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  2. Hi there! I've been looking for a spare arm post that lets me put my 5/8'' gimbal on the G50x. But until now, I could not find it anywhere, and the guys from CVP.com - where I normally get the equipment - don't know about it either... Does anyone have an idea where I could get any infos about that topic? Or do you know a European reseller? All the best Raphi
  3. ARRI caged Alexa Mini Body with top Handle and Eyepiece. both licenses from Arri, PL mount, D box Powering Module, 2 x128gb cards, a hard case and a Wooden camera universal baseplate. 1617 Hr on the chip. Pd 64500 in Jan 2017 from able cine New York. for sale 50K OBO. pls reach out with serious inquires only. hutch1stac@gmail.com
  4. Hi! I'm selling my Tiffen vest: Compact Ultra, great for thinner, shorter operators. Good condition with normal wear and tear. Asking price is $4500 obo. Free shipping within the US.
  5. All Batteries have been sold. SOLD: ChargerExovestPro Arm Dionic HC batteries FOR SALE:M1 w/ Volt gimbal. V-mount and Goldmount plates for Battery hanger. REDUCED: $28,000.00Cmotion Cvolution FF kit REDUCED: $6,000.00Arrow-X kit REDUCED: $1000.00 Klassen Vest REDUCED: $3000
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  7. Hey John I think there's a bit of a mismatch going on here. The sled components are built to hold a payload on the stage up to a maximum weight. Go beyond this and the components bearing that weight (such as the gimbal) could fail. Similarly, the components in the arm can hold a certain weight. This is the overall weight of the sled and everything attached to it. Go beyond this total weight and the springs in the arm will max out and stop suspending the mass. At the other end of the scale, the springs in the arm require a certain minimum load to be able to work. This isn't too much of a problem, as you can always make a camera heavier by putting it in a cage and bolting stuff onto it. But it IS a problem if getting the arm into its working zone would entail overloading the sled. The problem you have is that to get the A30 arm into its 'Goldilocks' zone would require you to max out the Pilot sled. The Pilot sled is good for a payload of 10lbs/4.5kg so is fine for the BMPCC, but only with an arm like the A15 which starts working under a lighter load. The A30 arm is good for anything up to about 20lbs (sitting on top of a 10lb sled), but it requires a sled built to handle that weight (such as the Aero 30 sled). An A15 arm with the Pilot sled would be fine with the lightweight BMPCC, but wouldn't be suitable for the UMP. For the UMP, you'd need an Aero 30 sled to match the A30 arm, and possibly a bigger rig, depending on how much the camera weighs with any lenses & accessories bolted on. In many ways, your solution isn't getting an A15 arm - unless you only want to fly the BMPCC. To cover the needs you've mentioned with a heavier camera like the UMP, you'd need to swap the Pilot sled for something like an Aero 30 or a Zephyr.
  8. Just did a 360 shot on the beach. Not super fun. I was in deep sand and kept bouncing headroom trudging through the uneven dips and divets. Any one have tips for beach work?
  9. Hi Antoine If you've not used a Steadicam before and are on a tight budget, you may find a better idea is to go much cheaper than the unit you've mentioned and buy a really simple stabiliser like a Yelangu S60T (or similar). These appear all the time on ebay for 50 euro or less, and most are barely used, because people give up on trying to balance them properly! Although the gimbal bearings in these aren't usually very good, they do work okay when set up, and you will learn the basic principles involved in balancing and handling a Steadicam, and getting smooth shots. While you're doing this, buy the Steadicam Operator's Handbook (again, you might find a copy secondhand) and practise the techniques described within it. You'll only be able to do this handheld, but for many music videos, you won't be doing long takes, and you'll be developing your technique. If you make some good progress and are keen to continue with your Steadicam ambition, keep a close watch on ebay for a secondhand Pilot HD. If you're lucky, you might find one for around 600 euro, as many people who bought them have moved on to electronic gimbals to save on size, weight and bulk. A Pilot will bring you a vest, an arm and a monitor, and that will move you forward a long way in the shots you can do (and the length of the takes). A monitor is essential for many Steadicam shots, and you want this low down so you know where you are putting your feet! You'll only be able to fly cameras under 4.5kg with a Pilot, but that covers all DSLRs and most of the lighter handicam-type camcorders. I appreciate the system you've mentioned *says* you can mount a monitor on the sled, but you will find it difficult to achieve static and dynamic balance on this kind of device if you do so. Hope this helps a little.
  10. Erik Are you still in search of an Ultra 2 cine sled. If so i have one in excellent condition. for pics etc feel free to contact me via Morrison80504@protonmail.com best regards Robert
  11. Have an Ultra 2 cine in excellent condition. if your still looking for a rig contact me at Morrison80504@protonmail.com. I can forward pics and specs. Best Regards Robert
  12. https://filmemporium.com/
  13. hi

    do you sell wave rider separate?


    marco cuzzupoli

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  15. Master Series Arm in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition Fully serviced by Luna in 2017 and lightly used since then, this arm has a lot of miles left in it I have one 6.5" Arm Post for Steadicam Gimbals and 3 Arm Posts (4.5", 8.5", 11.5") and Low-Mode Bracket for PRO/XCS Gimbals $4700 with Steadicam Arm Post $4800 with all Arm Posts and Low-Mode bracket Pelican case is included. Buyer pays shipping (located in LA)
  16. Walter Klassen Slingshot 1.0 (no Vest). They have now released the 2.0 which has some updates (mainly a larger spool for elastics). I have upgraded to the 2.0 so I am now selling my original Slingshot. Comes with Light, Medium and Heavy bungees. Custom hardmount so that you can mount it directly to speedrail. New $4,365.00 usd asking $3,300 usd. Cosmetic scratches but perfect working condition. Located in Toronto, Buyer pays for shipping! Please message or email info @ horizoncamera.com. Thanks! Mike
  17. ReadyRig Pro GS + Pro Arms for sale. Includes air bladder! New $2,598.00 usd asking $1,800 usd. Cosmetic scratches on the back but perfect working condition. Located in Toronto, Buyer pays for shipping! Please message or email info @ horizoncamera.com. Thanks! Mike
  18. Hey all, I have 9 PAG batteries and 2 chargers from my old Master series sled that I no longer need. They most certainly would need to be recelled, a couple might hold a little charger but haven't tested them. Free to whoever wants to pick them up in Hollywood...
  19. Mitchell Plate Mount Includes Socket Block Add U-Bolts for mounting to speed rail Includes Pelican foam-cut case No longer available this Vehicle Mount is LIKE NEW $800 OBO (plus shipping from LA)
  20. Cct gutAre you still looking for Ultra 2 cine package? If so you can contact me at Morrison80504@protonmail.com
  21. Hi Norris, HU3's are $7415.00 new. I'm happy to let this mint unit go for $2000 less at $5415.00. It is like new as it's only been handled to test and upgrade. IMG_6331 2.HEIC
  22. HU3 and MDR2 for sale 6 rings A- Blank 4 Batteries 1 Charger Sony MDR assorted cables $6500.00US HU3 rarely used MDR checked out at PCS 2 Batts New, 2 Decent If interested text 847-343-7255 and I’ll send photos Cheers
  23. I’m on a job that that requires 3 receivers I have 2. Hoping someone it looking to get rid of one. Let me know. Thanks
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