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  1. Peter, I did answer your email about the StarliteHD V2 shortly after receiving it. The first StarliteHD V2 were delivered under tremendous pressure from everyone and yes there was some issues with the software that I was made aware of after shipping yours. My office checked your monitor with an HD format where the problem did not appear. As you know our office deposit on orders is only $100 to avoid this type of pressure. I usually like to do extensive testing of new softwares before shipping but the pressure from customers was too great this time. Our office does not set the quality standards, the factory does. I have asked you for photos to figure out what is going on with the 6 xsbl. You talked about 1 pixel now it is a cluster. That is hardly the same. I cannot fix the display. I can only look at the issue and offer a replacement or a refund as I did and then take it up with the factory. If there is a loss my office absorbs it. You are correct with over 200 emails a day everyonce in a while 1 falls through the cracks. Maybe a simple resend of your email could do. I am not sure why the Forum system does not inform me of your reply or original post. It was forwarded to me. I am out of the country until this week end. Lets resolve this by direct emails as I only check the Forum periodically. Best regards, Marianne Exbrayat Marianne@transvideointl.com
  2. Peter: Two separate issues. StarliteHD V2: there was indeed a problem of image refreshment on a few of the first V2. Yours was one of them. I replaced it at no charge and paid for the freight to Australia. Then some Operators found the image too green. A new software release fixed this as I emailed you a month or so ago. Since them we have had no negative feed back. I will email you the latest software when I am back in Los Angeles this week end. 6 XSBL: We check the displays with solid colors. Please send me photos with solid red, solid green, solid blue and no video at all. We normally accept one pixel black or white. Other manufacturers specs accept several pixels on. To replace your display we need to change the front housing, optical glass and front housing. The factory has been out of displays until September. Please email me the photos so we can look at them. If it is black it could be a speckle of dust stuck in the backlight. I am sorry you are not happy with the equipment. Let me know if you want to return both for restock. Best regards Marianne Exbrayat Marianne@transvideointl.com
  3. SDI output during playback will show the live image coming into the monitor (if any), not the playback image. That is on the list of things to add but it requires a hardware modification... I am not sure why your friend could not open the files and load them into a software. There is no reason for this. We have a list of recommended SW on the USA website to open/convert the files. http://www.transvideointl.com/owners.html You'll need to register to our website to access this section. I hope this helps.
  4. Transvideo International is at Cine Gear: Booth B101A, near the large Chapman Leonard booth. New 8" XSBL Version 2 (85º viewing angle in all 4 directions), 2000 to 2500 NITS (depending on what you read)... The 5" StarliteHD V2 will also be on display (delay reduced to less than 1 frame, crisper image). Programmable recording compression rates to maximize quality or recording time. Come and support your local support. We are also at Stabilizer Expo this Sunday 10am - 4pm. Great Barbecue & lots of time for one on one conversation.
  5. Transvideo International is at Stabilizer Expo this Sunday! New 8" XSBL Version 2 (85º viewing angle in all 4 directions), 2000 to 2500 NITS (depending on what you read)... The 5" StarliteHD V2 will also be on display (delay reduced to less than 1 frame, crisper image). Programmable recording compression rates to maximize quality or recording time. Come and support your local support. We are also at Cine Gear. Booth B101A, near the large Chapman Leonard booth.
  6. More info: 5" StarliteHD V2: faster processing resulting in a latency of less than 1 frame. New image treatment providing a crisper image (without activating the Peaking function). Update from 5" StarliteHD V1 to V2: due to the software architecture, the techs need to create a unique file for each serial number. We will be able to the upgrade in our California office, same day turn-around. We are waiting to receive the exact procedure from our Techs and will then test here on several monitors. This means that V2 will replace V1 and will be available within a few weeks. Please contact us after April 17 for scheduling your upgrade.
