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  2. USED CINETRONIC GEN 2 Monitor for Sale. Located in NYC $1500 USD MATT@NYSTEADI.COM
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  4. Preston Handset 2 with Microforce V+F and MDR-2, complete and working OK. Preston Handset 2 S/N 2175 Preston Transmitter S/N 49235 Preston Microforce V+F S/N 95419 Preston MDR-2 S/N 1191 Preston DM 1 S/N 1808 Preston DM 2 S/N 3482 Preston DM 2 S/N 3491 Preston Remote Iris with 25 ft Cable Preston FIZ Handset Batteries and Charger Omnishot Preston FIZ Handset Battery Adapter, Batteries, and Charger Digital Motor add on Gears, 32p, 48p, 64p, .4mm, .5mm, .6mm, and attachment screws Hill PAM motor mount arms, Motor Rosette, D Clamp, Dog Bone 19mm extension, Panavision Body mount, 15mm and 5/8 Rod bushings, MDR bolt and clamp quick release mount MDR-2 Digital Motor cables and spares, Microforce cables, short, extension, and longer, 100 ft MDR-2 hardwire cable, MDR-2 power cables, 3 and 4 pin XLR, Panavision, Arri, D tap MDR-2 camera cables, Panavision, Arri, Red Digital, Sony, Red Limo Syn Cable Located in Miami, Lee Stone, lee@miamigrip.com, 305-389-5120, asking $6,750.00
  5. Looking to buy my first sled, specifically a GPI PRO Cinema HD. Thanks, Omarguinier@gmail.com (646) 878-7130 I'm located in NYC.
  6. the one from cam-jam.de additionally supports the battery plate to reduce vibrations https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/alexa-mini-evf-bracket-battery-stabilizer/
  7. https://www.adorama.com/vo07000041.html https://woodencamera.com/collections/evf-mounts-arri/products/uvf-mount-alexa-mini-mini-lf-adapter-only
  8. Hello all I'm selling my Teradek Bolt 500 with 1TX and 1RX. Asking $1600, Located in Los Angeles but can ship to con. U.S. email steadigreg@gmail.com if interested. It's SDI only no HDMI. Purchased in January 2018 from Teradek and serviced in August 2019 by Teradek. Been in it's case since getting serviced. Works with newer version and SmallHD Bolt Monitors Selling because I don't use it enough. Come with - 1 x Protective waterproof SKB Case w/foam 2 x 2-pin Connector to PowerTap Cables 1 x 2-Pin Connector to 18W AC Adapter 6ft cable 1 x Hex L Key 2.5 mm size 3-5/6 inch length 1 x Hex L key 3/16inch x 2 13/16inch length 1 x Lightstand Adapter (1/4"-20 inch) 1 x Hot Shoe Adapter (1/4"-20 inch) 2 x SDI (BNC to BNC) Cable 1 x USB 2.0 Cable (A-Male to Mini-B)
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  10. GPI Pro telescoping monitor mount. In great condition! First and only owner. Selling cause I bought a camjam mount. $1000/OBO Shipping to US/Canada
  11. They make glasses that have gradient correction transitions in them. There is a term for that that escapes me right now. Basically bifocals that are not really bifocals.
  12. Arri maxima gimbal sale bending 

  13. Hi Nick, You would be welcome to try my Klassen back mount vest if you would like to. I'm also in LA and could meet you somewhere. Cheers, Mike
  14. Hi Guys, So I’m not too sure who is familiar with Smart System gear’s Arm X-1, but I’ve been noticing some odd quirks while tuning and adjusting it and I’m curious as to wether it is because of my specific arm’s defects, my misunderstanding of the arm and/or it’s upkeep or if it’s just the build quality in general. For those who don’t know it uses 4 interchanging spring canisters much like GPI where you can adjust the tension of each individual spring and then there is an additional adjustment for each spring to adjust its ISO response. This gives you 8 speed are options to tune/adjust the arm. What I’ve found is that the more ISO I make the arm behave the “stickier” it feels and the less ISO I tune it, seems to make it feel less “sticky” much like my old 3A style arm felt. So I was wondering if anyone better understands this arm behavior or just understands how to tune the X-1 better in general? Thanks.
  15. This arm is in great shape and purchased in December of 2018 from Zach Price. Right before it was purchased, it was completely overhauled by Robert Luna. 50lb weight capacity and has served me very well. Feel free to message or email me at djditt@mac.com Asking $4,200 OBO + Shipping. I'm located in Birmingham, Alabama
  16. I'm using bi-focal glasses. It took me about 3 weeks just to get used to them for normal wear but no adjustment time for operating. I hadn't even thought about it. :)
  17. Used, works great. Normal wear and tear. selling for $3800 (1) Scout 37 EVO Cart retails $3,080 (1) Steadicam System for Scout 37 - with bumper, crossbar, mast and riser. Set of (2) 1.75 Mast Clamps and vest rod retails $599.95 (1) Tripod Storage Accessory Complete for Scout 37 retails for $489.95 (1) Scout 37 Travel Case retails for $424.95 Total = $4,594.85 Plus lots of accessories: (2) Modern Studio Umbrella Holders (1) American stand cart hook (1) inovativ horseshoe mount with Mitchell (1) set of C-Stand Holders (4) Tire bags Only one mast is included in this sale
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  19. Cam Jam Quattro Monitor Mount for Transvideo 6" XBL or similar. Used but in full working order. Was my spare but no longer needed. No Flex or vibrations. Easily upgradable to Quattro ii. Was second hand to me, still immaculate condition, a few cosmetic blemishes, in full working order. Comes with: -Spacer for GPI Pro lower post. (which i bought from new) -Spacer for Betz Rig Outer Post. (which came with it) -Mounts a Transvideo 6" XBL all bolts included. Located in the UK. Will ship anywhere, buyer pays shipping and all transfer fees. Payment in Pounds only please. Prices is £550 plus vat. tomwilliams@me.com
  20. Hi, i want to sell my chrosziel aladin mk2 wirelss focus system It comes in a pelicase with 2 Heden motors, handunit for focus and iris, 2 battery´s with charger, cable for fuji and canon lens. itall worksperfect and is in a good condition. There are some scratches but they dont affect the function More pictures online https://www.amazon.de/photos/share/7JDC5UjozWT1FFc922VKEYsJpgEgd0BsvIYn4Qq66jY i prefer to sell this as a complete set. Price 4500€ located in Hanover /Germany
  21. Here is a link to the photos of the paralinx gear. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/etwna4xulgrqarq/AACH3WYpSs94-0xPMsm6mJ9Va?dl=0 thank you for looking. Jamie
  22. hello all, just an update. going to sell this with the original case with all the cables below with a new price of... *** £1,750.00 + VAT (BUYER PAYS FOR SHIPPING)*** 1x Teradek Bolt Pro 300 Transmitter SN 92101974A 2x Teradek Bolt Pro 300 Receivers SN 92202591C & 92202550C Comes with: 3x C-stand mounting brackets. 4x US Adapter Plugs 2x Australian Adapter Plugs 2x European Adapter Plugs 2x HDMI Cables (90cm) 2x 13amp to 2-pin RS (140cm) 1x D-TAP to 2-pin RS (45cm) 4x D-TAP to 2-pin RS (90cm) I have thrown in plenty of standard and thin BNC's of various lengths too. Ranging from 20cm to 90cm with connectors and splitters. All in velcro pouches.
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