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  2. Confirmed with Robert Luna that this is a Luna 3a arm. 34-54 lbs titanium springs
  3. Hi Jim! Im Bud Kremp, sadly…from Los Angeles (ha ha!) I’d love to talk with you about having a custom case insert for a pro rig with a Volt gimbal and would love to leave on my Small HD 703 monitor. Please give me a shout at 818-402-6411 if you think you’d like to help me! Cheers, Bud
  4. Hi All Jim from Arc Furnace Manufactory here. I just relocated to Connecticut from Los Angeles, and have set up shop here on the east coast. I make custom foam inserts for cases, and also make custom CNC parts. I've done many steadicam inserts over the years, and have therefore met many of you in the community along the way. I can also repair your old case foam (depending on the state it's currently in), make case tags, engrave logos, etc etc. Feel free to reach out if I can help. Jim 818-437-0623
  5. Hi guys. I fly just a steadicam zephyr and I put the max payload on it or even over payloading it - flying an arri amira with cinema glass, follow focus, etc. I find myself have bumps and jitters in footage and seeing if it's the arm being stressed. Would upgrading the arm be useful? Like the G-50x seems a lot more stabile and able to handle the higher payload. Or is upgrading the vest better? I'm not in the market to spend more than $10k with my funds limited. Let me know thoughts. Thanks! Ed
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  7. Listing this for a friend, please do not contact me directly. Contact Stephen Siegel at steadiseagull@gmail.com Full Size Large Socket Block. Vest includes large steadicam bag and complete back up screw kit for the vest. Located in Los Angeles. $4,000
  8. Teradek RT Kit Brand New, never used. £3500+Taxes and shipping.
  9. Arri Trinity 1 kit + Arri Artemis 1 steadicam + Artemis Carbon Spring Arm 26kg Trinity head with new style display, FomaSys serviced in June 2023. 24V both Trinity and Steadicam Everything is in perfect working condition, I have it since 2019. Around 5 minutes to change it from Trinity to Steadicam or reverse. -Trinity Head -Trinity Pendulum -Trinity lower part -Transvideo StarliteHD-5 ARRI oled -Trinity Joystick -tilt locking bracket - post centering tool - 3xbattery V-mount - 1xbattery bracket - Artemis Gimbal 1.8inch - Artemis Carbon Center post 1.8inch - 2xTop Stage Cine Broadcast - Artemis Docking Bracket - 1post extension 20 cm - windows 8 tablet for the system - 2xgimbal handle extension - Artemis Knurled Handle Gimbal Extension - 702 SmallHd monitor for steadicam with smallrig cage - Arri monitor bracket - Artemis Carbon Spring Arm 26kg + Soft bag - low mode bracket + 2arm posts Cables for ARRI, RED, SONY cameras ASKING 38000 EURO Preferably Europe with personal handover and 1 day workshop if need. IMG_3059.dng IMG_3058.dng IMG_3057.dng IMG_3056.dng IMG_3055.dng IMG_3074.dng IMG_3072.dng
  10. I am selling my backup PRO arm, it is the first version. Works perfectly, has signs of work (scratches...) I am selling with 4 blue and 2 black springs. Buyer pays shipping. Asking 13000€ steaditeam@gmail.com +34 658025223 Madrid, Spain. Jordi
  11. Hey there all, Did you buy yourself a 2" Seld but don't know what to do with it now that the Volt is all the rage? Well im chasing a 2" post and gimbal to build a proof of concept sled. I don't need a top stage or any eletronics so it might suit someone who wants to cheaply offload some unused spares.
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  13. looking for one or both email tylerwdavis@me.com
  14. Mr Karman! Hope this finds you well!! As I already own an Arrihead Mark 1, I’d be interested in checking out the remote wheels for the arrihead!?
  15. Selling my personal Arrihead. Serviced at Otto Nemenz. Wheels are true, nothing bent. Super Smooth! Includes several Eyepiece levelers, tie downs, Arri 15mm bridge, and case. High Hat not included. Located in Santa Monica, CA. Local Pick up or willing to ship. Buyer pays for Shipping. $16,000 I also have a set of E-Gears remote motors and console (European version of Hot Gears) I am willing to sell separately at a giveaway price.
  16. Upgrading to trinity so im selling my Artemis 1 1.5" the sled have the upgrade gimbal from Arri , recently serviced at ARRI German in mint condition include blackmagic 7" monitor Sachtler docking bracket 3rd battery hanger Xlr power cable from the sled post tool selling the sled for 12k$ + shipping Sachtler arm Artemis Arm Sachtler ACT1 arm comes with 26kg arm springs Also included is a set of 23kg springs with spring cables, and spare set of new spring cables. Springs are very easy to change. Manual will be sent with arms. the arm in clean and in perfect working condition. Price 4500$ + shipping Steadicam Vest Baerbel front mount vest for sale, made by Markus Bernhardt. original foam if wanted. The hip strap velcro is a bit worn, but can easily be replaced. Price 1800$ + shipping Sachtler Artemis Gimbal 1.5" the original Sachtler gimbal i keep it as a backup come with Sachtler docking bracket Price 1200$ + shipping Ibraheem.mohammed04@gmail.com +9720527545012
  17. Hi Nicolas, I'm good thanks and hope you are well too. I have x2 Hill Docking DR2 2.000" rings (For Pro).
  18. Based on this screen grab from a behind the scenes featurette, it looks like an Arri Mini. Could be an LF, though I know the LF was released in September of 2019. I don't know when The Secret Garden was filmed.
  19. Hey Mike, how are you? Do you happen to have also rings for 1.58 post? Thanks!
  20. GAD 2, 5/8" with the tilting dock. £650.00 plus shipping.
  21. It is the 303 Stainless Steel version and does not include the quick release pin. It is a spare and has never been used. £860.00 plus shipping
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