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  3. Thanks! This is the whole sled as it stands now. I have to figure out how to replace the gimbal collar with a new socket head cap screw, the previous owner mangled the current one such that it doesn't tighten easily. I have to order from an industrial supplier locally, the big box hardware stores don't carry small diameters. One thing I've love to figure out is how to put more camera functions onto the gimbal yoke, like record start/stop and One Shot focus. And some sort of zoom demand with a follow focus motor.
  4. Good evening ! I'm sharing some accessories that have proven to be very useful to myself and other Steadicam Operators worldwide. The web link at the bottom of this post will allow you to check them out. This post is about the Longplate. There are over 300 in use. I'd always wanted a VERY rigid vibration-free longer dovetail plate. In the 1990's I had one for my Master Series rig but it had a bit of flex, and was long but not as long as these. There is a different plate for all Tiffen medium sized stage sleds- like the Archer 2, Zephyr, Scout and so on. It can also be used on the Aero and several other sleds with slight adjustments to the sled stage. The Longplate comes with a kit of hardware that allows the Operator to mount the any Arri/ Venice/ Sony camera directly to the plate. In fact, any camera body that has the bottom configuration that locks into a VCT Plate can fit directly onto the Longplate. This eliminates a source of vibration, as well as removing about a pound and roughly 1 inch of added height. Please feel free to email me directly to discuss terms. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider the usefulness of the Longplate and looking over the photos attached. Best to one and all, Peter Abraham 35 Years Steadicam Operator 43 Years Camera Operator peter@steadicamproductionservices.com http://www.zalex-products.com
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  6. (1) Preston HU4 SN: 1359 (brand new - never used) (5) Focus Rings (brand new - never used) (1) MDR-3 SN: 1213 (1) Focus/Iris Hand Unit SN: 1718 (2) Heden Motors M21VE SN: 3543 & 3194 (1) Heden LM30 Motor SN: 00303 (2) 19 mm reduction insert (2) 15 mm reduction insert (3) 0.8 Gear (1) 0.4 Gear (1) 0.5 Gear (1) 0.6 Gear (2) Sony NP - FZ100 Batteries (1) Manfrotto Dual Charger (3) Sony NP-FM500H batteries (1) Sony BC-TRM single battery charger (3) Motor Cables (2) MDR Power Cable 4699 (2) Arri Power Cable 4721 (1) Cinetape Cable 4742 (1) Panavision Cable 4722 (1) Pelican Case Price: $24,500 224868572_IMG_15393.HEIC IMG_1540 3.HEIC IMG_1541 3.HEIC IMG_1542 3.HEIC IMG_1543 3.HEIC IMG_1544 3.HEIC IMG_1545 3.HEIC IMG_1520.HEIC 840993588_IMG_15213.HEIC 696653589_IMG_15383.HEIC 1714385918_IMG_15373.HEIC IMG_1536 3.HEIC IMG_1533.HEIC IMG_1531 3.HEIC IMG_1530 3.HEIC IMG_1529 3.HEIC IMG_1528 3.HEIC IMG_1527 3.HEIC IMG_1526 3.HEIC
  7. Hello, Selling a few steadicam parts I found in my box: 1) Used Tiffen 12" 3/4" Arm Post (SKU: 800-7204) - 150 EUR + shipping or best offer 2) New, never used Cat Griller V-Bracket with 5/8" arm posts - 300 EUR + shipping or best offer 3) New, never used GPI PRO Vest Hip part with clamp on the right (for goofy operators) - open to offers For more questions: PM or +48 608 014 826 Thanks, Maciej
  8. Hey Christian, If it makes life easier for you, you can write a message within your post and it will automatically bring it to the top of the forums activity. That way you don't have to keep reposting the entire thing every time. Good luck with the sale! It's a beautiful rig!!
  9. Wave 1 in perfect condition. Was serviced a year ago and never used after. Comes in pelican case with two PRO power to wave cables and one Dtap to wave cable. Will throw in a mounting plate also. $5,500. Its located in Los Angeles, Ca. ted in Los Angeles.
  10. Hi all, I am selling my Archer 2 Sled with a modified Topstage- now it takes normal size Steadicam plates. It was only 3 years in use and 2021 upgraded with a tiffen VOLT. It is located in berlin, germany and was rescently checked at Betz Tools, Munich. Everything is in great condition. I am looking to get 18.000€ but open to a conversation If you don’t need the monitor for example. Kit Includes: - Sled with non motorized Tilt Stage, dual V-Mount Battery holder for 12 volt, 24 volt or 12 volt with hotswap -Steadicam Plate - Tiffen VOLT installed (regular, newest edition) - Portkeys BM7 Monitor (2000Nits) -Cam-Jam Archer 2 Monitor Yoke for Portkeys BM7 -Cables: 12V 4pin, 12V Alexa MINI, 24V Alexa SXTW, 24V Alexa MINI / AMIRA, 12V Red Epic, 12V D-TAP Splitter, short 2pin power cable for Lowmode Monitor, 2 pin power cable for Monitor) - Original Tiffen Docking bracket - Tiffen Padded Docking Bracket for Volt - spare Nosebox Bracket - Steadicam Bracket for Low Mode (078-7393-01) - Tiffen Steadicam rolling hard case -Robbi Covers for BM7 Monitor, Volt Control Box+Lowmode monitor and Sled base
