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  2. Located in France! A plate dedicated to Arri Amira. You can mount 2 x 15mm rods on the front. Never used, only adding weight to my AKS case. Price new is 550€ Asking 300€ Buyer pays shipping IMG_7447.HEIC IMG_7446.HEIC IMG_7448.HEIC
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  4. Located in France! Used it for 4 years, not a rental gear. Works just fine, not a screw missing. I changed the complete set of pads last year. Comes with the old ones as a spare. Spare waist locker + spare shoulder straps + Steadicam exovest Bag 3400€/ 4000$ Buyer pays shipping
  5. Located in France! V-mount! VL-4S model 4 channel simultaniously. Very good conditions. Only used by me. Mostly used as a spare by my ACs, so a lifelong in the camera truck. 500€/ 600 $ Buyer pays shipping
  6. A Zephyr isn't really that much of an upgrade from a scout. If you're really trying to take it seriously and upgrade to the next level, an Archer 2 would be a huge upgrade and you can really start to fly heavier camera packages. Archers are great rigs and compatible with the Volt (which is a good further upgrade option).
  7. I’m selling my Wave with 4 plates and a CAN Velo and it’s case asking price for the lot 5500$us
  8. Price reduction: $850. Included free: the original hard case from Cinema Products. First come first served.
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  10. $3900 Less than 3 years old. Includes tool. Cleaned, lubricated, and centered.
  11. I’ve had mine for a few years. No trade-offs other than a little harder for my T-Rex arms to get my G70X attached.
  12. Considering upgrading from my scout. Got it at a steal but might be interested in upgrading sooner than later and hoping to do so by the end of the summer seeing that work has been picking up for me again. Had some luck in finding some GPI PRO stuff but might be out of the budget now. Any pros or cons of purchasing either a zephyr or an archer2?
  13. 1A Alpha wheels for sale $2400.00 . Used with my Ronin 2, but will work with Movi products as well. Complete package, with V lock battery plate. Great shape , ready to go
  14. I have a set of Alpha wheels if you are still looking . Let me know
  15. i have a set of Alpha wheels if you are still looking to purchase
  16. Thank you chris, I was looking for an exovest and few friends told me about two versions, now i know they was wrong. Thank you for your explaination
  17. Go check and dig on youtube, there's some vidéos shot by tiffen, explaining how to fix issues with the volt. Does this happen when the sled is on the balancing spud on your stand? Or when you're operating? If it's on the stand and you set all your settings to full power, the sled will act weirdly, and it's ok.
  18. Thank you very much Chris! My own experience with your vest and the X-Bone ends up pretty close to what you explain here. Good to have your advice on this because I always wonder why some op fly front mount an other fly backmount... Seems like there's not a big gap between those 2 setups though... Your explanations fits with my own experience, interesting!
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