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  2. Selling my true friend EFP arm. Got some external blisters over the years but works perfectly besides that. Sent it for service and stripped down to the core for cleaning 2 years ago. Located in Sweden. 3000 € + shipping cost
  3. RIG, Arm, Magliner, etc... sold Still available: Ultra 2 Vest Training setup incl. camera and zoomcontrol.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I understand. That was more a test of the abilities rather than an actual shoot, hence why it was so "informal." There was no take captured in showing that.
  6. Brand new, never used Red Rock Commander with 3 motors for sale. Designed for the Move Pro and/or Movi XL. You just need to add a Freefly Mimic to complete it. Paid nearly $5000. IMG_3750.HEIC lee (at) kazista.com
  7. Lee Kazista

    ETB Walter Klassen vest big size

    Where are you based? I have a universal (opens on both sides) in Large.
  8. Good luck with your sale. I just want to dispel the notion that a Ronin 2 on top of a steadicam makes a 'poor man's Trinity'. Because it really does not. None of the shots in your video would require a Trinity by the way. Could all be done with a regular steadicam.
  9. Dennis Laine

    HU3 + MDR2 Preston + Cables

    Open to all offers.
  10. Hello Martin,

    is the kit still available?

    do you sell only the sled separately?

    thank you 



    1. Martin Kreslehner

      Martin Kreslehner

      Hi Andrea,


      I just answered your email.


      Best regards


  11. Chris Espenan

    WTB : GPI Pro II Center Post ( SD or HD )

    Yes it is a PRO post with upper jbox à with SD cable.Send me an offer, this post is in my home in France, I can send it overseas. thank you steadrunner@sfr.fr
  12. Randy Nolen

    WTB : GPI Pro II Center Post ( SD or HD )

    Is it a PRO II Post w/ upper J-Box ? Which Center Cable SD or HD? Price please.
  13. Last week
  14. Also, here's it in action with my Ronin 2 set up on it making it a poor man's "trinity." So it can definitely hold some decent rigs. Here's the link: https://vimeo.com/316163988
  15. Chris Espenan


    Hello everyone, received some requests about split my package but I really want to sale this PRO Sled with all the stuff. The package is ready to go overseas in Pelican flycases.this Rig is less used...I used it this year only one time for a demo... Thank you for your emails. Chris
  16. Here's a pic of me on set with the rig just to show you all that you are talking to a real person that used the rig in real world situations. I flew RED setups with heavy cine glass with ease on this baby. Again, sucks that I have to sell it, but that's life. You will definitely enjoy the set up!
  17. Hey everyone! I'm really sad to post this, but due to life circumstances, I have to part with this custom rig I've built. Flies rigs up to 40lbs easily. You can probably even push 45lbs. Comes with everything you see here. (except C-stand) Steadicam Exovest w/vest bag Flowcine Xbone kit Steadicam G50x arm with bag and raincovers Glidecam X45 sled with Camjam Monitor bracket and SmallHD 702 monitor PLEASE NOTE: The monitor has 1 stuck green pixel. You can sorta see it in the pics. It never bothered me, but you can send it in to SmallHD if it bothers you that much Also, the gimbal handle has a chip in the socket. Still fully functional, and that too, didn't bother me in operation, but if you can see in the sled layout pics, I am supplying 2 extra socket caps if you want to replace it. Again, I HATE that I have to part with this rig, but still has a TON of life to it as it is just over a year old. Purchased this system brand new for around $23,000. Save on me and get into a big rig system affordably! Thanks for looking! YOU CAN FIND ALL THE PICTURES HERE: https://scenedirector.imgur.com/all $14,500 obo
  18. Rachid Talidi

