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  2. Kyle Jacobs

    Monitor Decisions! Transvideo or SmallHD?

    Brett, thanks for the great feedback. One of the many reasons I am considering Transvideo is because of their reputation for excellent customer service (although my experience with SmallHD's customer service has been a good one). Have you used any of Transvideos 7 inch models and would you consider them a viable option? I.E. StarGate V2 or Rainbow? I think I will also take another look at the 6-inch models... Deke, do you run a bubble level on your Boland? Do you wish you had a digital level? Thanks again for the replies!
  3. tolga drl

    Garage Sale

    Open to offers !
  4. Chris Bayless

    Pro Atlas Arm (Famous Camo) 2 Gray Canisters

    Bump Now $8,200
  5. jorge agero

    Pro parts SD

    out of sale
  6. Tom Wills

    M1 volt vs betx wave

    I've been holding off on saying much, as I know many who've gone the Volt route who I don't want to discourage, but I've had a very different experience than many with the Volt and the Wave. My experience with the Volt was that while it did offer some immediate advantages over the Wave (like its size and weight, and also the added bonus of having a rig that is neutrally balanced and thus can be moved around without any pendulum effects), it significantly changed my operating, and not for the better. I do a lot of tilting in my operating (something I wasn't aware of until I switched to the Volt), and the M1V electronics altered the way tilt felt, which required a lot of retraining, and additionally, I always saw a little pan wobble at the beginning and ends of tilts, no matter how much I turned the tilt strength down. There was also the issue (that I'm hoping eventually gets fixed) of the M1V tilting on a diagonal, and not in a straight vertical line, amongst a few other things that I found over my year and a half with the device. The work I did with the Volt was simply not as clean or good as the work I could do with the Wave, so I have since moved back to the Wave and sold my Volt. I urge each operator who is moving towards any augmented stabilization technology to try using both (and make sure they are both set up correctly, as many do not balance the Wave correctly), and see what they prefer, and most importantly, to analyze the footage critically.
  7. Lawrence Karman

    BOLT 2000 FOR SALE

  8. Deke Keener

    M1 volt vs betx wave

    Own both, love the Volt. Different tools definitely, but the Voltmwins hands down when you consider weight and balance.
  9. Deke Keener

    Monitor Decisions! Transvideo or SmallHD?

    Big fan of the Boland here. Great monitor, very bright, and balances well with an onboard batt. Just sayin.
  10. brett.mayfield

    Monitor Decisions! Transvideo or SmallHD?

    ive been using several different transvideo 6" models. im not interested in the 8" because the 6" is already pretty heavy and i have very rarely felt like i need the extra screen real estate. i really like the digital level among other tools in the transvideo. im using them for all sorts of stuff. in general i do not prefer any small hd monitors, though they have come around to working pretty well and i do like that i can setup different monitor modes, but really i would only find that useful on the camera or when using the remote head, i dont know why i would really want that on my steadicam rig, and i also think that it is too light-weight. turnaround times for repairs has been awful in my experience, so absolutely purchase two of them. i own two of absolutely everything anyways, but i would definitely have two small hds because when it goes down, and it will go down, youll wait minimum three weeks to get it back. transvideos seems to do great in all weather conditions, the customer service has been awesome, super sharp. i feel like im running a customizable pc or mac pro tower, with small hd i feel like im running an ipad. the viewing angle on the transvideo is not excellent, literally my only gripe. i also hear good things about boland and i own a bon and am very happy with it. brett.
  11. brett.mayfield

    Duty Taxes

    also consider calling the fedex brokers office. a lot has to do with the harmonized code that you used. when i imported my first mosys head i paid almost 3000 in duties. the second one i paid zero. just did the paperwork more correctly i guess. brett.
  12. brett.mayfield

    M1 volt vs betx wave

    totally different tools, they only overlap on horizon compensation. but if it were my money id go with volt based on what it can do. but ive been hearing a good bit about chattering on lock offs.
  13. brett.mayfield

    Best Hi-Brite monitor for Archer 2

    i own two transvideos. expensive, but not overpriced, the value is in the great tools inside that beast. also the weight is great so that you can better achieve dynamic balance with two batteries on the back mounts of a rig. small hd is fine, some good features, but i have had a lot of trouble with long turnaround on repairs. if you get a small hd then get two. i have two of everything anyways but i would definitely have two of those. use a matte screen protector for the glare. bon also makes some great monitors that should be considered
  14. ive owned the bolt 2000 and i was so happy to get rid of it. i have a buddy who owned the boxx atom and i used it several times and loved it. never seemed to drop signal, and the channel switching is super easy, just a button, not toggling. it would love on to a channel and work like a dream. performed very well on vehicle work. i was always breaking bolt antennae and i had the bnc connectors replaced multiple times, they got too hot, i dunno, i just never want to use them again.
  15. brett.mayfield

