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  2. Hello There! I'm looking to buy a GPI Pro DB-II Top Stage, Let me know if anyone has one. Thank You! Ryan
  3. Hi Josh. Is your battery rack still available? I left you a message so you can contact me. Thanks. Enjoy the day.
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  5. I WTB a Teradek 3000xt 1:2 or 1:3 if anyone is thinking of offloading. I will offer fair market value. Thanks!
  6. Second Hand Ward Sniper kit for sale - was serviced at the end of 2018 by manufacturer and has barely been used since as I have been using the Cine RT and very rarely find an occasion to use the Sniper. Can ship worldwide ex New Zealand $6000 USD Contact henwest@gmail.com if interested. FT- 810-2.pdf Sniper[4137].pdf
  7. Hi Alex. I'm still making cables, but at 72, I can't guarantee for how long. terrywest531@gmail.com
  8. I can include a Spektrum Satellite receiver too for spektrum compatible systems.
  9. Hi friends, now a days almost all cinematography cameras like arri s35,Alexa mini lf,sony Venice 2 , ,sony F55, red all weight under 3kg,so why can't the steadicam scout with pay load of 8 kg maximum be used in the industry? Even when additional lens,focus controller, mat box,vedio transmitter and battery comes around 3 kg,! So all together maximum 6 kg! Then why can't it be used, zephyr have additional pay load of just 2.4 kg,pls reply
  10. PLC Veracity Remote Wheels - 3 Axis - with Slice The Veracity Control Wheel System is a fully stand-alone wheels solution for RC camera applications. The system connects wirelessly to the head, Movi, DJI Ronin, ARRI SRH-3, Maxima and Trinity etc.. with no added latency. Veracity is designed to be powered by any common on-set DC power source and has intuitive gear ratio and direction controls. Custom CNC machined handwheels mounted on precision shafts with ultra high resolution encoders provide for smooth operation and perfect balance. All this is packaged in a sealed rugged aluminium housings with flexible mounting options. These wheels I have mounted on black a plywood board with 3/8 holes in bottom ready to be attached to a stand or whatever you like. Complete with: - 3 Axis wheels mounted on black plywood board. Gold Mount / Anton Bauer battery mount with power switch. Slice transmitter (Spektrum) installed. - USB regulated power output unit. - Spektrum DX trainer cable. - PLC programming / calibration cable - USB - Spare Orange Transmitter module. (note: 2pin Lemo power input is pin 1 +ve, pin 2 GND!) PLC Veracity Manual and programming instructions included. USD $4800 ono. + shipping. email: ajcam@me.com Ph: +61 414620249 Andrew 'AJ' Johnson Veracity_Operation_Manual_Wireless.pdf
  11. Oh buddy that sucks so bad. Sorry some humans are Jerks. Make sure you go through your paperwork and get your serial numbers. I’ll keep an eye out if anyone is trying to sell anything like it. Did your ArmX1 have the DynaSpring system? - NK
  12. Wasn't sure where to post this. Pretty upset at the situation, my stupidity, etc. Just trying to cover my bases Yesterday in North Hollywood, CA my SmartSystem case was stolen from my car including: - Matrix Sled Extreme: SCM.1EAB2F.202A97.2C (3studs version) - ArmX1: SCM.094AEA.21966D.27 They smashed my windows and removed the case. I filed a police report of course and will be checking pawn shops and what not but figured I'd alert people here in case someone tries selling it. I have insurance but who knows if they'll decide to cover it. If you come across anything suspicious let me know here or email me @ marc@dunhamfilm.com Thank you WaAArmX1: SCM.094AEA.21966D.27rmX1: SCM.094AEA.21966D.27ArmX1: SCM.094AEA.21966D.27
  13. Arm and vest are sold! archer 2 with volt is still available pricing at 21k OBO
  14. Considering selling my lovely Archer2 with x-upgraded g50 arm. No faults, everything works and in great condition. Archer 2 sled g50 x-upgraded arm, fresh from big service TVlogic monitor and new bracket c-stand & docking 4x 190wh batteries + IDX 4ch charger Zoom/focus 2x HPRC2760w All you need of cables, tally etc. no vest, DM for info, questions or making an offer
  15. cam-jam has one that fits mdr3 and mdr4 https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/bracket-for-preston-mdr-3-and-mdr-4/
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