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  2. I'm afraid I was mistaken with the different currencies when I made my initial survey of the second-hand prices of a Titan with 8 canisters and stuff. Sorry, but I was never good at maths... I'm willing to lower the price to 17 000 Euros instead of 19 000. People interested in the Pelican (which can hold the arm, the canisters and any vest) must add 150 €.
  3. The Blackmagic URSA Mini, URSA Mini Pro / 12K Unified Accessory Kit (Pro) is a professional camera support package designed for the Blackmagic URSA Mini camera. The URSA Mini accessory package includes: Top Plate (URSA Mini, URSA Mini Pro / 12K), a top mounting camera cheeseplate for accessory attachment, Unified Baseplate (URSA Mini), a quick release baseplate for holding the two 15mm Rods (15") at the correct lens height, NATO Handle Plus v2 Kit, a quick release handle that attaches to the top plate, has a rotating top grip, multiple mounting points for accessories, integrated shoe mount, and a 15mm rod opening, and UVF Mount (No Clamp) for holding EVFs & LCDs. The Unified Baseplate includes an ARRI dovetail slot on the bottom which attaches to the the included Safety Dovetail (12"). The sale takes place with the exclusion of any warranty. Der Verkauf erfolgt unter Ausschluss jeglicher Gewähr­leistung stays in Germany Quote 1049€
  4. Camera in perfect conditions, just 5hours running time for tests !! Only Backup Equipment!! No scratch! • - Super 35, 4,6K Sensor • - PL-Mount • - 15 Stops Dynamic range • - 4 K resolution up to 60 fps (2160p60) • - 1080 HD bis 160 Acquire • - Up to 2160p60 • - 12G-SDI output • - recording 2 x C Fast 2.0 Memorycards • - 5" Touchscreen Monitor 1080HD The sale takes place with the exclusion of any warranty. Der Verkauf erfolgt unter Ausschluss jeglicher Gewähr­leistung stays in Germany Quote 2249€
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  6. Hello, Today I am selling my Ultra 2 vest that I've been using for the past couple years. It's a great vest that allows for fitting of many different body sizes/heights (I am 5' 10"), and is easily flippable from regular to goofy and vice versa (the photo is of it set up to goofy, I set it back to regular since most likely someone who purchases it will be regs). Some of the waist straps have been modified by someone else before me, but I have not had any issues with this. Includes: Steadicam Ultra 2 Vest Backup Pads/buckles Extra socket block wing nut Steadicam travel bag Please reach out to me if you are interested or have any questions. Located in Ventura, CA, but can ship/meet if needed. Thanks!
  7. Hello all, So today I am sadly selling my trusty Steadicam Master Series arm. This arm has been great to me for the past couple of years, but I just purchased a new arm so it's time to pass it on. This arm would be great for anyone looking to get their first arm (with the ample amount of lift power it has), or just even a solid backup arm. One of the more affordable arms that will allow you to carry anything from a lightweight RED to a damn heavy 35mm film rig (with the delrin spacers removed). Includes: 1.5" post (5/8") 5.5" post (5/8") 7.5" post (5/8") 10" post (5/8", without post clamp) 6.25" post (3/4" with post clamp) Low mode bracket with 2.5" post (5/8") Robert Luna delrin spacers (installed, necessary for flying anything lighter than an Alexa Mini) T-tool for spring tension adjustment/removing spacers Extra spacers for arm post collar Case is not included, but if desired will sell for an extra fee. There is a little bit of rust on some of the arm end caps and a few screws, but nothing on any crucial components. The rust is light, and probably from sweat I'm assuming, but will NOT affect the performance of the arm. There is also some plastic shielding on the top of the arm where "Steadicam" is printed that is beginning to peel off. You can keep it or peel it off, your call. Please call/text me at (805) 320-1845 or email me at lorenpaulhamilton@gmail.com if you are interested or with any questions. Located in Ventura, CA but am able to ship/meet up near LA. Thanks!
  8. Hi All, I'm Selling my Zephyr kit (professional range 4-11kg). Located in Bilbao, Spain. Preferably meet in person to test, but also willing to ship. Buyer pays shipping. Asking 7000€. More photos can be sended if wanted. Steadicam Zephyr, Sold with many accessories to start shooting directly. -Original Plate & plate with bars for lowmode, follow focus etc - Fotga dp500 - Blackmagic HDMI sdi Converter - Cables (- BNC sdi - dtap 4dtap - BNC video - dtap dtap - dtap USB dtap - x2 dtap 12v) - x4 Batteries - Battery charger - Low mode bracket - Monitor mount skymagic - Gimbal wrap grip - 2 kg & 4kg plates for training or riding with light weight cameras - SMALLRIG VCT-14 camera adapter - Mamfrotto 126CSU tripod. For more info contact me at: sotasterling@gmail.com
  9. I am selling this Glidecam package for a friend. Feel free to contact him with any questions you may have. "Glidecam V-8. Used. In great condition. For a camera rig up to 10 pounds. I purchased it used 10 years ago and used it for one short shoot, since then it has been stored in this Pelican 1660 rolling case, which will be included in the sale. $1,500 USD. Pick up in Ventura, California. Email John at writejohnmckinney@gmail.com " Thanks!
