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  2. I'm looking at the new core M2 kit that Tiffen is selling, but I want to make sure the G-50x arm will be enough for me. Does anyone know the weight of an M2 sled with volt?
  3. Hi Guys, Anyone got a handsfree transporter knee controller / leansteer they want to sell?? Thanks matt@steadimoves.com.au
  4. For sale ZeeGee. Based in Spain. 4900€ Based in Spain steadikam@gmail.com
  5. Yesterday
  6. still available: Preston fix package $22,000. Yeager Jr Steadicam cart , with trough, work platform with rbq base, hill mag dock. $ 2500. Klassen vest $3000. Kenyon Gyro $1100 sale fell thru on Pro2 sled and batteries now $20,000
  7. Almost new 703 Volt: 2600€ 503: 1300€ Both with an usued Ultra matte screen protector Pelicase 1520 with custom foam included with the 703 Located in Madrid, Spain
  8. Hey mate, it's an older thread I know, but any chance this is still available?
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for a telescoping monitor bracket for my GPI Pro rig. Preferable the GPI own one, but open to other offers of the same style. UK based would be a dream, but happy to sort out shipping :)
  10. Last week
  11. I should mention, Looking for a European seller if possible...
  12. Heya @michael a crankshaw, It's an old thread but if you're still looking for one, I have one spare in a bit
  13. Hey Dougal, I have an LX vest I’d be willing to sell.! I’ll send you photos tomorrow if you’re still looking for one.
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