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  2. Martin Stacey

    Pro Atlas Arm (Famous Camo) 2 Gray Canisters

    Often wondered who had the others. Love my camo arm. Jack also did at least one in desert camo which he had loaned to the MK-V stand on the weekend of the 2013 Cinegear when he revealed them.
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  4. brett.mayfield

    ready rig gs

    hey yall ill give ya a good deal on this. just wanna move stuff out. brett.
  5. brett.mayfield

    Flying a Sony Venice

    hey dude dunno if youve already done this job or not. nonetheless, ive been shooting on the venice for 18 months now. payload of the zephyr is twenty pounds rite? im sure its possible but unlikely to get that camera under weight, then consider batteries. to trim weight, try flying it with an anton bauer to 4pin xlr plate that you can power off your sled. if youve got an arm that will handle it then go for it. i do think that its will likely pickup vibrations pretty easily, so you may need to be especially considerate of your gait and speed. its not a tricky camera. japanese manufacturer so the menu is such, a little deep. get a clean feed to your monitor, i believe it can be set to sdi 2. you dont want to deal with the camera info clutter. this will kill your surround view, but i think that its worth it. i like the inertia of a good build on this body. have fun! brett.
  6. Isaac J. E. Garcia

    Seeking Mentorship

    Los Angeles.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Kevin Jacobsen

    Seeking Mentorship

    Where are you located?
  9. Alex Kornreich

    FS: Rickshaw

    Price drop $1,500
  10. Isaac J. E. Garcia

    Seeking Mentorship

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone sought a mentorship when they began doing Steadicam? I've been considering finding one, but I don't want to bother seasoned ops or be an inconvenience.
  11. For sale: $2000 USD BarTech Focus Device Handunit fStop V2-1 Receiver Heden M21VE-L Motor 2x D-Tap to Lemo2 power cable 2x Digital motor cable 1x Ultrathin digital motor cable 2x Red One Start/Stop cable (Lemo 4) 2x Red DSMC Start/Stop box with BNC 1x Sony Start/Stop Cable (Hirose 4) 1x Arri Start/Stop Cable (Fischer 3) 2x 7” antenna 2x Short antenna 5x Aluminium white focus ring 1x Pelican case with custom foam $2000 USD Kit is in Montreal. Ready to ship anytime! PayPal seems like the way to go! https://share.icloud.com/photos/0UNDnDLEHRODJ5esz-awPEjAQ
  12. Complete kit including sdi cable thru post and shipping hardcase and seperate vest bag! Awesome condition, almost like new! Buttersmooth arm including raincovers. Can handle approx 9KG. Compact vest but fits me (approx 190 lbs) perfect! Quality rig made and build in the great USA! 4000 dollars askingprice or nice offer considered. Rig is located in the Netherlands but Shipping worldwide at buyers expense available. (pictures of setup, camera's and atomos monitor not included.
  13. William DeJessa

    Steadicam Zephyr AB Mount - $5500

    Hi Tim, I'm interested in your rig. Let me know if it's still available. Thanks
  14. David Erickson

    Preston HU3 for sale

  15. Report post Posted May 12 MK-V Sled * MK-V Nexus with V4 electronics (J-Box, D-Box and post cable) and 1.5" post * MK-V Pro top stage with dovetail-plate * Genesis Gen2 1.5" gimbal with standard handle * Original monitor mount with rods * Docking bracket * Pelican case * Alexa power cable P.S. No batteries, no monitor. Steadicam G50X Arm and LX Vest LX Vest G50 x arm 23.500USD
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  17. Michael Maga

    Pro Complete Steadicam Kit

    Kit is sold, Mods feel free to delete post
  18. tolga drl

    Garage Sale

    - Sachtler tripod 20p / used - like brand new / 3.250USD - Sachtler baby tripod / used - like brand new / without head / 1.250USD - IDX Quick Chargers / VAL-4Si 850USD / VL-4Si 450USD - Canon Lens HJ22ex 7.6b / 5.500USD - Canon Lens HJ14x 4.3b / 6.250USD - Canon Lens HJ11x 4.7b / 3.250USD - Steadicam Cables / Arri Alexa power cable + Red camera power cable + BNC cable / 500USD
  19. Quaid Cde Baca

    Pro DB II

    Selling on behalf of a friend. Please contact him below for info. LA located. Asking USD $1,900 OBO Contact:zacharymprice4@gmail.com
  20. Good Condition. $150 OBO + shipping
  21. Brand new. Comes with Canon 8pin to 20Pin cable, Canon Focus cable, Pelican Case, Instruction Manual. $1200 + shipping
  22. John Buzz Moyer

    M1 volt vs betx wave

    Alec, doesn’t that plate raise the camera even higher? I find my post is already long enough to scrape batteries on the ground with most cameras. Currently using an Millenium XL and I didn’t even consider using the wave for the job. I can see the beauty of using that piece with a lighter camera for sure... great idea. Buzz
  23. Chris Smith

    Best Hi-Brite monitor for Archer 2

    I have a Boland BVB07 on my Archer 2 and it's been nice. Has an ultra bright function and some traditional features like horizon level. Only thing I had frustrations with earlier on was the image not flipping when in low mode and wishing I had a yoke that didn't need allen wrenches to flip it. But if you can program one of the SDI outputs on the camera to flip for village monitors then you're good.
  24. William DeJessa

    Looking for a Starter rig - Zephyr or Comparable

    Thanks for the offer Kyle. Unfortunately I need a heavier payload than the scout offers.
  25. I have one for sale, Tiffen Steadicam scout.
  26. Hi Folks, I’ve been oping on and off for a few years and I’m finally looking to buy my own starter rig. I would love to find a used Zephyr rig or comparable. I appreciate any info or feed back. Thanks!
  27. Louis Puli SOC

    Political Season starting

    Hi Janice When I am working on commercials ,corprate ,music videos ,etc where I have not worked with the production company before I specify that on the first job I get paid on the day (just like trade people plumbers etc). For me that seems to work in most cases . Good luck Louis Puli .
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