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  2. David M. Aronson

    WTB: SmallHD 1303 HDR

    These are currently on sale for $1500 off list price on B&H for the next 12 hours or so. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1280906-REG/smallhd_mon_1303hdr_durable_13_hdr_ready.html
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  4. Selling for my 1stAC, we are using this kit right now and it's flawless. Email me at info@frederic.ca Pics here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/fr-fr/#B0i5BydzFjY1Os Preston Remote Focus Systeme for sale Very fine Preston remote package for sale. In great condition with some cosmetic wear. Everything is 100% working.. Was bought and own by a friend steadicam operator and was not used often for couples of years, never been in a rental house. I bought it last fall and send it to Bluestar Precision Cables Phil Cramer in Toronto for a complete check-up and updates. The DM1X motor was sent to Preston for a re-built as almost brand new motor with old housing. Wire transfer only. If sold in Canada, GST will be added to the invoice. Asking 17000 USD (22800 CND) Unit - FI + Z 3 Remote Focus Unit S/N #2237 - MDR- 2 S/N #2538 - Focus/Iris Single channel Unit S/N #1990 - Micro Force Digital 2 S/N #D26236 - Preston Bluetooth module for memory and software updates S/N #0130 Motors - DM1X S/N #3643 (Came back from Preston, fully re-built / like new) - DM 2 S/N #5342 Rings - 4 x Pre-mark rings - 8 x Large Focus rings - 8 x small blank rings Câbles - 4 x Angle to straight motor cable 24 inches - 2 x Angler to angle motor cables 24 inches - 1 x custom made angle to straight motor cables 20 inches - 2 x custom made angle to angle motor cables 20 inches - 2 x Micro Force / Arri zoom control (Arri, Fisher 3, motor) 8’ - 1 x Arri 24V 24 inches - 1 x DMF to Fiz 8’ - 1 x Arri on/off 24 inches - 1 x Arri on/off - 2 x Arri power 15 inches - 1 x Arri MDR Run 24V 24 inches - 1 x D-Tap MDR Power 24 inches - 2 x Run Red Epic cables 24 inches - 1 P-Tap/ XLR 4 12 inches / XLR4/ MDR power 28 inches - Cine tape cable for MDR 2 Extras - 6 x Jerry Hill brakes ( 3 x15mm + 3 x 19mm + 3 x blue reducer, 3 x extension post ) - 6 x random gear pitch ( gear 64 pitch 144, gear 48 dp 20, canon video, fujinon video, etc) - Mirco force / FIZ braket - FIZ handle - Shape Micro Force holder - Shoulder Strap for remote - Battery chargers (single + double), 8 sony batteries - NANUK case 945 with separator
  5. Mark A Cooper

    Robert Luna 3A Arm

    Bump $5K
  6. Brennan Maxwell

    Dynamic Balance

    Haha. I agree with you about it not working for dynamic balance. It's a nice thought that it would be that easy, but this video is much better.
  7. Glenn Steer

    DP7 high bright 7" monitor

    Hi michael, I may be interested although I am in australia but of course will pay for shipping .Send me an email on gandksteer@gmail.com and I will make an offer if you have not sold it already . Thanks glenn
  8. Brian Nordheim

    O'Connor 2575

    Holy Cow Steve I remember carrying around that head on Godzilla !!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Justen Hernandez


    Hey man I’m interested in your vest. Can you contact me at (323) 806-4347 and we can discuss?
  11. Brandon Sumner

    ARRI TRINITY Rig Pro Set

  12. Geoff Owen

    Loose Volt encoder ring

    Have just spoken to Tiffen about this problem. They tell me that they've only heard about this happening a couple of times before. Apparently these rings are only glued in place if the fit isn't sufficiently tight when assembled. An easy fix with some adhesive. If you have this same problem it may not present itself until you go into low-mode. Maybe the temperature did cause some expansion of the encoder ring for it to become loose so cold weather operators may not encounter this issue. So for all you Volt owners perhaps a quick check of your encoder ring may save you an embarrassing moment on set. Regards Geoff Owen
  13. 1303 Small Hd (hd) monitor, it's just under 1 year old and in excellent condition. comes with pelican case, Ac power, Gold plate, c stand adaptor, screen protector and sunshade. paid just over 3600 for the whole set , 2800 obo shoot me an e mail (hutch1stac@gmail.com) or give me a call at 310-406-5283 to work out the details. Tom
  14. Jerry Holway