  7. If you go to the NAB, come by our booth # C7806 to look at the new 5" StarliteHD-e: Looking for an affordable and stealth monitor/recorder? The 5" StarliteHD with built-in recorder are the answer. They offer an unmatched contrast of 3400:1 and a viewing angle of 80º in all 4 directions. The StarliteHD provide good performance in the sun and display pixel to pixel images with no re-scaling. With a built-in recorder and a weight of only 7 oz, they can reside permanently on the camera system. The resolution of the recording is adjustable from no compression to the highest compression to extend the recording time. The 5" StarliteHD2 is the latest version of the StarliteHD with a new firmware with even higher resolution and faster display to enhance Focus Pulling work. Transvideo StarliteHD 1st generation can be upgraded to generation 2 for $185. The 5" StarliteHD-e includes the data lens display and recording. Photo attached with the lens information at the bottom of the screen. Comparative descriptions of the StarliteHD models will be posted on www.transvideointl.com after the NAB show. Contact us for the following special offers: StarliteHD V1 NAB special price, StarliteHD V2 NAB pre-order. StarliteHD-e special intro price $1995. A map to find our booth is attached. Marianne Exbrayat marianne@transvideointl.com
  8. Transvideo International booth # C 7806 in the Central Hall and check-out Transvideo latest innovations in the field of monitoring, at show prices. New 8" Cinemonitor X-SBL (V2), (85º viewing angle in all 4 directions, 2000 to 2500 NITS depending on what publication you read…), hi-contrast and the latest Anti-glare coating. Designed for body-rig Operators the 6" and 8" X-SBLs include the digital horizon2 with inertia compensation and shock analyzer. In addition, they are Horizon3 ready - ready to use with the wireless external/remote sensor. Go to our website for a complete description of the CinemonitorHD family, a comparison of the 6" vs. 8" V2 XSBL including the complete range of brackets and cables: www.transvideointl.com The 8" X-SBL (V1) can be updated to V2 but it requires a return to the factory in France as it is very comprehensive. The cost is 850 Euros (about USD 1085), turn around 2 to 3 weeks (5 days each way + 1 week at the factory). Maybe if enough people ask that the update is performed in the USA the factory will approve it... A map to locate our booth C7806 is attached. See you all there! Marianne Exbrayat. marianne@transvideointl.com
  9. Transvideo International is exhibiting at the NAB 2018 in Las Vegas (April 9-12) in central hall booth # C7806. To get your free passes, register before March 2 by going to nabshow.com/register and enter free guest pass code # LV8539. We hope to see you there!
  10. Cinetronics monitor new repair & service: For the next few months, we will offer free service & repair on your Cinetronics monitor when purchasing a 6” or 8” Transvideo X-SBL monitor from our California office. We have had the opportunity to help some of our Operators with this monitor so they could keep it as a back up. Even though the production of these monitors may not be uniform, we have been able to remedy several issues: · Removal of most hot-glue holding connections and replacement by hard-wiring and/or professional connectors. · Removal of incompatible connectors and replacement by compatible designs or direct soldering to the terminals. · Re-positioning of the backlight power board so it is no longer used as a mean to push contacts down on the board below. · Installation of a separate chassis to secure the backlight power board. This increases the reliability and reduces EMI interferences in the HD signal. · New mean to secure and adjust the HD SDI input board on the main processor board to improve connections reliability between the 2 boards. The service above represents a value of $780 in labor alone. If your monitor requires board components level repairs/replacement we might also be able to help you for a fee. Solidarity program: If you have a monitor that is beyond help and wish to donate it to this program so we can scavenge parts to help a fellow Operator, please contact us. If you wish to sign up for this program, please contact us by email directly at Marianne@transvideointl.com
  11. New 8" X-SBL monitor (version 2): $4600 shipping from California Active Matrix LCD with LED backlight. Reso: 1024x768 Backlight rating: 2000 Nits (1500 nits prior). Viewing angles: +/-85 Deg (Prior: ±80° H, +60/-80° V) Power consumption: increased to 32W. Weight: 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg) Same mechanical design, so brackets & cables remain the same. Special intro for orders placed from Transvideo International before Dec 31 2017. Use promo code: FORUM 8 Email direct your order request to: marianne@transvideointl.com Marianne Exbrayat marianne@transvideointl.com
  12. Dear Transvideo owners: The new software 7.27a has been running for a while in the CinemonitorHD Evolution3 and the X-SBL models. The Profile menu now includes HDR in addition to: Linear, Rec709, S-Log, S-Log2, S-Log3, Canon Log, Log C. Be aware: Not all "HDR monitors" are created equal... You can find information about "Logs, Luts & HDR monitoring" in the TECHNOLOGY section of our new websites www.transvideointl.com for Desktops and www.transvideointl.mobi for Mobile. Contact us if you need to update your CineHD SW 7.xx to the latest release. Marianne Exbrayat marianne@transvideointl.com
