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  3. Bump Betz Wave 1 - 5000 USD Small HD 503 - SOLD Eartec UL5S (1 Master headset 4 Remote Headset No Hub, 10 Batteries) SOLD Custom Easy XYZ 25KGs Vibration Iso w/Case (Tested but not used, still smells like the factory) 900 USD 6X DEAD Anton Bauer Dionic HCX, I’ll send them to THT for Recell if you want them, you pay for shipping and recell. 1x 4Bay AB Charger Not Simultaneous Charger 250$ 1x 2Bay AB Simultaneous Charger 200$ Open to all offers.
  4. Mosys L40 package for sale L40 package $60000 Wireless $4000 Shipping is additional. Located in Atlanta. Brett Mayfield - 404.408.5951 12@brettmayfield.com Trevor White - 678.662.0053 trevorjameswhite@gmail.com Willing to ship with or without cart. Willing to fly out to demo / tech new owner. Price is somewhat negotiable based on payment method, shipping, need for demo, etc. Cash or check is preferred, but we can talk about it. Feel free to ask any questions about the head or otherwise! This MoSys L40 is in amazing shape. While it helps to have some familiarity with the system, it is essentially a tech-less remote head and very simple for camera and grip departments to setup, operate, and transport. The head expands vertically and horizontally to accommodate a variety of cameras and builds. The motors are strong enough that nodal and center-of-gravity balance is not necessary. Kill switches on the head allow safe handling of the camera and head without the risk of the controls moving the head (count your fingers!!). The hand-wheels are made of heavy patinated brass and well-balanced. The pan and tilt controls can be tightened and loosened to an operator’s preference. Choice between the Pelican cases in the photos or MoSys custom foam Storm cases (best for shipping and typical transportation). The package includes the following: Hardware: -L40 head with back-pan compensation (1) -Analog control panel (1) -MoSys control platform (for attaching to hi-hat) (1) -Pan and tilt controls (2 total) -Pan and tilt wheels (2 total) -Custom 3D printed wheels case (1) -Custom hi-hat bolted to cart (1) -Castle nut (1) -Castle nut wrench (1) -Camera plate (1) -Suncast Cart (optional) -Pelican cases or custom cut foam Storm cases (2) Cables, power: -28V inverter (1) -Kettle power cord (1) -3-pin 24v XLR cable (2) -Pan and tilt 8-pin lemo cable (1) -MoSys control cable, 12-18” (2) -MoSys control cable 25m (2) -Custom control cable coupler (1) -Control cable terminator (2-4) Wireless control is also available separately, and includes the following: -Wireless transceiver (2) -Antennae (2) -Inverter (1) -MoSys control cable, 12-18” (2) -Custom 3-pin XLR to MoSys control cable for block battery operation (2) -3-pin XLR extension (2) -Kettle power cable (1) -Pelican case Key Features: • Backpan Compensation – automatically keeps camera face parallel to a scene when jib or crane moves through an arc. High Payload – 40kg / 88lbs payload and 18kg / 40lbs weight Top, bottom, and nose mountable • Incredibly Powerful Motors – 100Nm rated, equivalent to holding 20lbs at the end of a 1m pole, and therefore can hold a camera even out of balance. • Zero Backlash – uses cycloidal gears, not affected by changes in temperature, no adjustment required under different loads, and most importantly no juddering under heavy loads. • High Speed Precision Movement – pan 180 degrees/second, zero delay, even with the largest payloads. • Cable Hole Through Drive Motor – no slip rings required, minimises cable tangles, no specialist cables required. • Up to 3 Axis Remote Head – Pan & Tilt axis as standard, Roll axis as an optional module that can be added on set. • Single Sided ‘L shape’ Design – easier access, and easier loading and unloading of camera rigs.-88lb payload mosysmovement.MOV
  5. Hello Koen, It is still for sale. Please write us an e-mail to office@betz-tools.com Thank you.
  6. I’m now using a sled for MOVCAM. It’s MOVCAM Avant t. and I’m wondering. Is the volt available to put on my rig. My rig’s post size is 1.5” (same as archer 2). And it has a way to put volt brain box. So, if it is possible, I want put volt on it. I want to hear any thoughts on this topic. Pls help on it. Thank you.
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  8. Steadicam Zephyr Rig with upgrades and modifications. This package comes with the stock monitor and includes a 3D printed monitor yoke for a SmallHD 703 monitor. Also included is a 3d printed wide handgrip by SkyMagic, full set of bottom weights specifically designed for the Zephyr system, Low mode Bracket, and I'm throwing in a V-mount battery plate in case the buyer wants to convert the sled to V-mount. Perfect working condition. Minor scuffs from use. Asking $6500 Shipping within the US costs $150-200. I will include the stand for LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Located in Philadelphia 1x Zephyr Sled 1x Dovetail Plate 1x A30 Arm w/ bag 1x Zephyr Vest 1x Zephyr Dock 1x Zephyr Case 1x SmallHD 703 Monitor Bracket 1x v mount plate 1x 3d Printed Grip Cover 6x Large weights 4x Small weights 1x Low mode Bracket
  9. Is the Digifox still for sale ? I’m intrested to buy it.
  10. 3/2/1 Channel modular Remotecontrol (Chrosziel Filmtechnik) Transmitter and 4ch Receiver 434MHZ 16CH, third channel with standalone Trannsmitter, scale light, set of Antennas, 3 Batteries, 2pcs Analog motors Heden M26VE with different gears, fully set of cables, Lightweight support, powersupply, Light Dimmer amplifier, Sachtler 75H light, charger, case Price EUR 1500.-
  11. Standalone wireless light dimmer, Transmitter and Receiver 434MHZ 16CH, Antennas, set of cables, power supply, case Price EUR 500
  12. 2/1 Channel modular Remotecontrol (Chrosziel Filmtechnik) Transmitter and Receiver 434MHZ 16CH, 2pcs Analog motors with different gears, fully set of cables, Channel extension, Mountingbrackets, Antennas, 2pcs Batteries, case Price EUR 650.-
  13. 1Channel Remotecontrol (Chrosziel Filmtechnik) Transmitter and Receiver 434MHZ 16CH for analog Motors like Heden M26P, set of cables, Antennas, case Price EUR 500.-
  14. 2x KS8 Kenlab Gyro with inverter (small plugs for Steadicam use) set of cables, set of Gyromount onto post, case Price EUR 3500.-
  15. 2 Brand new GPI-PRO canister one Black one Blue list price for each EUR 3410.- each for EUR 2900.-
  16. Fully serviced with all bearings bolts etc. new 4pcs blue canister, 2pcs black canister Price EUR 12500
  17. I would love to know what its like to fly/own one of these Rever rigs. They do look super solid and the price is there. Of course its a gateway steadicam.. but for people looking at the Zepher it seems like the Rever is the obvious move... right?
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  19. Selling my WK Slingshot 2.0 Rig. Used on a few jobs, otherwise stored in carry bag. Very minor scuffs on the ends switching from single to double mode. Comes with all bands, Soft Carry Bag, 1 x Hand Held Adapter, 1 x Single Shot Adapter and 2 x Frog Clips. Price $4000.00 + shipping cost
  20. Thank you all for your input! It is greatly appreciated! Will Travis
  21. Looking for a side to side adjustable dovetail plate from XCS. NYC based message me here
  22. I've got a Betz Wave for sale in New Zealand. You can ring up our local Panavision Rentals and they will confirm me. I can Fedex it to you, we with you in three days.
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