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  2. Teradek Bolt 3G-SDI Wireless Transmitter-Receiver Set 2500$ Pelican case good condition
  3. i have a question about yoursled. i have same one. wher did u get that handle screw for the post? i wanna get one. what size is the screw?


  4. Hey Aaron: its been while- Are the motors your selling in good shape? maintained lately? Noisey? - etc would you be interested in selling the newer of the two motors without the PAM , but include a power cable? please email me if you're interested : jeromefauci@me.com Hope you're well Jerome
  5. The G-50X will actually carry slightly more than 50 lbs. Does not get "weak" at all.
  6. I’m considering getting a G50x arm. When the specs say max 50lbs can it handle a 50lbs load solidly or does it starts getting weak around 45lbs?
  7. WTB ARRI artemis Cine Broadcast 1.8in, Basic Set, V-Mount used

  8. Last week
  9. I’m a bit sad to be letting go of my trusty Ultra 1 sled, but I’ve upgraded to the M2, and hopefully we can find a good home for someone just starting out or looking for their first “big rig”. This is the 4 section super post with motorized tilt head. It’s been upgraded with a HD-SDI line and is V-mount. Included is the Transvideo HD6 Superbright monitor (which is an absolute tank), and p-tap to xlr power cable. Also I’ll throw in the dock with Hill bracket. One long plate and one short. And custom cut Thermodyne hard case. Asking $8,000 obo, located in Los Angeles and prefer local but willing to ship at buyer’s expense.
  10. Hi Stanley. Is the HU3 still available. scottippolito@gmail.com
  11. Bump, please note, selling with grey canisters only. £7000
  12. JUST SO EVERYONE IS CRYSTAL CLEAR (and I’m mainly directing this at the newbies) THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE SLED. THERE IS NO TOPSTAGE, GIMBAL, OR ANYTHING ELSE. WHAT IS PICTURED IS WHATS FOR SALE. If anyone is picking up what I’m putting dow… kudos!
  13. I've used this control panel with my MINI while on my Steadicam. It completely eliminates the EVF (eyepiece). All functions work similar to the EVF. It can be used with or without the EVF Eyepiece. The package includes the following: CCP-1 Control Panel ARRI L-Bracket 19" cable, 29" cable, 59"cable $ 2,200.00 USD shipping $25.00 You'll love this accessory!
  14. IB/E Optics Doubler 2 XX Extender for PL Mount Lenses Absolutely beautiful 2X's Extender for PL mount lenses. This is in like-new condition. I only used this for one short project. Used with Angenieux zoom lenses. Works perfectly. Beautiful images. INFO from the manufacturer: While most extenders can only physically fit on a limited range of lenses, the design of the PLx2 accommodates more spherical and anamorphic PL mount lenses than any other doubler on the market. This is achieved by designing the extender with a deep-set optical assembly, thus, making it possible to use lenses with long protruding rear elements. The PLx2 will mount perfectly to any digital camera with a native PL mount. It will also clear the spinning mirror on ARRI and Aaton 35 mm cameras. Optically, the PLx2 projects an image circle large enough to cover all commonly used 35 mm formats including 5K on RED Epic and 4:3 full frame on ARRI Alexa. There is a list of compatible lenses on the website for your inspection. The Light Loss is 2.0 stops. (filter factor) $ 2500.00 USD shipping- 25.00 to the US PLX2 Datasheet.pdf
  15. I just got back from the SOA gold workshop. Well worth the investment. The Gold workshop will cover everything from the silver one, but then goes beyond what you would learn in the silver workshop with lots of work in more advanced shots
  16. Looking to start upgrading my rig, and am interested in a G50 or G50x arm, let me know if you're looking to sell one!
  17. Hey everyone, i've recently gotten a problem with my AK4500 The motors are shaking like crazy, it seems like it can't support the wait of the camera, i've been using the gimbal for a year with the same weight (BMPCC4K + Smallrig case) and have never seen this before. It stopped working after a long shoot (around 5 hours with the gimbal active) Do any of you guys happen to know what the problem is, and maybe how to fix it? Thank you in advance -Adam
  18. Short handle for the GPI Pro gimbal wanted. Of course in good condition, send me photos and price please.
  19. Hey. I want to rent full steadicam kit in moscow. Intrested please reply
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