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  1. Hey Sawyer Thanks! I dont have a second arm but am interssted! Ill let you know. Cheers Adi
  2. Is the changing tension on your arm a problem if you go in between hand held and steadicam a lot?
  3. Love the Wave have not tried the Volt as there are none here yet.I use normal plates and just balance camera with accessories on a rod .So nice not to freak out abot horizon specially at very linear locations.
  4. Hi There was a topic way back regarding fixes that could be done to Gen 2 monitors I almost recall Transvideo offered a fix replacing hot glue contacts etc does anyone have this post or recall the fixes that could be done . Thanks Adi
  5. How does it feel to operate this vest in front mode? Any restrictions etc? Regards Adi
  6. Hi can you please send me pics of the mounting gear that comes with it ? adivisser@gmail.com regards adi
  7. Selling my backup monitor used once still brand new ! Great reliable monitor with nice functionality including recording , histogram , waveform image flip digital level etc comes in pelican case with 3 pin RS power cable and BNC .
  8. no you can't it auto flips but if you flip the sensor in camera you have to mount the monitor upside down..
  9. Hi all sorry for delay been hectic. The rig is in good condition been cared for by only me since inception and was never dry hired.I serviced the rig myself as sending it overseas never made sense this includes the gimbal bearings that I cleaned and lubricated from time to time .They are still very smooth .I replaced the grub screws on post with the new nylon ball and that made a huge difference.There is a few wear marks on the groove when you extend post because of metal screws which now is nylon balls, but nothing to worry abaot.I don't have any cables as I'm keeping them for my
  10. Hi Selling GPI PRO 2 sled with DB3 VZGimble and AB battery mount gen2 .I converted the system to SDI .Good condition great sled sad to see it go. Located in Cape Town South Africa buyer pays shipping. $11000
  11. no, I could not log in suddenly with old password so I reset it now every time I try to log in it says incorrect password so then I do it all over again and then it says incorrect when I add new password. Adi
  12. Hi Really having trouble to log in , everytime i have to reset my password , not sure why, I got a new ISP but will this make a difference? Adi
  13. hi how do i remove a post if i want to in for sale section?
  14. Camera only runs off 24V apparantly it used to do 12V but they changed the firmware it draws a lot close to 150W
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