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  2. Still got sale. Make an offer
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  4. Rory_Moles

    FS: Preston Focus/Iris Handset

    Price dropped to £2500 I also have HU3/MDR2/DM1/DM2 for sale for £8750 or £10750 including this F/I
  5. Joel San Juan SOC

    Pro Docking Bracket

    Hi all Looking for the older Pro docking bracket. DM me if you have one or two avail. Thanks! J
  6. Christopher Tang

    WK Gore-link

    Looking for a set of Gore-Link from WK, PM me if you have one for sale! Thanks!!
  7. Anthony Parisi

    What kind of Gimbal is this?

    Does anyone happen to know what kind of Gimbal this is?
  8. Mathew Cree

    Master Series camera plates

    I ran into this problem a lot with my ultra plates, so I just drilled a hole the correct spacing for the camera in one of my plates. Not ideal, but it definitely worked for me anyway. It wasn’t for a dxl 2 but I’m guessing it has the same spacing as a red or mini. (Could be wrong) Matt
  9. Osvaldo Silvera SOC

    GPI 1.5" post w/gimbal and HD cable

    BTTT Looking for a GPI telescoping post 1.5" no cable needed. with the threaded ends..
  10. Received my 8. AWESOME!! Thank you, Great Deal!!
  11. Last week
  12. SOLD:ChargerExovestPro Arm FOR SALE: M1 w/ Volt gimbal. V-mount and Goldmount plug-and-play battery plates. REDUCED: $31,000.00 12 Dionic HC batteries(<10 cycles) 10 months old, have Vitec Invoice. Will sell all 12@ $225.00/battery. Cmotion Cvolution FF kit REDUCED: $8,500.00 Arrow-X kit REDUCED: $1800.00 Klassen Vest REDUCED: $3400
  13. Now seperating. Cinelive top / bottom $5200 shipping included. DB3 with all the gags $4400 shipping included. thanks
  14. Andre Perron SOC

    adicam - professional film carts and accessories

    Hope can Adicam still be in business after all the flagrant copying of Inovativ’s designs?!?
  15. Joseph Arena SOC

    Preston HU2 -MDR-Microforce V+F

  16. This is a solid and very complete Analogue Bartec System. This is 2 separate systems with the cables to link together to power each other as well as the diving board bracket to place both together on your sled. List follows: 2x BFD receivers 2x BFD hand sets 2x M-One motors 4x motor cables 2x receiver to receiver power cables 2x Pro 12v to BFD receiver cables 1x P-Tap to BFD receiver power cable 1x direct connect receiver to transmitter cable 2x Panavision start/stop 2x ARRI start/stop 2x Aaton start/stop 1x Moviecam start/stop 13x motor pitch gears 2x gear adapters for small lenses 2x Dog bone motor extenders 2x 1/4 20 mountable rod Assorted rod adaptors 1x dual brain diving board bracket 1x single brain diving board bracket Price is $2500 plus shipping if necessary. Will mail to anywhere in the USA. Customer asumes shipping cost. Local pick up acceptable as well.
  17. Price reduced: $950
  18. Werner Juergen Heinemann

    Master Series camera plates

    I am currently starting a show with the DXL2. I have a Master Series, and am having trouble lining up the camera plate to the body. The only way I was able to mount it was with the bridge plate (pic bellow). While the sled flies well, it would be GREAT to be able to ditch the BP and go right to the camera. As it's making my sled quite long. Any advice as too where I could get a camera plate that would fit a Master (obviously different than the original plate) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  19. Just a reminder that this 'trade in' program will end on June 30th. After that, I'll be working on an official trade-in program, but the pricing won't be the same. Please contact me at paul.dudeck@vitecgroup.com if you have any questions. Thank you. Paul
  20. $4500USD in excellent condition
  21. Hi! This is my first post here. I am looking to buy a rig and need it in Mexico. I'd prefer someone local to avoid customs, but if you have sold internationally, I could consider it. Ideally it would be a GPI Pro, a Shadow V, M1, or similar...but I am open to consider any other rig available. I need the full package, sled, gimbal, arm, vest, monitor, cables, etc. Thanks in advance! Nico. EDIT: I will be using it for feature/TV show type of work mostly. Think of an Alexa Mini, medium-sized prime or small zoom, FIZ, Teradek, Cinetape, starlite monitor or EVF maybe...or similar setup
  22. Looking to buy a Preston hand unit and MDR. Model 2/3/4 considered. No motors, cables etc needed. Intended use is for the Shotover G1 system. Best regards, Paal Odden Motion Air www.motionair.no
  23. Looking to see if anyone has an extra 2” docking clamp laying around I can buy off them! ☺️
  24. Complete Preston System for sale. The system has all it's updates and is in perfect working order. The set includes. 20K Firm. Buyer pays shipping. Please contact me at zoomgunn@yahoo.com HU3 MDR 3 DM1X Motor x 1 DM2 Motor x 2 Digital Micro Force 2 x1 Hand grip x 1 Slide Cover x 1 DMF Bracket x 1 Batteries x 6 Chargers x 2 MDR 3 Cinetape Interface Cable x 1 Motor Cables x 4 MDR 3 Arri Run Cable x 1 MDR 3Arri 3 pin rs Power Cable MDR 3 Combo Cable x 1 MDR 3 XLR Cable x 1 MDR 3 Command Cable x 1 MDR 3 Epic On/Off Cable x 1 Reduction Rings Red x 4 Reduction Rings Blue x 4 HU3 Marking Rings x 6
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