    M1 volt on a MKv 1.5 inch post

    BTW, the "hole at wrong angle" issue has been fixed.
  15. thomas hutchinson

    WTB: SmallHD 1303 HDR

    Hey Scott i have a 1303 hd small hd monitor for sale, it's just under one year old.. comes with , screen protector, c stand bracket, ac power source, sunshade , a gold plate and a pelican case for storage... I am asking 2800 obo, shoot me an e mail is your still looking for one or give me a call Tom Hutchinson (hutch1stac@gmail.com) or ring me up 310-406-5283
  16. Geoff Owen

    Loose Volt encoder ring

    Hi Lawrence, Thanks for your comment. Yes you're correct, it's supplied as one complete component from the factory that you fix in place with the double sided tape, but it seems that this assembly is made up of 2 components, one is the main body of the assembly and the other is the ring that has whatever technology in-bedded that the encoder/sensor reads. In my case the main body is still in place, the double sided tape has not let go, just the ring of smart material has slipped off the main body. I would expect that they aren't intended to come apart but in my case they have. Perhaps a call to Tiffen is the best bet here. Regards Geoff Owen
  17. mark morgan

    M1 volt on a MKv 1.5 inch post

    glenn m8 it's tgalland@tiffen.com
  18. mark morgan

    M1 volt vs betx wave

    m1 wins the shootout
  19. I sell my c motion with 2 motors work perfectly 1X Télécommande avec Focus Knob Advanced, Slider et Antenne 1X Camin 4M/F Arri White avec Antenna et V bracket 2X CLM-4 Motors avec set of gears 2X CStrap 3X batteries 1X chargeur 6X Marker Rings 2X motor cables 1X power cable DTap 1X power cable RS3 1X Case PRICE: 5500€ without shipping location: PARIS (FRANCE) my email: teva.vasseur@gmail.com
  20. Lawrence Karman

    Loose Volt encoder ring

    I believe it comes with some spare double-sided adhesive strips in the box.
  21. Teva Vasseur


    Hello, I sell my spare RIG GPI PRO CineLive HD V-LOCK BATTERY reason: (I have two PRO CineLive) Use 5 times, work very well !! Description Sled: - Betz Top Stage with plate - UPPER J BOX Cine Live - LOWER J BOX Cine Live GIMBAL (just the seconde SDI OUT look unwell but work perfectly !!!) - BATTERY RACK GEN IV - V-Lock Gen IV conversion kit - CENTER POST TELESCOPING - Pro Monitor Bracket - GIMBAL GRIP W/CLAMP Dock: - GAD 2 Docking Bracket add sizes - GAD2 Docking Rings 2.0 - GAD2 Docking Rings 1.5 - Tilt Dock Cables: - Cinelive to Alexa R/A 24v power cable PRO X1 - Monitor Cable Transvideo r/a-str X2 - PRO Cine HD to XLR 4 12v power cable X1 - 2x SDI 50cm ARM: - PRO TITAN ARM 4 blues canisters - Key and BAG Vest: - PRO Vest Battery: - 6x Battery Pag Link 96W - Charger 2 channel Monitor: -Transvideo HD6 super bright Blue Two Pelicases For everything SELL FULL KIT: 42 000€ OR ONLY VEST: 5000 € ONLY SLED / DOCK / CABLES / CASES: 20 500€ (I don't sell the ARM, MONITOR and accessories separates) More photos and information by email: teva.vasseur@gmail.com www.disquettprod.com LOCATION: PARIS (FRANCE)
  22. Rich Cottrell

