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  2. IMG_1131.mov Thanks Benoit, I do have the Apex plate, and I’ve also used a heavier and more solid plate, and that actually helped reducing the trepidation. But the problem is in the lock/female/ Bud - 1 from Arri (I've already tried 3 of them) . The small lock as you mentioned or something about it’s structure seems to be the problem... I’ve recorded this small video where is possible to see where the problem is… no problems in light lenses, but on the really heavy ones when running the plate doesn’t handle the vibration…
  3. Hi Ariel, I am not 100% sure I understand your question, but the best plate around is certainly APEX’s. Lightweight and super solid. https://apexcinemagear.com/products/arri-35-universal-stabilizer-plate Always been super solid, no vibrations and no issues. Since I got that plate, I like the BUD-1 System, very low profile and easy to use. It gets the camera so close to the top stage! I would like the locking area to be larger, and the safety release to be on the same side as the lever, but it’s still really good, didn’t get any slippage. Gunk sometimes builds up in the safety release but easy to clean.
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  5. I’m selling the GLINK with 3 sets of springs ranging from light to super heavy. The vest is not included, so all you need is the X-Spine and you are ready to fly! Save thousands and it ships in the USA. It comes with the Ring and the dock, as well as spare posts and every other spare they offer. It’s in great condition and it’s a great tool for gimbal operating. I also included the hand held riser for any hand held non-gimbal use in the ring. The only reason I’m selling it is because I wont be able to be in a vest for a couple years and I could use some spare change. I want it to go to a good home. Feel free to message me for any details! Asking price: $4,999
  6. Hello , I'm selling my whole kit due to a new direction in my career: - Ultra 2 cine: 12/24v (V-mount) , Volt compatible, with tilt head, fully serviced at Planning Camera (Paris, FR) - G70 with X upgrade fully serviced at Planning Camera (Paris,FR) - Master vest (the leather one) - Transvideo 8" (grey button version+ virtual horizon 2 upgrade) - 2 docking brackets - 2 steadicam dovetails - 2 arm posts - 1 F-bracket - A bunch of cables and BNC - Hard mount kit including hihat and euro mount - 1 wind killer (slightly used) - 1 cat griller - 2 weight plates (2.2 kg each) - 1 Chrosziel 401-120 Vmount camera QRP - 1 Small rig BP compatible dovetail - Manfrotto 070 stand, modified with headless screws for more clearance around the sled, indoor wheels included. Everything is located in Normandy (France , 1h30 from Paris by car or train) where you are welcome for any testing you want, we can also meet in Paris under proper conditions. Asking 25.000€ excl VAT, buyer pay shipping. Kit is for sale as a whole, no breaking it for now. EU buyers prefered FYI I also have a sh*t load of accessories, used parts, spares, tools and workshop junk that are gonna be for sale after this kit is gone, a bundle can be proposed of interested.
  7. I’m selling my BETZ WAVE 1 and WAVE RIDER Great equipment! Never had any issues with it. Comes with: Betz WAVE 1 Betz WAVERider Dovetail medium (23 cm/9“) Dovetail short (18 cm/7”) Power Cables: WAVE 1 – D-Tap WAVE 1 – Lemo 3pin for GPI-PRO Cam/Power (60 cm/24’’) WAVE 1 – Lemo 3pin for GPI-PRO Cam/Power (30 cm/12”) WAVE 1 – Lemo 4pin for GPI-PRO Focus 4mm Allen key 4 x 3/8 screws Case Cable bag Manual Gear located in Berlin/Germany Invoice possible Buyer will pay for shipping and customs duty Asking price EURO € 5 200.00
  8. Hi, does anyone know if there is a better female plate lock for the BUD-1 system from Arri? I’ve been facing some trepidation in heavy setups when running fast with Arri’s original plate lock. I’ve tried changing plates, changing the “female dovetail lock” but it’s possible to see that has to do with the sliding plate on the arri lock structure. This happens even more when in low mode having the camera upside down… Thanks in advance for any possible solutions.
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  10. I have a MKV with a volt under 20k email me kjacobsen.ny@gmail.com
  11. Up up! Really nice sled,just add your own volt and you will +100% more happy 😊
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