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  2. LX Vest for sale located near Huntington Beach, CA. Fits a variety of body sizes. I'm 6'1" and needed a slimmer vest to be comfortable in so this one was perfect for me. Only selling because I switched to a Klassen and don't use this anymore. $3000 Either message me on here or at my email: ilyagittelson@yahoo.com IMG_8769.HEIC IMG_8772.HEIC IMG_8773.HEIC IMG_8768.HEIC IMG_8770.HEIC
  3. Thanks for the replys guys. really appreciate it. I will go for the M2-core and then I just have to upgrade in the future if it requires that. All the best Sebastian
  4. I can't speak to the M2 specifically but I have an Archer2 with G50X and it handled everything I threw at it. That includes almost every digital camera there is, as well as 235, 416, and similar packages. Of course some of the big setups would stretch it like Alexa SXT with big anamorphics or long zooms (or the Alexa 65 I flew once which is definitely a beast) It really depends where you are as well. Where I shoot we mostly fly minis anyway
  5. Still available, original sale fell through. NEW PRICE $4,500 USD
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  7. Selling 30 rings for HU3 or 4. One set of A-E (5), 15 Preston Blank rings, 10 3d Printed rings. 5 rings for $120 (Preston made), 10 for $100 (3d Printed) or take the lot for $500
  8. Priced to sell (can ship or pickup in brooklyn) - iBaird 2" Drop Down for GPI Pro Vest - $575 ($695 retail) - Like New - Core Shark Fin (brand new) - $175 ($250 retail) - 6x Core SWX Neo 150 Batts - Gold Mount (purchased within last 6 months - used on only 5 jobs) w/ quad charger & Pelican IM2600 Case - $1900 (Pickup Only) ($2800+ Retail) - 3x Core SWX Nano 98 Batts - Gold Mount (purchased within last 6 months - used on only 5 jobs) - $500 ($700+ Retail) - Tiffen WHM-BG Horizon Module - (w/ Hirose Power) $200 ($600 retail) Any questions feel free to ask - WestoverSteadicam@gmail.com
  9. I’m looking to buy a couple of KS-6 Gyros. Preferably in the UK or Europe to avoid hefty shipping fees but would consider further afield if the offer is right. Send me a message on miguelwillis@hotmail.com or PM me here if you have some for sale. Thanks
  10. Thanks Jordan! Super useful and you're right, looks like the one!
  11. Hi Alexander, It looks like the entire kit is sold. I’m ironing out a few details, should anything change I’ll let you know. I do have a spare 3A arm that I no longer need if that is of interest?
  12. It's funny, Unlike you Kevin, I use the low mode monitor for low low, and the regular monitor for high low, so opposite to how you use it. I've found myself in many situations where I will transition from one monitor to the other during a shot. I think the low mode monitor is one of the last things I would remove from my sled even if it is extra gack not in use. As for preference the feelworld 6S is a great lightweight SDI monitor that is bright.
  13. Looks a lot like a listing that came across the forum a while back. It was marked sold so you could ask Melody if that's who she sold it to but it might've changed hands a couple of times by now.
  14. Hi all, This may not be stolen but I saw a post that I'm interested in buying and I wanted to check. The seller knows nothing about the items and has a story about having bought them a year ago from someone whose name he can't remember... If anyone could share this to check that this isn't a stolen rig, it would be appreciated https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/838635540857403/?referralSurface=messenger_lightspeed_banner&referralCode=messenger_banner
  15. Selling my 2 x KS8 Gyro kit. They have some marks of use, and one Gyro has a dent that already had when I bought it second hand, but doesn't affect the performance at all. Everything is in perfect working condition. I just don't use them, and have only used them a handful of times. I'm asking for 3.500€ OBO. email me for offers or questions at seli1@aon.at. They are located in Vienna, Austria, buyer pays shipping. Kit includes, 2 x KS8 gyros, 2x inverter, cables, brackets, one sound Cosy bag and a Pelicase.
  16. I've also been experiencing so many ads!
  17. Tiffen was still using 1.58 posts on all their big rigs until the M1 came out with a 1.75 post. So I imagine their 1.58 would still be good. and its quite a bit lighter!
  18. Doing the workshop is a great place to start, it'll give you a very solid foundation. If you can't do this workshop, there will be others. I did the two day bronze workshop and it was wonderful. If you've missed the workshop, reach out to ops in your area and see if you can do a practice with them. You should also buy the Steadicam Operators Handbook, it's very good. If you are still close to your school, see if you can use/borrow their rig to practice. As for buying your first rig, there are many different ways to go about it. The biggest deciding factor for which rig to buy will be, what cameras do you expect to be flying immediately? Will the cameras weigh over 20lbs or under 20lbs? If under 20lbs, then you have many great less expensive options. Tiffen Flyer, Tiffen Zephyr, Tiffen Aero30. If over 20lbs, then you have many great options, but prices will vary. You can go the older route, 3A, EFP, Master, Archer, Ultra, Pro1, Pro2, etc... which may be roughly the same-ish price as a newer lightweight rig, but won't have all the bells and whistles BUT will be capable of carrying heavy payloads. OR you could go with a more modern big rig, M1, M2, Shadow, Pro, XCS, but prices are higher. It kinda all depends on your budget. The Aero30 was my first rig and it was great. I learned so much with that rig! It was what I could comfortably afford and I knew the cameras I was going to immediately have to fly would be under 20lbs. After a year though, I bought a Master since I needed to be able to fly heavier cameras. That was what I could comfortably afford at the time. Best of luck! If you are in LA hit me up and I'd be happy to show you my sleds.
  19. I have a SmallHD focus 5 and I like it. Is it essential? No. Is it beneficial? Yes. Cons - Added weight above the gimbal (could be a pro if you are looking to add weight) Another thing to power. Another thing to break. Pros - A low mode monitor puts your eyes basically where they go when oping in normal mode, so it feels more natural. Drop your gimbal and you are ready to go low quickly! I find that I do end up using both monitors when flying low mode and it is very handy. In "high" low mode, the low mode monitor is at a great height and when I need to get as low as possible, my regular monitor is at a great height. There has been so moves when I've had to boom and do switches in low mode that I end up going back and forth between them in the same shot.
  20. Bump And for those who haven't seen, Optical Support announced they will be able to upgrade the T1 to have 360º roll and upgrade to the joystick.
  21. Accepting offers for the unused goofy carbon arm. Pictured here. $2000 obo
  22. I am looking for to buy an Arri Trinity Rig complete system package. Could you please leave me a message if you have one for sale? Thanks
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