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  2. New Price Update: Sled package with monitor: $14000 Sled package w/o monitor: $13000. located in Brooklyn, NY. Welcome to inspect/test if interested.
  3. Steadicam Power Cables ~ Preston - PRO 2 - PRO Cinema HD - PRO Cine Live - Tiffen M1 - Betz HD Rig Cables - Cinetape - etc power cables. https://www.ebay.com/sch/slozoom8ppp/m.html?_trksid=p3692 Order thru SC Forum and save. Follow Ebay link -
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  5. Hi all, I'm new-ish to steadicam, done the bronze workshop and a few shoots with a hired rig. Recently I picked up my first rig, an ex-rental Zephyr. Generally the package is in good order. The monitor is a bit intermittent with the SDI signal, predominantly it just drops out briefly but sometimes the colour go a funky two tone. I've bypassed the post to eliminate that as a cause. Would be grateful for some advice on the following. Is it worth repairing the standard Zephyr monitor or do most people upgrade it eventually? If no, what monitor should I be considering? I have a Small HD 503 which I love but It's probably too small for the sled What other upgrades to the sled should I consider? got my eye on a monitor yoke and a 24v battery option. Many thanks
  6. Up for sale is an Antlers setup. The condition is perfect. Comes in a Pelican 1700 with custom cut foam. This what you get: 1-Top plate with stirrup rods and stirrup plate 1-Dovetail clamp 3-Riser posts (0, 4 and 8 inches) 1-Crossbar receiver and crossbar 2-One pound weights 2-Two pound weights 1-Pelican 1700 case Instructions $600.00 *Buyer pays shipping costs* chuckmoran3@gmail.com
  7. bump...$900 ea. the pelican 1610 case and custom foam is worth half that :)
  8. Hi Everyone, I am new to steadicam, have flown a Pro Rig a number of times and just purchase one of my own. I bought the full kit from a long time operator and there a lot of things in it that I'm learning about, one being the Garfield mount. I finally figured out what it was and was curious as to how it is used/mounted. I own a truck and want to test it out. Any tips or references are greatly appreciated! Thank you, Logan
  9. Do you have current number as I have tried the web site and my contact information. Thanks
  10. Cine-Sleds on Sale! Upgrade you kit today at an unbelievable price to performance ratio on 7 difference combinations! Message me for more details on available payment plans Tom
  11. They are, but you'll have to call them to sort anything out.
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  13. Is that Baer-bel wedge plate fits with Occonor sliding dovetail? peter.steadicam@gmail.com Email me plz
  14. $125. Single accessory/camera+monitor jumper block. Great candidate for the Cramped Attic/David Hable power conversion. Message, email, or text with any questions (egan.m.dean@gmail.com, (617) 460-7506).
  15. $250. Purchased this used, but need the larger size for my monitor. Normal wear and tear (none of it mine...), but all functions as it should. I have the friction mechanics for the Boland 7" and Rainbow 7”. I'll throw in whatever one works for you. Message, email, or text with any questions (egan.m.dean@gmail.com, (617) 460-7506). Located in Boston.
  16. Does anyone know if MKV-v is still in business
  17. is the Hand Unit 3 still available? please email me at : jeromefauci@me.com
  18. Still selling that hill gorlock dock?




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      Jesse Eagle

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  19. Attached is a pdf that explains how to change the Latex bands on an Aigle Concorde G6 Vision arm. If you can afford to change the bands by Aigle, I suggest you do it, but if you cannot, this is how I did it. AIGLE_CONCORDE_G6_VISION__ARM_–_DISMANTLE.pdf
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