  11. Hi guys, I'm selling my reliable Backup-Vest, since I swapped to a backmount-Vest 3 years ago. The vest comes from Sachtler, wich is now Arri. There a two different backpaddings, each for different operator-sizes. The vest is highly adjustable and modular. Only extreme comfortable and modern fabrics are used for the artemis vest. Fits any operator with a height from 1.5m up to 2.1m / 4.9ft up to 6.56ft Price: 2600,00 € - OBO (+shipping and taxes, if located in Germany)
  12. I am selling this for a good DP friend and he would like to sell this ASAP. Please reach out to him primarily. Thanks! Selling my NODO Inertia Wheels Brushless 3-Axis Pro Kit. Purchased for a specific shoot and have not used them since. In perfect condition. Kit includes: Inertia Wheels 2-axis System Inertia Wheels Third Axis Wheel Interia Wheels 6in Third Axis Cable Interia Wheels 12ft Third Axis Cable Interia Wheels Accessory Bracket Interia Wheels Wireless Receiver Interia Wheels 130v Ac-dc Power Supply Cable Interia Wheels D-tap Power Cable Interia Wheels Xlr Power Cable Custom Foam Insert For Skb02011-8 Case Com Cable For Freefly Gimbals Connection Inertia Wheels To Dji Ronin 2 Cable Innertia Wheels 20ft Hardwire Cable Innertia Wheels 2.4ghz Tx Antenna Innertia Wheels 900mhz Tx Antenna Innertia Wheels 900mhz Rx Antenna Custom Case LINK FOR PHOTOS BELOW: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LwQ_MVyWfu04ss1nEoxBJIhc5RQXTVmS?usp=share_link looking to sell the kit for $6,400. (Kit was $7,700 new.) Local LA pickup preferred, but can ship. For questions, please email aiden@aidenulrich.com Thanks!
  13. My apologies if there’s already a post about this, but I’m very curious about how members here go about negotiating rates for features (of all Tiers). I feel pretty clear on LA’s industry standard commercial rates, however, when it comes to long-term features (not day-playing) what deals are you cutting with production? Is there a rule-of-thumb percentage of your normal commercial rate that you normally agree to? I’ve got a Tier 0-1 feature coming up as B Cam/Steadicam op and trying to decide what to pitch to production.
  14. Still for sale, Pro 2 sled with year old center post,vz gimbal, long handle, Small HD DP7 hi bright with cam jam monitor bracket, back up Nebtek solar 7 monitor with original Pro monitor bracket, 10 Switronic Hypercore 150 batteries (when new, $525 each)2 Anton Bauer TWQ 4 position chargers, Kenyon k-8 gyro kit with 2 different mounting plates,2 docks,rolling stand, tons of AKS, loots of low mode brackets and power cables. Everything for $18,000. If you pick up in person, I will include a Panasonic Varicam to practice with. Great sled. Has worked on 4 continents,11 countries, and most of the USA. Been a great rig. I'm retiring after 36 years . Ask for Rick. (818)261-6977. or rick@rickdrapkin.com
  15. I'm selling a GPI Pro Sled that I purchased a few years ago. I have barely used it due to covid and other career choices and I've decided to finally sell it. It's in great shape with only the most minimal signs of use. I had the donkey box and gimbal tuned up last year and it hasn't been used since. I am located in Southern California but we can figure out shipping. I am looking around $22K but open to a conversation. I am also open to selling parts individually. GPI Pro Sled w/Cine Live DB II Cine Live Upper Junction Box Cine Live Lower Junction Box Telescoping Center Post HD Center Post cable Pro Gimbal Pro Gimbal Handle ext. with clamp Gen IV battery rack Telescoping monitor mount MDR bracket: Preston 2 or Bartech Transvideo 6" CineMonitorUHD6 SBL + Evolution Transvideo power cable Innerspace pelican case Two Hill docking bracket clamps Miscellaneous power cables “2 - 3 pin/arri” Miscellaneous BNC cables 2 ARRI/PANA 9’’ plates Hill docking bracket Please see attached photos and I am open to any questions or inquires. Just hit me up here or via email at Christianm.evans@gmail.com Not sure why some photos are upside down. Cheers!
  16. Arm was taken apart completely- re-lubed all bearings , powder coated all covers , powder coated two links , new screws. New bumpers, new pinch protectors. Cleaned all parts . Very smooth. Arm has red springs - approx 16-40lbs load . Buyer pays shipping $3850
  17. Omer

    Ultra 2 Sled

    ultra 2 sled is for sale. price 15,000 $
  18. what's included in the price :


    Ultra 2 sled 

    Bon monitör

    G70 arm ( X upgraded )

    Archer vest








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