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  1. Deke Keener

    M1 volt vs betx wave

    Own both, love the Volt. Different tools definitely, but the Voltmwins hands down when you consider weight and balance.
  2. Deke Keener

    Monitor Decisions! Transvideo or SmallHD?

    Big fan of the Boland here. Great monitor, very bright, and balances well with an onboard batt. Just sayin.
  3. Deke Keener

    M1 Volt twitching

    I’ve noticed some chattering if the batteries get low. Kind of a rude low voltage alert.
  4. Deke Keener

    Pro DB2

    DB2 in great condition, serviced last year. MDR diving board has been relieved to run my MDR4 flipped backwards, because I’m a bit backwards myself I suppose. Free ground shipping to domestic US - sorry no international shipping. $1800 dekekeener@me.com
  5. Deke Keener

    Pro DB2

  6. Deke Keener

    Steadicam M1 Volt

    Hi Geoff - I got this response from Tyson in the Tiffen shop earlier this week when I asked the same question: Hi Deke, We still don’t have a rain cover from our manufacturer. The best option is to put a bag over the volt and tape or bongo tie spots to keep from any leaks getting in. I’m hoping we’ll have a rain cover somewhat soon. Tyson Galland
  7. Deke Keener

    Steadicam M1 Volt

    Jerry - Thanks very much for that info. Another thing I learned quickly and unfortunately is that the pulley on the side of the gimbal is pretty easily susceptible to damage when hanging the sled up. In my first day of using the Volt (on my Pro sled) I broke said pulley - apparently it needs to be docked with the handle directly opposite the stand. Once it’s supported, the handle can be turned around, but docking with the handle off to the side is trouble. Cheers, - Deke
  8. For Sale - Jerry Hill Mag Dock 2 with (1) 2” docking ring Used lovingly, but certainly shows regular signs of wear. Free domestic shipping, sorry no international shipping $350 PayPal, Venmo, magic beans, etc. dekekeener at me dot com
  9. Deke Keener

    Steadicam M1 Volt

    Hi Tom - this was a pretty down & dirty job, I intend to clean it up a bit. Since the plastic inlay sits on an aluminum fork I think there is no loss of strength. About to start a 6 month job, so I’ll see how it holds up.
  10. Deke Keener

    Steadicam M1 Volt

    Just got done putting this together - so far so good.
  11. Deke Keener

    Betz WaveRider

    Wave Rider in perfect condition for sale. Puts lighter cameras in the sweet spot of the Wave 1 stabilizer. Keeps the Wave from wanting to fall to one side or the other when balanced. $600 free domestic shipping, no international shipping dekekeener at me dot com
  12. Deke Keener

    Betz WaveRider

    And SOLD!!!
  13. Holy Cow - do you need a H-Bracket? LOOK NO FURTHER! I’m selling 4 of these bad boys - (1) MDR 2 (1) MDR 3 (2) MDR 4 - one end mount and one adjustable YOU get an H-bracket! YOU get an H-Bracket! YOU get an H-bracket! And then I’ve only got one more, so let’s just settle down. $100 each Priority Mail within US on me - sorry, no international shipping. PayPal, Venmo, magic beans - we can make this work, people. dekekeener at me dot com
  14. Deke Keener


    UPDATE - MDR3 and adjustable MDR4 brackets are SOLD others still available!
  15. Power cable - CineLive to Preston MDR2 10” Made by Terry West $65 PayPal, Venmo Priority Mail shipping on me - no international shipping dekekeener at me dot com
  16. Deke Keener

    Game changing Betz Modification

    That’s *really* cool...
  17. FOR SALE: (10) Switronix (now CoreSWX) Hypercore Pro-X 75wh gold mount batteries w/ d-tap port I have used these batteries to power 16mm, 35mm, Alexa, Red, and Venice cameras with no issues. Charged as follows: 1 - 84 cycles 2 - 89 cycles 3 - 81 cycles 4 - 73 cycles 5 - 86 cycles 6 - 82 cycles 7 - 86 cycles 8 - 135 cycles 9 - 85 cycles 10 - 82 cycles Paid $275/each 2 years ago Asking $100/each + shipping from ATL dekekeener@me.com
  18. Deke Keener

    Atlanta Area: Sled Electrical System

    You say it hasn’t been the same - what’s it doing?
  19. Deke Keener

    Low mode - docking position

    Hi Sam - I used to run a lower docking collar for low mode, but don’t anymore. In the old days, we flipped the whole camera and remounted it for low mode. It made sense to hang the rig from the bottom end so the camera was right side up for reloading, etc. Now, most people go low mode by simply flipping the rig and the image as well. For me, it makes more sense to hang the rig right side up (again, for ease of reloading, etc) and then spin it when I put it up to fly. It adds a half second or so, but I find the time... Hope this helps. - dk
  20. Deke Keener

    Gloves. Why wear them?

    Extra points for shorts and knee high socks.
  21. Deke Keener

    Sony Venice

    Brett - what do you mean no low mode without flipping the camera mounting?
  22. Deke Keener

    Suggestions for combating extreme sweat?

    I keep a bag of fresh shirts on the truck, and use a product called “Vapor Fresh” to keep my vest from getting up and walking away on it’s own. Georgia heat & humidity are a bitch even before you put the rig on.
  23. Deke Keener

    rig bed on the truck

    Sorry to hear Brett!