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  2. Tom Wills

    Replacement Breakers/Fuses for GPI Pro

    They are Klixon breakers, available from Aircraft Spruce, an aircraft parts supplier. They’re not cheap, but here they are. I’ve also gotten them from Peerless Electronics. https://m.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/klixon7277.php?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIitPVhbb93wIViorICh0fXQBIEAQYAiABEgIy2vD_BwE I’ve used the 7277-2-# series, where that last number is the ampacity.
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  4. ARRI 5-inch OLED Monitor BRAND NEW ARRI K2.0006960 (K20006960) Transvideo Starlite HD5-ARRI 5-inch OLED Monitor with ARRI Bus Interface, Touch Functionality and Integrated H.264 Recorder 1 x StarliteHD5-ARRI 1 x Cable Lemo5 to Lemo6 with wiring for the EXT connector of the AMIRA/MINI* 1 x Magnetic snap-on screen cover 1 x 3D swing Arm 1 x Pelican case 1 x Standard Transvideo BNC Cable €1250 +Shipping Shipping worldwide. located in Berlin, Germany email: oliver.schumann@german-ta.de !NO PAYPAL! Only Bank to Bank
  5. Hello wonderful Steadicam community! Can anyone help me? I'm not an op myself, but I'm working on an electronics camera power distro system that I think would benefit from using the same type of pop up breakers that one finds on the GPI Pro style sleds. I can't seem to find the exact replacement part listed anywhere and the various household pop breakers I keep seeing don't look like a match. It seems like these fuses can be replaced. Does anyone know the part numbers and where to find them? Thanks!!! -Jordan Levie
  6. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Betz Tools Wave1

    Sale Pending
  7. Yesterday
  8. craiglcross

    Betz Wave 1

    Hi Derek! Thanks for checking in about the wave...I'm all sorted though :) thanks and good luck with the sale!
  9. Mike Heathcote SOC

    8 Inch Transvideo X-SBL

    Hey there, I have an almost new 8 Inch Transvideo X-SBL. I recieved this monitor through Tiffen with an M1 sled but not going to use it, I have only used it a few times. Asking $4,100 USD OBO. Buyer pays for shipping. Located in Toronto, Canada. The normal viewing angles for these monitors from Transvideo are ±80° H, +60/-80° V. Tiffen / Steadicam had asked that the factory reverse the display for them, so that the viewing angle is ±80° H, +80/-60° V so this is how the monitor is set up. Please message or email info @ horizoncamera.com. Thanks, Mike
  10. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Betz Tools Wave1

    Hi there, I have a Betz Tools Wave1 S/N 160417. The IMU board was replaced one year ago and the roller axis was upgraded to help for heavier builds from Christian Betz. I have two Waves and have decided to sell one to free up some cash. There are some cosmetic scratches, comes with a P Tap Power Cable, no plates. Asking $6,250 USD. Ships from Toronto, Canada buyer pays shipping. Please message or email info @ horizoncamera.com if interested. Thanks, Mike
  11. Kevin Jacobsen

    Titan Arm

    I'm currently looking into purchasing a Titan arm. I have an Atlas that I am willing to trade and pay the difference for one, this to any of those looking to sell an entire kit (sled, vest, arm). So you can still sell an entire kit just with a different arm.
  12. Tommaso Colelli


    Thanks a lot Tom! You made some things more clear to me. Really appreciated
  13. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Arrihead 2, Cartoni Lambda 50 and Tiffen X-3 Arm

    The Tiffen X3 Arm has been SOLD. The Arrihead 2 and Lambda 50 are still available. Updated prices or Best Offer below: 1) Arrihead 2 purchased second hand through West Coast Cine Video Inc last year. It is in great condition and was fully serviced last year. Includes: Hand Wheels, Tie Down, Sliding Base, Quick Release Plate, Eyepiece Leveler Bracket, Eyepiece Leveler Rod, Battery Holder, Carry Handles and Flight Case. Asking $32,000 USD OBO. 2) Cartoni Lambda 50 purchased new last year from Cartoni. Has some cosmetic scratches but great condition as well. Includes: Flight Case, One Telescopic Handle and One Short Handle. Asking $12,500 USD OBO. Please email info @ horizoncamera.com if interested or Message Me on here. Thanks! Mike
  14. Mike Heathcote SOC

