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  1. Posting for my partner. If interested please contact Mike Gillis. Thanks for looking! I am selling 2 complete Preston DM1X motors. Each one includes a right angle Lemo cable, Standard pitch and Fuji pitch gears and a Jerry Hill 19mm adjustable mounting bracket with 15mm insert. These are in as new condition with very little hours. They have been very well cared for. I am the original and only owner and they were never rented out. S/N 3061& S/N 3007.Brand new each motor alone is $3320.00Brand new each Jerry Hill bracket is $250.00I am asking $2200 for each bundle (motor, cable, bracket and gears) or $4200 for both bundles. Mike GillisMilwaukee DP414-303-3890 mike@bluemoonlights.com
  2. These stories are incredible on many levels. As a young operator myself, the stories alone give me confidence to say "no". Thanks to all you guys for sharing.
  3. Can anyone identify the part that actually broke? Socket block?
  4. Only once. Producer wanted me on a shoot for a pretty low wage. Long day too. Could've simply said I was unavailable but the message wouldn't get across that way. So I explain in a professional manner that I would be undercutting to many people to take it. He said he understood. Never heard from him again. Would handle it the same way should I ever be put back in the same scenario.
  5. Bump. $3,150. Someone's going to grab a great deal.
  6. Hello all- I'm looking to sell my Action Products Zero G arm. I recently upgraded my sled and was looking for an arm that can handle more weight. Unfortunately I was naive in thinking that I could use this arm, that's designed for a back mount vest, with my front mount vest. So now I'm trying to get rid of it. It was a great couple jobs with the arm. It was super smooth and the entire kit I purchased gave me a lot of options. Only a few minor cosmetic dings but other then that it looks great. But after a couple gigs I realized it wasn't going to work. But I digress... Because I'm getting rid of it so quick after I purchased it, I never really dove deep into every last thing that came with the kit. However I can list a bunch of things here and hopefully the picture helps you. It comes with: -Several arm post of varying length -Four spring packs equal to two spring sets. Two packs have the older heavy duty round springs, that set can carry lighter loads (Shown separately in the picture). Two packs have the newer flatter springs and that set can do heavier loads (Not pictured separately as they are in the arm in the picture). -Low mode bracket -Set of bearings and set of allen wrenches -Extra Socket Block There are other misc. odds and ends in there as well shown in the pictures. I'm looking to get $4,500 USD and have buyer pay for shipping as well, but I'll consider other offers. Any questions feel free to email me at: RyanBrooks05@gmail.com. Thanks for looking! Ryan Brooks
  7. I've had the same issue. Mine was coming from the base of the gimbal handle and where it meets the arm. Most often in the cold. I used a touch of lubricate. Helps.
  8. What does the noise sound like? Squeak? Grind?
  9. Still looking seeing as I order a socket block from Tiffen a month ago, was told two weeks, and still have yet to receive any kind of news. So if you have one you're willing to part with that will fit my vest, I'm willing to pay top dollar. I've started to have to turn down work. Thanks!
  10. Looking to get an MKV dovetail plate for my sled but was wondering if there are other plates that would also work? GPI maybe? Bigger Tiffen plate? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Ryan
  11. Looking for MKV dovetail plate. Thanks!
  12. I forgot to mention, I currently have a Tiffen vest that I'm looking to put the standard socket block on. Not sure how much of a difference that will make but wanted to clarify. Thanks!
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