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  1. Hope can Adicam still be in business after all the flagrant copying of Inovativ’s designs?!?
  2. I was simply wondering why so much of Wave1 users are selling them back? *Ok, if you're a proud Trinity owner or even a lucky one who got his M1 Volt recently, I totally get it... but I highly doubt it's the case. I was considering getting one myself (before investing in the big boys' toy Trinity) but since I never worked with the Wave1 (yes, I tried it more than once but only in trade shows ) and seeing so many ops getting rid of it, doubts are settling in. Any answers?
  3. I tried it and I love the new possibilities! Anyone who can go to the Stabilizer Gear Expo tomorrow should give it a try...
  4. Hi everyone, I have 4 faulty Anton Bauer Dionic 90 and I'm looking for advice; recell, repair or get rid of them. I live in Montreal and cannot find anyone in Canada that does this. I'd be willing to ship in the US but it all depends of prices and taxes. Any hint and/or opinions? References?
  5. ***NEW PRICE*** So here's the deal; the price went down, we are letting this sled & and accessories (including the Pelican case) for 10k$. I'm out of the country now so cannot post pics but I'll do my best to make that happen as soon as possible.
  6. ... and I will travel in Europe at the end of November so I could arrange delivery...
  7. Andre Perron SOC


    After two years of operating the EFP HD 1.5", I'm upgrading to their new CineBroadcast 1.8" Curt Schaller offers an amazing service helping you out if you have any kind of problems or questions. I strongly recommande...!
  8. This forum may not be very useful for you. In fact, you might just attract some "not so pleasant" comments... Please refer to this website: http://littlegreatideas.com/stabilizer/diy/ Have fun!
  9. I'm selling my artemis sled to get their new one! Here's the package; -System EFP HD 1.5" Anton Bauer -ACT2 1.5" -ACT2 Monitor Bracket 6", 1.5" -Red Cam Power 12V XLR -HiCap Cam power 12V XLR -Alexa Cam power HiCap 12V -Pelican case custom pre-cut that fits all the parts, your monitor (cut for a Transvideo CineHD 6") and even some of your tools! Asking 11 500$, shipping not included. Based in Montreal. Please visit the following link for more details: http://shop.artemis-hd.com/index.php?cl=alist&cnid=6472901d9853d414a54ff0159d382bd8&lang=1 I will NOT sell parts separately. Pics will come shortly, more likely Wednesday November 5th. Sled will be available from November 5th as well.
  10. I love the quote but as an owner of an Echo 48" cart, I totally understand the guy who wants to protect it as much as possible. BUT you're right on one thing; the first scratch is the worst, then it's just "experiences".
  11. Well, I "think" the steadicam work was ok... because I was totally immersed in the story! That's, in my own opinion, the best proof you did great in operating. I didn't focus on the camera movement since the scene was interesting enough to get all my attention. but we could see it the other way around; the camera work was so good, it didn't caught my attention and it took me straight in the story. So, was that a scene of an upcoming feature or tv serie?
  12. I'm waiting for my Inovativ Echo 48 with Steadicam Package to arrive this week; a good friend of mine (and 1st AC) and I participated at the Inovativ Challenge at CineGear 2014. We finished 2nd (lost in the final!) but we both build and take appart the Ranger 36 in a total of... 24.77 seconds! These carts are definitely the best on the market. Yes, you pay more than other brands but none of them come close to the details, quality and efficiency from Inovativ. Mr. Fletcher is right on this one.
  13. Anyone knows if GPI PRO will be there as well?
  14. The G-Zoom Custom Edition (GZCFZ). Gimble Diameter 1.102 inch (MK-V, Artemis) + Canon Focus Adapter. ​NEVER been used, test just once to see how it works. Never got into live show, I always shoot with cine-lens and I use other lens control system. 850$ firm, shipping 20$ if not local. Payment will be via PayPal. I'll let you know how we can manage that with eBay. ***this G-Zoom is not on eBay***
  15. I went for a workshop in Eching, Germany, home of my Sachtler's Artemis EFP HD 2 years ago. Definitely worth it, especially since I got to visit the factory and learn all about my own rig. I'm now planning on my next workshop; you never stop learning! I'll be shooting like crazy in May so I won't be able to attend to the May workshop but I just saw another in September in Maine... but it's not the so called SOA workshop... My question is the following; should I wait for the next official SOA workshop in Pennsylvania or would the one at Maine Media is as complete? Anyone is more than welcome to give their 2 cents...!
  16. The sensor will probably be the first point for them to discuss; it's the main negative critic they heard about. If they do something about it, then will probably change the dynamic range. The cutout hump in the back is in fact due to a front baseplate, which is an option to have rods mounted directly on the camera. There's also an optional rear baseplate. You could easily get away from that old school design if you'd prefer. As for the connectors, that's a major "issue" where a lot of "accessories" companies will built protectors & cages for that. It's far from being ideal, I know. In my opinion, this is a first draft. For 9K$, you cannot expect a product that compete the Amira. And it's (hopefully) not their intention. But they might realize there would be a place for such a camera, with the changes we just listed, even if they would triple the price. ... and about the temperature range, I totally agree with you, Jens: I live in Montreal, where -30º is common in the winter. That's a big no-no.
  17. https://www.aja.com/en/products/cion for those of you who didn't see it, yet. Yes, it's a really good looking camera. I won't be able to test it before the end of May, though. If anybody does have a chance to give it a try, throughout until color-grading, please let us know by posting a quick review. Thanks!
  18. Does anyone have an incoming shoot experience with the new AJA Cion? We might see that camera quite often on the not-so-far- future market...
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