    Walter Klassen Gimbal Wheels

    *Asking $2,500 USD OBO*
  15. Hello there, I want to buy a Zephyr sled, arm, vest package, Im Located in Los Angeles. Please Email me at rcmurphyfilm@gmail.com or PM me on the forum. Much Appreciated, Ryan Murphy
  16. Tom Wills


    Hello Tomasso, The quick answer to your question is - "it depends". For most full-sized rigs (I.E. M1, Ultra2, XCS Ultimate, GPI PRO, MK-V, etc...) the sled is not sold with a specific weight limit, or is sold with a weight limit that exceeds the weight limit of arms on the market. This is not always very helpful, as some sleds are built more rigidly than others, and will cope with heavier weights better than others. In real terms, I'd expect any sled in this class to be able to support 40-50 pounds of camera payload (though some will support much more, and some may support this in a less than optimal way). With smaller rigs, sleds are often built down to a specific size, weight, or cost level, and may not be capable of supporting the heaviest of loads. The Archer2 is a prime example of this. The post diameter is smaller (although not much), the stage is smaller and uses a smaller size dovetail, and the gimbal, most importantly, is designed to be small and lightweight. The combination of these factors mean that if you overload the suggested payload of the Archer 2, you will almost certainly get vibration in your shots, and there have been many people who have broken their gimbals (I have known at least one personally), either dropping the camera and causing damage, or at least taking their sleds out of commission for some time while they are serviced. For an even more extreme example, a lot of Zephyr owners found that even though their rigs were rated for 24 pounds of camera, they could put over 30 pounds of camera on it before the arm started sagging, and did so. Later many of these same owners had to send their rigs back to Tiffen for new bearings and new gimbal parts, as they had destroyed their gimbals. For each rig, and each manufacturer, things may be different. For instance, with Tiffen's smallest rigs, the "payload" designation often refers to everything you add to the sled - batteries, camera, focus units, etc..., and sometimes even just refers to the weight carrying capacity of the arm. So the Aero 30 doesn't support a 30 pound camera, but has a 30 pound capacity arm. The Archer's weight limit is likely in the sled more than the G50 arm, as the sled doesn't weigh 20 pounds (the G50 arm supporting 50 pounds, and the Archer2 saying its payload is about 30 pounds). The Shadow is basically a full-sized rig, so I would trust reasonably heavy camera packages on it. Another issue to consider when weighing which rig to buy, although harder to tell via pictures and spec sheets, is how the weight of a sled is distributed. For instance, my M1 is a heavier sled than an Archer is, and so for the same camera payload, and number of batteries, my M1 will not be extended as far as the Archer would be. Post extension, especially at really long lengths, is one of the main causes of camera vibrations (which are a big, big issue, and have gotten many operators fired, including myself!). So if you are flying heavy camera packages every day, getting the biggest, beefiest rig you can makes sense, so that you're flying it within its comfort zone, rather than flying a lighter rig at the end of its useful range. I hope this helps in your selection!
  17. Tommaso Colelli


    Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused about the payload. Is the payload of a steadicam related to the arm only, to the sled only or to both? Or is any sled capable of holding virtually any load? I mean, except for the size and the electronics, what is the difference between a sled and an other one in terms of payload capacity (between an archer 2, a shadow and a M1 for example)? I often just read the arm capacity and that you have to work out, based on it and the weight of the sled, the weight of the camera setup. Thanks
  18. Benjamin Treplin

    Arri LF/PRO Power Problem

    Hi Alastair, what version of a PRO rig do you have? Did you on/off switch any other devices on your rig that was in sync with the LF turning off? Did it turn off or did it reboot? Preston in the mix? Powered over the rig or camera?
  19. richard bellon

    3A Arm

  20. Erik Goldstein

    Paralinx Tomahawk 1

    Bump $7000/OBO
  21. Erik Goldstein

    Cinetape 1

    Bump - $3,600/OBO
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  23. Kevin Jacobsen

    Replacing MK-V Carbon Fiber Center Post

    I'm interested in this topic as well
  24. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Thanks man!!
  25. Chris Van Campen

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Get 'em straight from Tiffen, I think they were on the accessories page
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