    M1 Volt twitching

    i heard about this from another operator. josiah morgan has some experience and thoughts on this. he did some long lens and zoom tests. check in with him brett.
  16. brett.mayfield


    WP dolle all the way tonya has always handled any concerns and questions immediately and i dont sweat anything when my rig doesnt show up after shipping from paris. really, didnt sweat at all, toooootally cool that i was shooting in 12 hours. but read your policy! understand all of it. brett.
  17. Ken Nguyen

    PRO 9" top plate (grey)

    Needs a new home! $100 + shipping.
  18. hiatus because they aint us

  19. i cannot believe that i just recelled seven batteries last week. and recycled six bricks about two weeks ago. ...
  20. Jasonrodrigues

    Walter Klassen Vest

    Looking for a Walter klassen vest. Around 5’11”, 80kg. Please contact me at jrsteadicam@gmail.com. Cheers, Jason
  21. Last week
  22. Hey all, I recently upgraded to my first big rig (PRO Cinelive sled, Atlas arm, Exovest) and am looking at switching to a different monitor. The Boland BVB07 is on there currently, that's what came with the rig. My question(s) are for the folks who have used monitors with built-in digital levels I.E. Transvideo, etc and monitors without digital levels. I am stuck between spending the extra money for a Transvideo or something like the SmallHD 703 and adding a bubble level. I currently own a 703 and am very familiar with it but I haven't used it as a Steadicam monitor yet. I guess my real question is if I were to go the Transvideo route, is the extra money worth it over something like a 703 and which models should I be looking at? I really like the Stargate V2 for its form factor and size, does anyone have experience with this as a Steadicam monitor? Or should I be looking more towards the CineMonitor 8" models? For those of you that are using something like a 703 or a DP7, do you regret going that route? What are the benefits you see in using those monitors, what are the drawbacks? Has using a bubble level or no level at all hurt your operating or make you wish you had gone with a monitor with a built-in level and the features that come with monitors at a higher price point? I look forward to hearing from all of you, this place has been a wealth of knowledge for me over the years, so thanks to all who contribute!
  23. $2000 OBO in Los Angeles. Boland 7" BVB07 DayBright monitor, extremely low hours, pristine condition, no scratches anywhere! Anton Bauer gold mount plate 24" 8 pin power cable included Mounting kit for Quattro monitor yoke
  24. Up for sale is my Steadicam Scout HD. This rig has treated me well. I've flown cameras of all sizes and weights from A7s, to BlackMagic Ursas, to fully built REDs. I recently picked up a big rig and the time has come for me to offload the Scout! ASKING $3200 OBO. Make an offer, I need to get rid of this! It's just taking up too much space! LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES. -5 lb to 18 lb Payload -2-Stage Adjustable Iso-Elastic Arm -Dual-Axis Vernier Adjustable Stage -18.5" - 32" Telescoping Centerpost -7" 800 Nit HD Monitor w monitor shade -Standard Vest -V-Mount battery rack -Docking Bracket & Dovetail Plate -3pin to 4 pin xlr camera power cable -4pin to 4pin power cable -2 Indipro 95Wh v-lock batteries with BRAND NEW DUAL CHARGER - Steadicam stand -2 camera plates -Weights -Carrying bag
  25. for sale is my cine /live and db3 with optical support quick release upgrade (that's $395 GBP upgrade which equals to $510 USD. you can choose to go back to the original if u want . I have included the parts ) . also comes with pro 9" vertical camera plate ($220 bucks new) also include the db3 tool (not pictured ) and the motor rods and brace for the pro plate (not pictured ) ($200 bucks new) and PRO MDR2 bracket X1 ($150 value) also PRO MDR3 bracket ($150 value) the cinelive doesn't not have center post cable. you have to order directly from pro or have it made from other places asking $9500 all together plus shipping and PayPal fees item is located in Vancouver Canada txt me at 778-999-0896 or shoot me email steadipanda@gmail.com
  26. Hello all, For sale is a Preston MDR-2 kit in good condition and working order. Package comes with: 1x MDR-2 Serial# 1742 1x Cinetape Interface Cable ($600 cable) 1x Skipps Engineering mounting bracket 2x Power cables to 3 pin Arri fischer 2x Power cables to 2 pin Panavision Lemo 1x Power cable to P-Tap 1x Power cable to 24v 3 pin XLR (8') 1x Power and r/s combo cable to 3 pin Arri fischer 1x Main command cable, 25' $1200 USD for everything. Available for p/u or delivery in Los Angeles, free ground shipping within US 48 states, or will ship elsewhere at buyers expense....
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