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  2. I'm selling my O'Connor 2575D Fluid Head. Used only by me on my jobs, never sub-rented. Recently serviced by Panavision. Had a full tune up in fall 2019 including brand new plates, oil and all. Was a $650 service. Used on only one job since then because of the shutdown. Comes with everything you see in pics. In very good condition, works perfectly. Selling to lighten my gear load. $8,000.00 obo If interested email me directly at: goingsteadi@gmx.com
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  4. Hi Allen, could you email me at cooperseanpatrick@gmail.com ? Thanks, Sean
  5. Hello Vlad, I am based in Los Angeles not far from downtown. I am selling some items later this week and considering the purchase of this kit. I have a set of Angenieux DP 16-42 T2.8 and 30-80 T.28 that I would like to sell as well. If you're interested in trading the 30-80 T2.8 Angenieux (worth 7000 USD) and 2000 USD, I would happily make that deal for the Preston package.
  6. Hi John - how much would you quote for the harness? Considering a swap from the evovest
  7. vest complete restored with new leather and new pads, in perfect work condition. offer the old pads Buyer pays shipping and taxes By Paypal 1750€ - Lisbon, PORTUGAL
  8. The Gimbal is in perfect condition With my broken heart I need to sell my XCS gimbal because doesn't fit in my actual Rig. Buyer Pays Shipping and Taxes by Paypal 5000€ - Lisbon, PORTUGAL
  9. Benjamin- Minor point: Tiffen's rigs have 1.50, 1.58, and 1.75 inch posts. The Volt can be adapted to 2" posts, but the other manufacturers will have to do the work - As Betz has done. It doesn't make business sense for Tiffen to do the engineering and testing etc. themselves, but they have been more than willing to cooperate to get the Volt onto other rigs.
  10. Is the monitor still available 

    what is the price 


    joseph louis 

  11. Re-celled batts. Everything works great. $950 Buyer pays shipping.
  12. FOR SALE GPI PRO SLED. -BETZ TOOLS WAVE -BETZ TOOLS TOP STAGE -PRO 2 HD DAVID HABLE 2X HD lines, PRO Cine/Live Cam power 12/24V, accessory Power. -PRO GPI Gimbal with Long handle -PRO GPI Post -STEADY RIG 3 Battery Rack -CUSTOM GPI PRO Battery Rack Gen 3 -GPI PRO 3 Jumper/Block + David Hable jumper Block (3 Battery hot swappable) -JERRY HILL docking bracket + 2 Rings. -PRO GPI Gimbal tools Contact me by email for offers or questions. Emails is quicker than replying to this post Thanks steadikam@gmail.com
  13. Lightranger2 $9500 with pelican case LR2 Sensor VOU 2x Arri power cables , 2x serial cables ,lightranger Arri bracket Available in L.A. US shipping available.
  14. Hi Everyone I am looking for a Master Series docking Bracket .If anyone has one and wants a quick sale before xmas Please let me know ok . Thanks Louis Puli .
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  16. I hate to be the malcontent in this. Tiffen will never have a volt for a 2" post. tiffen is a 1.5" company, it goes against all business models for them. As far as mk-v is concerned... that will never happen. I had a 2"mk-v until 6 months ago. I was placed on the receipt list at tiffen before it was even on the market. Ashley at Mk-v kept his empty promises of working on a adapter on their end....IT NEVER HAPPENED. He promised me for over 14 months it was almost ready. I even shipped him a 1.5" gimble for him to work on it. He had it for months, and nothing happened. Then I decided to simply convert to a 1.5" mk-v post to simply get the volt operational.... mk-v couldn't even supply me with that... their own 1.5" post!!! Mk-v is full off empty promise, and never should be trusted, or even identified as a legitimate camera support company at all. They came up with nothing on every move. Total losers. After 16 lost months of dealing with them... I had to go back to a 1.5" pro post, and restructure my whole package cause of mk-v lied about their progress, and even doubled down to say they were working with tiffen on a fix... they were NEVER working with tiffen on anything. If the volt was to ever work on a 2" post... it would have to be by bubb. Not sure if all the R&D for him would even make it worth it. hope this helps.
  17. Hello Selling My GPI PRO sled , upgraded to HD Video. In very good conditions , and well maintained -GPI PRO III RIG (HD video Upgraded) -PRO Gimbal + wrap-grip -PRO Superpost (HD video Upgraded) -BON Multiformat 5” HD Monitor (1power cable) -Transvideo Cinemonitor 6” SD Monitor (2 power cables) -Docking Bracket + ring -2 dovetail plates -2 x XL4 to PRO Cables -1 x Arri 24v power cables -Peli hard case -PRO sled and gimbal tools Price: 13.000.- € Mail me to info@joanmorato.
  18. Hi, Wondering if there is a place or person in Los Angeles that sells or rents Red Ranger or DXL2 4pin Lemo to p-tap power cables. or even just the 4pin with flying lead. I occasionally randomly find myself needing another cable to fit something, but all these jobs are so last minute I can't always order on line, and not sure if I want to cut up any of my existing cables yet. Any leads? Thanks so much.
  19. Tiffen replaced the battery in the little remote controller, and now all is good.
  20. If you are still getting play then also check you have it on right. Spin the top or bottom section 180 degrees. The older MKV model was directional. If it was wrong there would be tiny bit of play.
  21. Swapped this out to fit my 2" post. Great condition and I know the original owner very well. Asking $500 firm, Buyer pays shipping Located in Los Angeles
  22. It's in great condition. Bought it thinking there was a way to adapt it to the db1 but I am a fool. Mounting screws not included. Asking $200, buyer pays shipping Located in Los Angeles
  23. I don't have a solution, but I can say that mine does not do that.=\
  24. No movie has had me question how the hell they did that shot so many times while watching. Continually amazed throughout. my only critique was I felt the trench shots in the beginning 15-20minutes were a little ambitious/distracting. I saw the reasoning behind being in the trenches with them as we get to know our two main characters at that point, but would have loved to see a transition to a wider frame/different angle as it was just a really long sequence to keep interesting in what is essentially a following/leading walk and talk shot. now that I think about it I have another critique. The trinity shot after the waterfall sequence, where he’s walking amongst the soldiers listening to the song before battle. That shot the stabilization was really off, I’m assuming because of some difficulty with the path or the extreme foreground/background as it passed soldiers, but that shot would really have benefitted from being steadicam over trinity. One of the few times during the movie where I felt the over reliance on body-mounted stabilizers/the ambition of the camera movement showed through In a bad way. love this post btw, I agree it’s what the forum and Facebook groups are missing, discussions on the nitty-gritty of aesthetics!
  25. Wondering if your Jib is still for sale. I am located in West Des Moines IA. Would love to see any pics you have of your jib, thanks.
  26. BUMP. Artemis Arm Pkg Now $8000.00 Tiffen Ultra Pkg $6000.00 Together $13500.00 ALL OFFERS will be considered
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