  13. Fantastic retrospective of Jean-Pierre Melville, Film Noir Master on the large screen at the Egyptian. If you have missed the first week, you still have a few movies you can grab: Aug 10: Leon Morin, Priest. Aug 11: Army of Shadows. A must see! Acclaimed by most critics as the best movie ever made about the French resistance complexities in WWII. Aug 12: Le Doulos followed by Un Flic Aug 13: Le Samourai (A classic!) followed by Bob Le Flambeur Remy Grumbach, also a Director and Melville's nephew attends most screenings and enjoys discussing Melville with the public after the screenings. More details: http://americancinemathequecalendar.com/content/jean-pierre-melville-at-100
  14. The Cinemonitors have 4 user programmable Memories that can be stored and recalled. When recalling a Memory, all the settings are re-called. There is in addition a temporary memory that keeps all the settings. So if you do a hot battery swap or there is a loss of power for any reason, all the settings prior to the power down are back upon re-start…. Except for the level sensor. I will verify with the factory, but I believe it is a requirement of the sensor to re-initiate after each power off. Ie: if it does not do this it will be completely wrong. I will ask the factory though if it is something that could be by-passed without compromising the accuracy of the sensor itself.
  15. Sasha, A 7" diagonal 16/9 image area will measure 6.125" horizontally and 3.5" vertically. The 8" XSBL 16/9 image area measures 6.5" horizontally and 3.75" vertically - that is 12% bigger. To get a 16/9 image area bigger than the 8" XSBL you would need to look at a 9" 16/9 image area. A monitor with a 9" diagonal 16/9 screen has a housing that measures about 9.2" horizontally and 7.3" vertically. The 8" XSBL housing is 8.5" x 7". So by all calculations the 8" XSBL has a 16/9 image area that is 12% larger than a native 7" 16/9 and its housing is 12% smaller than a 9" 16/9 native monitor. The feed-back we have had for many years from body-rig Operators is to minimize the horizontal dimension to avoid hitting door frames etc… The compromise integrates several factors: 1/ Smallest dimension horizontally- and no connectors/cables sticking on the side that interfere with Yoke brackets. 2/ Best performance in full sun 3/ Longevity of the backlight system and ability to perform under extreme (hot or Cold) temperatures. The XSBL monitors are definitely designed to fulfill as many wishes from body-rig Operators as the most advanced technology allows. I hope this information is helpful. Marianne Exbrayat
  16. Hello All, I have done a lot of testing on this. I hope the 2 tests below will be helpful. Do not move the monitor during the entire test. Test #1 Horizon1: 1/ Set the monitor on a flat surface, Traditional bubble display, turn Horizon1 (No gyro) on, set sensitivity to 45 Deg, and calibrate. The bubble is centered and green 2/ Shut power off (if possible without touching the monitor. The bubble starts just left of the center and yellow and within 10 seconds it will slide to the center and turn green. These 10 seconds is the time required for the sensor to recognize & communicate its position. If during these 10 seconds you re-calibrate, you will actually de-calibrate. If you do not move the monitor, you should be able to turn the monitor off and back on and after a few seconds the bubble will be green again. If without the monitor moving and after the 10 seconds the bubble is moving all over the place there is a problem with the sensor and you should contact us or the factory. Test #2 Horizon2: 1/ Set the monitor on a flat surface, Traditional bubble display, turn Horizon2 (with gyro) on, set sensitivity to 45 Deg, and calibrate. The bubble is centered and green. 2/ Shut power off (if possible without touching the monitor). The bubble starts left of the center and red and within 4 seconds it will slide to the center and turn green. For these 4 seconds and more, the monitor displays SENSOR INIT. But once the bubble is back to center and green it is already OK. If when the message SENSOR INIT is displayed you re-calibrate, you will actually de-calibrate. If you do not move the monitor, you should be able to turn the monitor off and back on and after a few seconds the bubble will be green again. If without the monitor moving and after the message SENSOR INIT disappears the bubble is moving all over the place there is a problem with the sensor and you should contact us or the factory. So it is important to fire up the monitor a few seconds before rolling, but do not re-calibrate it right after the power is on. Marianne Exbrayat marianne@transvideointl.com Tel: 1 818 985 4903
  17. Hello everybody, I have forwarded this issue to the factory for a few months already but it was a bit elusive as not all the monitors had the issue. Also, all monitors that we sell from our North Hollywood office are tested before shipping and the problem did not show. It seems to appear after a little bit of usage in most cases. It is also correct that it seems to affect more the Horizon2 and 3 than the Horizon1 (no inertia compensation). The factory has informed me that they finally traced down the problem to a slight variation in the manufacturing of a component. The software has not changed and is not responsible for the odd behavior. The latest is that they need to find a way to correct this component variation - hopefully by software, but it is going to take a little bit of time. If we need to do a hardware modification, it will be available free of charge from our North Hollywood office. My apologies for not being able to post here a link to a new software that would solve this once and for all, but hopefully soon... Marianne Exbrayat marianne@transvideointl.com Tel: 1 818 985 4903.
