.mayfield

    Gen 4 Batt Rack with Two jumper blocks

    Hey Nico The Gen4 rack is the best in my opinion, Ive had a few different hangers. its slim, lightweight, and keeps the rig short. the only thing that i dont like is that extending the back two batteries is a little tough to do precisely when the rig is on the arm, as it binds a bit, but really this is not a deal breaker. it only works with the gen4 power block, so batteries only power the sled and aks in one configuration, except shawn seems to have a cool power block that allows for all plates to run 12v power. it will work on the cinemaHD configuration and cinelive. to my knowledge, the only difference is the added line of HD on the cinelive. hope youre well dude! brett.
  16. Last week
  17. I'm looking for a used 1:78 ground glass for a Kish UDF Thanks, Dan Urbain danurbain@mac.com
  18. For Sale: Preston HU3 - Hand Unit 3 $5000.oo OBO Very good condition. Includes: HU3 Handset 6 - Focus rings 2 - New Batteries 1- Charger Email SC Forum or Slozoom@aol.com
  19. Nicolas Doldinger

    Gen 4 Batt Rack with Two jumper blocks

    Hi Shawn, I currently own the Gen 2 battery rack and am using it with the PRO "CinemaHD" Electronics and am thinking of upgrading to the Gen 4. I noticed you also used to own the Gen 2 rack and wanted to get your input on the pros and cons of either of them. Also do you happen to know if the Gen 4 works with the CinemaHD Electronics? Thank you for any advice you can give! Best, Nicolas
  20. Nick Serabyn

    G-70X vs G-70 upgrade

    Ops who've used both the G-70X and the G70 with the X upgrade, have you noticed a difference in performance or reliability? Any other differences noticed?
  21. Kevin Jacobsen

    WTB Pro Atlas Arm

    I got one I just posted
  22. Kevin Jacobsen

    GPI Pro Atlas Arm

    This thing is butter, but I'm looking to fly bigger babies and need a bigger arm. It comes with Gray canisters, your looking for just the chassis, I'd be willing to sell it after a conversation. The Gray cans holds a range of 32lbs to 45lbs. I'm looking for 10k or trades, if your selling a full kit with a titan or a g70x hit me up, I'll pay the difference in value/trade socket blocks. And you can still sell a full kit. The arm comes with the pro arm bag, tools, color coded 5/32 t-wrench, 6" arm post.
  23. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Walter Klassen Gimbal Wheels

    *Sale Pending*
  24. Mike Heathcote SOC

    XCS Ultimate 1

    SOLD! Thank you
  25. Lohengrin Zapiain

    Klassen brushless gimbal wheels $3,500 USD

    Still available and looking for a new home
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