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  3. Hey y'all, my storage unit got broken into yesterday. Stole my Inovativ Scout 37 cart with Steadicam accessories, and my Walter Klassen hard mount in a pelican case. They also stole a bunch of expendables, and assistant gear. If you see a deal that's too good to be true, it probably is. LA area, storage unit is in Atwater -Extra Space Storage.
  4. Hi all! Posting today to give everyone the lowdown on our website, which went down for a moment there. We're still here, and our website is back up and running. It does look a bit different, though, as it's currently undergoing reconstruction! Between day-to-day running the business, providing for customers, and our behind-the-scenes work, we're making time to update and upgrade our website. The website address has not changed, it's the same as it has been for about the last 20 years, easier to use, and you can access the site the same ways you used to. Kind regards, Hugo Langer Rig Engineering Melbourne, Australia. Rigs Can Fly.
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  6. FOR SALE: Mint condition XCS Ergo handle purchased in 2017. Used on one short job and switched to a straight handle. This is for normal (non-goofy) operators. Non-slip skin is in new condition, no hand oils or stripping. Comes with 5/32 allow screw. Handle in pristine condition, as if new. Buyer pays shipping. ASKING $950 USD.
  7. IDX VAL-Si Quick Charger, 650USD Open to offers !
  8. So I bought A30 arm and vest. Firstly those things are good - vest actually goes on hard unlike my Pilot. The arm is phyically heavy but seems to support any load I could throw at it. -- Ive got my movi plonked on it and have also tried 'jerry mode' - jerry mode is cool but very heavy! Ultimately a Movi is a poor device for using near the human as one cannot get it close to the body which drives one to an off balance load. The steadicam and post can be much closer. So this (movi and arm) seems an OK compromise but a steadicam sled (and volt) will be better and less fatiguing Ive made a socket block for my rickshaw. I look forward sitting back and enjoying that :) S
  9. Hi / very sorry for never replying back in 2013/14.... I was very frustrated at the moment - and was just about to stop my "career" as a steadicamoperator ;-) Luckily I didn't - and regarding equipment I got up and running 100 % about 6 month later :-) Anyway - once again - sorry for the very late reply - and by the way - next to my GPI Pro rig, I'm now the very happy owner of the ARRI Trinity too :-) All the best and have a nice day. Torben www.torbenmeldgaard.com
  10. A year into shooting I bought a Pilot (2008) being pxssed off with tripods - as a RnG item it is completely impractical. For a planned corporate less so. But even doing that solo it is annoying. For RnG Im pure shoulder now. I have a 'cinematic' FS7 but really like camcorders for true running and gunning. (less gack = more story) It has taken me a decade to be able to afford focus control and to be regularly working with an assistant. Im getting on (srcipted) jobs slow enough and big enough to be working with a Movi and re-igniting my interest in Steadicam. I would say firstly that the Pilot was an technically anexcellent thing as it no doubt the 15 setup - Im not knocking them as items. These small rigs are therefore, IMO, for poeple who want to learn steadicam (very good thing to do!) or are working on low budget multicam shoots where they are responsible for the wides, while someone else does long lens on sticks. A small rig may also produce excellent images with something like the BMC pocket cameras. Most RunGun requires switching from wide to telephoto and telephoto is not easy on a small rig. Cheaper steadicams also have issues with seeing the monitor in the sun (not one Ive cracked) and RnG may certainly need to shoot in the sun.
  11. Hi there, If you change your mind about buying only from the UK I have one in Norway just across the water. HMU if interested.
  12. Bump. New Price for XCS 2" docking bracket. $850.00
  13. Looking to buy a used Steadicam cart and a Hard mount kit. Seller must be willing to ship to Vancouver, BC. Thanks
  14. Looking for a 1.5” 2 section carbon fiber post - preferably a Tiffen EFP. With or without a Gimbal - No Monitor, Top or Bottom Stage. Regards, Adam Keith, SOC. qvideoservices@gmail.com www.qvideo.tv
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