    BlackArm Flowcine

    For sale Unit of BLACKARM from Flowcine. Set Ready for work with RONIN 2, MOVI PRO, MAXIMA or MOVI XL. Like NEW, Used only 2 times. Extras: -Tranquilizer - Fly Case PRO (Black version with wheels) - Extension for Ronin 2 4800€ This unit is in Spain. Cheers Steadikam@gmail.com
  19. MKV 3.5 HD sled Good working order 2 inch 2 stage post V2 gimbal Betz Tools topstage 1 long dovetail plate 1 Sony style Cam-Tec dovetail plate 1 HD line and 1 composite line 2 V-lock battery mounts 1 x long BNC cable 1x short BNC cable 2 x MKV - 4 pin XLR cable Also comes with 3rd bottom battery mount but this doesn’t have a battery plate fitted The sled comes in the original MKV padded hard case Transvideo HD8 monitor Good working order HDMI, SDI, Composite inputs Steadicam 3A arm Mechanically fine but shows signs of use and the spring covers need re-anodising Comes with one 6 inch arm post and arm bag Steadicam Ultra vest plus spare plastic waist bands MKV docking bracket The kit is in good condition and I have used it for 10 years without any issues. I’m selling because I’ve upgraded to a new MKV kit. £18,000 GBP plus shipping Also available for U.K. buyers and European buyers if they are collected are: 6 Pag 95wh batteries and charger in a Peli case 5 Swit 190wh batteries and charger in a Peli case £500 GBP Take advantage of the Brexit chaos and the falling pound! The kit is for sale as a complete package only. Many thanks
  20. Hayley Dillon

    Steadicam Workshops in Austin, Tx?

    Not that I know of yet, but if you're willing to travel a little north AbelCine Chicago will be hosting a Tiffen Steadicam Silver Workshop in September!
  21. Anyone looking to learn Steadicam? AbelCine is hosting a Tiffen Steadicam Silver workshop in September (17th-19th)! This is a super immersive 3-day course, you'll be learning hands-on; actually getting to put on the vest and really practice. Also, lunch is included! Here's a list of the stuff we'll be covering: "Training Objectives On completion of the training program the participants will be able to: Assemble the Steadicam and fit camera and all accessories Understand the principles of operation of a Steadicam Balance the system correctly including dynamic balance Put on and adjust the operators vest for best fit Adjust the suspension arm for the camera weight Understand rest positions Start and stop smoothly Post pan sled Body pan sled Track shooting sideways Circle the subject Walk forward shoot back Switch forward and back Handle actor sitting and standing from a chair Tackle steps and stairs Handle corners and corridors to best advantage Change to low mode Understand blocking out a shot Have knowledge of working in adverse conditions Communicate with clients and directors This is by no means an exhaustive list and there will be many other skills and techniques passed on during the course of the workshop." --------------- You'd be learning on larger rigs from the Zephyr up to the M-1! If you have any questions or you're interested in signing up, please feel free to reach out to me! There are also workshops in both NY and LA. https://www.abelcine.com/learn/calendar/steadicam-silver-workshop?fbclid=IwAR21OtbFYVUKXpmbFwAKk2tO8dxr-UaOwNUfPiypLTzaV3icB2vSOWU7crQ
  22. Xavier Mercado

    Arm X1 - anyone seen it/tried it?

    Hi Adam and Taj, I am also looking into this arm but don't have anyone near me that owns one. Adam, did you end up purchasing it? Curious to hear about the X-Tune adjustments. I read 30" boom range, nice! How does the lift and descent feel? Thanks in advance, X
  23. Looking to unload some gear Gpi Pro DBII - 2500 MKV 19mm rod bracket battery hanger v mount fixed at 45 degrees - 900 I also ) virtual 12 sided dice
  24. Hello Rochelle, my RIG is still for sale...

    all the best


  25. Chris Espenan

    WTB : GPI Pro II Center Post ( SD or HD )

    Sorry no donkeybox , only upper junction electronics box with post...
  26. Chris Espenan

    WTB : GPI Pro II Center Post ( SD or HD )

    GPI PRO 2 centerpost with SD cable and upper donkeybox.I will send pictures tomorrow...
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