    XCS ultimate 1 for sale

    sorry for not getting more info out over the weekend, but I will try to take some pictures tomorrow. also, I got a bunch of PM's and a few phone calls, but with Passover and then Easter my weekend was swamped so I really apologize to you all for not sending personal emails. A few questions have come up from multiple people so i figured I would answer them here: 1) I am working on getting you all some current pictures 2) this is a Ultimate 1 sled. That means it is an SD sled, but there is a "pass through" COAX that does support an HDMI signal path from the top stage to the bottom of the sled. It does have the PDL installed internal to the sled, but that is only visible when using an SD monitor This sled also has the "Uno" frame line generator installed in the sled. 3) This sled has the XCS "Egro" gimbal handle for a normal sided operator [meaning Right hand on the Yoke and left on the gimbal] 4) the GPI Pro Arm is what is now called the "Titian" arm. I am selling it with 4 Blue and 4 Black spring canisters. These are the original style canisters with the clear windows built into. 5) I am currently looking for someone based in the USA or Canada for this sale as I am a little worried about overseas transactions and I would mostly prefer to be able to sell the sled in person so there are no problems after the sale 6) if your not familiar with flying an XCS sled there is plenty of info on this forum about what makes this sled unique. http://www.xcsinc.com/manuals/LEGACY Ultimate 1 Sled Manual 2009 rev 4.pdf 7) I am not selling this sled with a TB-6 monitor, but I will include the XCS monitor mount and a SmallHD 702Bright LCD monitor
  23. Hello, I sell my iBaird GOOFFY: 620$ without shipping INFO: The iBaird enables a 4-inch drop down for GPI Pro vests. This has been preferred by taller operators and for use in low-mode. The iBaird is available in either left or right mounting orientations. Please note that left iBairds require reconfiguration of vest hardware. Loaction: PARIS (FRANCE) Email me: teva.vasseur@gmail.com
  24. Hello, I sell my iBaird GOOFFY: 620$ without shipping INFO: The iBaird enables a 4-inch drop down for GPI Pro vests. This has been preferred by taller operators and for use in low-mode. The iBaird is available in either left or right mounting orientations. Please note that left iBairds require reconfiguration of vest hardware. Loaction: PARIS (FRANCE) Email me: teva.vasseur@gmail.com
  25. Hello , I sell this items: - Marshall V-LCD651STX // WORK PERFECT// COSMETIC: as you see on photo // PRICE: Your Price ! - Small HD6 HDMI only // WORK PERFECT // COSMETIC: Good // PRICE: Your Price ! - Lilliput 4 HDMI only // WORK PERFECT // COSMETIC: Good // PRICE: Your Price ! - FILTER Soft Contrast 3 and 4 4x4// COSMETIC: Good // PRICE: 100€ Both ! - FILTER Clear - ND3 - ND6 4x4 // COSMETIC: Good // PRICE: 60€ Each ! - FILTER Soft FX 1/2 - 1 - 3 4x4 // COSMETIC: Good // PRICE: 120€ Each ! - FILTER White Promist FX 1/8-1/4-1/2-1 4x4 // COSMETIC: Good // PRICE: 100€ Each ! - Zhiyun Crane V1 // WORK PERFECT // COSMETIC: Good // PRICE: Your Price ! - DJI FOCUS // WORK PERFECT // COSMETIC: Good // PRICE: 600€ ! - Video HF CineGear 500 (150M Video Transmitter - 2 x 150M Video Receiver - 3 x Paddle Antennas - 3 x 2-Pin Lemo Power Cable for 150M System // WORK PERFECT // COSMETIC: Good // PRICE: 1200€ ! - Camwave HDSDI 5 // WORK PERFECT // COSMETIC: Good // PRICE: Your Price€ ! Send me your Email to receive photos: teva.vasseur@gmail.com Location: Paris (FRANCE)
  26. Jerry Holway

    Dynamic Balance

    whoever told you that... well, it helps with static balance, in that case, fore-aft balance... A rig in dynamic balance is also in static balance, so it doesn't hurt to do that, but just watch Chris's video, it's all you need.
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