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  2. TB6 + Frame line Gen XCS working, haven't used since serviced 2018 GPI PRO High Intensity Monitor for monitors and level $500 MKV V2 Monitor Mount $500 MKV V2 D-Box $2500 MKV v3 battery base 3 AB mounts interchangeable to low or high $3000 SD line to 8pin to mkv D-Box to 7 pin Pro J-Box $300 Garfield Mount plus bag old U bolt parts $500 ------SOLD----- All together $7300 prices negotiable but already pretty good deal, buyer pays shipping, located in Savannah GA, US. High and Low mode, (Sled in picture not for sale)
  3. We are still waiting mkv to modify volt on mkv 2” gimbal ......
  4. "If it's a 1.5" or 2" post diameter, the gimbal should fit, but mounting the control box might be a problem for you." Slight but needed correction, as Jerry says "1.75 inch or less " for post sizes. There is currently no way to put a Volt onto a 2" post (fingers crossed that this will change some day).
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  6. I spoke to a Bolero rep this week. There are some really cool features to their system, including the Bluetooth connectivity David Thomas mentions above, plus a nice looking display to switch between multiple channels (I've long envisioned an infrastructure where A and B cam have their own channels, the 2nds and loader have another one etc, so operators don't have to wade through the chatter). But it's really expensive and I'm not going there. Last year I took a hard look at the Unity system which leverages phones (I would have supplied Ipod Touches) as the interface, it has many great features also (multiple channels, ability to feed in program which could be Comtek etc). Affordable and kinda slick. But sadly, the latency was too great. At least half a second and sometimes more, which is disconcerting if you can hear the other person and/or need to call out anything that has critical timing. The search continues... Steve, I've been trying to have an interface box made for years that can combine the comtek and walkie audio with some other specific features. There are various companies making them integrated with a surveillance headset, but I wanted to be able to use my own as I prefer a lightweight over the head with boom. Have tried a few times unsuccessfully (and have concluded that if getting custom camera parts made is as hard as custom audio parts, we'd all be screwed). Can you send your contact for the person you suggested?
  7. I would be too Chuck. But from their website it looks like it is something better suited for a fixed installation (studio) environment and not so much a quick location setup but I could be wrong. To also respond to Alec about the ability to hear comtek audio on the HME's it is possible in several ways and I have done both. If you have a MB300 base station (most people don't but mine does) you can wire and audio feed into the basestation (e.g. take a comtek receiver and wire out of the headphone jack to the basestation). The other option is to do a similar thing and wire a comtek to an HME belt pack's mic input and then just cue the belt pack on anytime you want to hear that audio. Only drawback is that everyone hears it on their HME and it takes up one of the TX slots available so it can limit the ability of some people to duplex talk on the HME headsets. The third option is to have an audio person of a company like Comtronics make a custom splitter cable for a belt pack that would allow you to hear both feeds in your headset. I know my 1st AC uses a similar splitter on his walkie headset to hear the comtek audio.
  8. Hi! Looking to buy side monitor's mounts for old version of Transvideo CineMonitor 6 HD. There is Cam-Jam option, but I never tested it. https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/test-kit/
  9. I do have a Betz top stage with the same modification on the way. Actually if the wave stops working I'll just operate old school. In fact David installed an on/off switch on the wave so there are times when I do deactivate the wave and fly old school. Since there's no extra height It's not a big adjustment. R
  10. FYI, if you buy an M1 or M2 gimbal, it's easy to modify it for the post diameter of 1.75 inch or less (1.58, 1.50...). If it's a different gimbal to be modified for the Volt, many (expensive) parts have to be modified to fit the Volt bits to the gimbal. It's not just fitting to a different diameter post.
  11. It’s also compatible with the newly released 1,74” Artemis posts from Arri.
  12. Hi Nick, I’m happy to hear that. If you need anything else, feel free to contact me at any time. All the best, Chris
  13. The Volt can be used on M1, M2, Archer, Shadow, GPI Pro, and Betz RIG. What off-brand are you looking at? If it's a 1.5" or 2" post diameter, the gimbal should fit, but mounting the control box might be a problem for you.
  14. Hi everyone, I'd like to buy my first steadicam, and I was thinking about the Archer 2 steadicam set with g-50 arm, but then I found the Matrix One Ultra bundle from Smartsystem. Does anybody have any experience with the Smartsystem Matrix One bundles? Is it comparable with other professional brands (gpi pro, tiffen etc)? I prefer using it as a normal Steadicam. Ronin 2 compatibility is something like a bonus only. Did somebody try it with the Ronin 2 on it?
  15. Hi folks... on the top stage there is a little Red safety tab....where you almost need two hands in order to unlatch the plate. This is a part that I wish was on the wave as well but being that the wave latching mechanism is almost cradled inside of the two arcs I feel a little safer with that one and I was very happy to see the safety mechanism on the top stage when I got it. I'll send you guys short video clip of it tomorrow. I too had heard some folks saying it was vibration-free and other folks saying that there were vibrations and then I heard that they made some improvements to the bottom of the stage last year to address those concerns. The bottom of my top stage is just a little different than the bottom of others that I have seen for sale. I have used it for 6 days of operating since receiving it in the last 3 weeks and it's great. I have not done a running shot with it yet though and that's the true test for me. The rods that come with it are just a little bit long for me but the threading is very similar to other branded screw in rods so I will take it to a machinist for them to tell me the pitch and thread count to see if I can find a less expensive alternative to the rods so I can buy another set and chop them down to the right length. I would do it to the ones that I already have but I rather keep them as an alternative in case I need the length later on. I have a db2 and a db3 both with the optical support front rods and I'll keep at least one of those until I'm certain that I love it and until I have the modification done by David Hable..
  16. That’s a really cool mod for sure. How is the safety mechanism on that topstage? I have never used a Betz, only have the wave which is unfortunately missing any kind of safety — dont tug cables while in low mode!
  17. Don’t be silly. We all have three of everything riiiight?
  18. I've never flown a Betz or a DBIII. What I find interesting are the different opinions on how "solid" different ops describe the Betz. Some say it's super solid, and zero vibration, while others describe it as the opposite. If some operators are experiencing vibration what advice would you give to troubleshoot it?
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  20. This is pretty awesome. Love the execution. Just curious...what if your wave stops working and needs service? Do you have another top stage to swap into the mix?
  21. Preston HU3 Handset in fantastic condition, G4 boards installed, latest Firmware. Selling this handset as it was part of my backup kit which is no longer required, hardly used. Comes with Hand Grip and Blanking Plate, Serial number 1433 £4500 Open to Offers, London IMG_4388.HEIC IMG_4179.HEIC IMG_2348.HEIC
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