  18. All X-SBL monitors have the bonded screen to reduce glare. Maybe the monitor is not set for full sun work. First make sure that it is set to full brightness: press the 1st steel key bottom left corner of the screen until the monitor is set to FULL BRIGHT (it should not be in STANDARD CALIBRATE nor in USER 100%). Then go to the main menu, choose INPUT PROFILE and change from REC709 to LINEAR. Finally you can also play with the BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST via the ADJUSTMENT steel key. All is set to mid-range by default. Any flat smooth surface will become reflective in the sun at a specific angle, wether it is made of glass or metal. That is why the CRTs were convex. With all the flat screens however there will be a specific angle where the screen becomes reflective, but that should be only a few degrees wide. So far the few hundreds users of the X-SBL monitors have been able to tilt the monitor by a couple of degrees in one direction or another to prevent this. If you mount your monitor at a 45º angle and at that specific time of day the angle with the sun makes it reflective, try to set it to 43º or 47º. I hope this will solve your issue. Marianne Exbrayat. Transvideo International marianne@transvideointl.com Tel: 1 818 985 4903
  19. If you have a pattern generator, feed solid colors to the monitor to see if the "shadow" remains. Also verify if the "shadow" is there in HD and in NTSC.
  20. Jens, Thanks for the picture. This 7" RainbowHD (450 Nits) is not the SuperBright version and it holds up very well next to the other brand 1000 Nits! Not to mention the superior coating that is obvious on this photo. This 7" RainbowHD list price is $1900 shipping from California.
  21. Pascal, Low-mode bracket: I am not familiar with the Abracam bracket. Our office modifies the factory Yoke & slanted bridge so you can set it up in normal or low-mode. In low-mode the monitor front drops just below the rods. I will send you a photo to your direct email as I cannot post photos here (not sure why).
  22. Pascal, As far as I know the 5" StarliteHD auto-rec currently works only with some Arri & Sony cameras.
  23. John, I do not know which 6" model you have. There is a special Alexa zoom now available but only on the Evolution & X-SBL models.
  24. Importing to the USA: The manufacturer of the equipment would need to supply you with a country of origin statement if the equipment is made in the USA, was sold overseas and you are bringing back to the US. To ensure taxes are not imposed you will also need to provide a copy of the original export documentation. Without these 2 docs, you will most likely be charged duties & taxes. Regardless of the duties, you will still be charged for Customs Clearance + taxes that may apply (in addition to Duties). VAT only applies within Europe if buyer & seller reside in the same country and the equipment is shipped within the same country. Each country has different rules about taxing exports and about export paperwork- most countries do not charge taxes on export as they try to encourage it to improve their exchange balance with foreign countries. Finally I would recommend you to verify with the company providing service on the equipment if they will service it if your bring it in from another country. Marianne Exbrayat
  25. Alec, I am glad this is clarified. The 6" Cine family (Classic, Evolution, Enhanced Evo and X-SBL) have a 4:3 screen that is almost 7" in diagonal. The 6" size is actually that of the 16/9 image. Marianne Exbrayat marianne@transvideointl.com
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