  10. Hello, I am curious if you had any luck selling this package. I may be acquiring an Ultra 2 sled and I wasn't sure if there was a market for them.
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  12. Here are some answers to many requests I have received: I forgot to put the arm serial number. I couldn't locate it visually or on the original invoice, but I found it on an old ATA carnet : It's #141 The weight of the cardboard box containing the arm in its soft black bag with its attached small J bracket, the 4 pieces canister bag and a pouch containing 6 extra J-brackets or offset devices, 7 extra posts of different length, two large Allen keys (5/32" and 1/4") and a bag of spare parts is 9,6 kg. Its dimensions are 59 X 40 X 33 cm I can also provide you with a Pelican 1620B with wheels exactly similar to the one I have photographed (it's a spare I will no longer use, and it can store a vest plus the arm and canisters) for an addittionnal price of 150€ on top of the 19 000 Euros for the arm and canisters. This is only optionnal. Its's external dimensions are 630 X 492 X 352 cm and the shipment would then weigh 19,9 kg. My French Zip Code is 94000 is you need a shipment quote.
  13. ARRI MINI Camera Body Package with extensive Arri Accessories and 3 Custom Travel Cases Package Details: ARRI Mini Body (S/N 21881) - 1756 Hours ARRI EXTENDED WARRANTY (Through 7/25/2022) for both Body And EVF Viewfinder MINI Licenses - 4:3 License Key, ARRI/RAW License Key, MINI LOOK Library License Key ARRI EVF Alexa Mini Viewfinder (S/N 7871) LICENSE FEATURES: ARRI PL Mount-LDS-LB-Titan-CPL ProRes 444XQ MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket 2K Recording (2) Mini Adapter Plate MAP-1 CPL Custom 3D LUTS (2) Mini Baseplate MAP-32-CPL 100-200 FPS (2) Mini Side Bracket MSB-1 Log C Bridgeplate Adapter BPA-4 Look Import/Export Cage Top Handle CHT-1 ProRes 422 HQ (4) 15mm (17”) Support Rods Look CDL Editing (2) 15mm (5.5”) Support Rods Auto Tracking WB (3) 15mm (9.5”) Support Rods WiFi Remote Access (1) 15mm (5”) Support Rod Prerecording BAP-1 Battery Plate Alexa Mini 3.2K Recording CSP-1 Camera shoulder Pad 4K UHD Recording Leather Shoulder Pad Add-On 4:3 Sensor Mode KC-50 Amira Straight Power Cable ARRI/RAW Recording (3) Mini EVF Cables (2) Handgrip Extension, Long LBS-2 Lightweight Bridge Support (3) CFast 2.0 Card Media 128GB CFast 2.0 Card Reader (2) Rubber Hand Grips VEB-3 Viewfinder Extension Bracket BAP-2 Battery Adapter Plate “Solid Camera Power Solutions” Anton Bauer Battery Power Distribution Box (5) BNC Cables - Various sizes (2) Arri EXT - RS Cables Vocas Wood Handles, Left & Right Vocas 15mm Rod Clamp CSP-1 Low Shoulder Bracket Pelican 1040 Case for Media Reader Pelican Media MINI Case (3) Case Cruiser Custom Cut “Pelican Style” Travel Cases $ 44,500.00. USD. This MINI has been my personal camera used on my Steadicam almost exclusively. This has always been under ARRI Extended Warranty and serviced each year since 5/9/2016. It’s in excellent condition. CONTACT: Greg Lundsgaard. glund88@gmail.com (contact me for hi-res photos of the entire package)
  14. There were actually two attendees at the SOA workshop in Exton I just went to who were from the Detroit area. Email me and I'll see about putting you all in touch. justin.woo@gmail.com
  15. Definitely hit up the SOA Workshop in LA. The community you join when you go to that workshop is awesome. I just did the one in PA and I loved it. It's pricey but absolutely worth it.
  16. I've considered doing this with my Ronin S and my Master Sled. Can you link the universal mount that lets you power the Ronin without the battery handle?
  17. Looking for a 2" Hill Docking Ring for a 1 5" Post. Would like to buy or exchange, can offee a 2" Hill Docking Ring for a 2" Post. Thanks for looking email please: yeahjens@aol.com
  18. Looking for Arri Artemis top stage cine broadcast or bottom if you have for sell! Thank you Chris
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