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  1. Does anyone have an easy rig 500 or 600 that they no longer want or need. (I am in the UK)
  2. Only one cable left now......an 8 pin lemo to bnc/power cable
  3. Fitting a waterproof coat over yourself, a klassen vest and still being able to have access to the socket block to engage/disengage is not an easy thing to comfortably achieve. However, I was always warm and dry when operating, thanks to this PARAMO VELEZ ADVENTURE WATERPROOF SMOCK. I specifically bought the XXL size although I am of average build and it fitted a treat over my Klassen universal back mounted vest, was easy to put on when wearing the vest and thanks to the two front opening zips, it made accessing and locating into the socket block very easy indeed. THIS JACKET IS NOW F
  4. I have a Sony VCT14 camera base plate for sale in Yorkshire, UK I have used this base plate extensively during my steadicam career on numerous cameras, and not just Sony....I have also used it on an Arri Alexa. As you can see from the attached photographs, I am including 3x fitting screws for the underside just to help you along your way. I will accept £125 GBP plus VAT for the plate and screws Any shipping costs will be payable by the purchaser VAT will not be charged to any buyer from outside the EU Thanks for looking Kev
  5. I have for sale 2 sets of 3 brand new cables which are compatible with MK-V sleds. as you can see from the pictures below, 3 of the cables are 3 pin lemo to 4 pin XLR power cables and the other 3 cables have 8 pin lemo at one end and are split at the other end to provide video via BNC and power input to my monitor which was a Teletest monitor. All the cables are approximately 30 inches long. I will accept £20GBP plus VAT per cable and would happily sell them as a group or individually. Any shipping costs will be payable by the buyer. VAT will not be charged to any buyer fro
  6. Hi Everyone, If you are in need of a large, rugged, wheelable transport case for your vest or other gear then this is the one for you !!! I am selling my 1620 pelican hard case which I used until recently to transport and ship my walter Klassen universal vest. The case has wheels and a retractable dragging handle, its exterior dimensions are 500mm x 630mm x 350mm. The case has foam padding to the bottom and also within the lid and is in very good condition having only been used by myself. I will accept £190 GBP plus VAT for the case (which retails at around £400 GBP). VAT will
  7. My Walter Klassen universal back mounted vest and a superb,wheeled, retractable handle transport case are for sale. This vest has only ever been used by myself and is in brilliant condition including all the extra ratchet straps, bladder inflation pump, owners manual, etc which come with a vest when bought as new. The vest size is medium which makes it suitable for operators of waist size 30-34 inches. I personally am 6feet tall with a 32inch waist and I weigh approx 80kg. I have attached 4 pictures of the vest below. The vest and case are for sale for £2750 GBP (if the buyer is from wit
  8. Hi guys, Everything except the Klassen vest has now been sold......thanks Adam. The Klassen vest and transportation case with wheels and retractable handle are both in absolutely fantastic condition. I will accept £2750 GBP If the sale is to a buyer within the EU I will have to charge UK VAT at 20% on top of this figure. Shipping costs will be paid by the purchaser. Please contact me by email at. Boyle67@btinternet.com Thanks Kev
  9. Hi guys, I have just been made aware that I do not need to charge UK VAT on any sale to buyers outside the EU..... So if any of you from outside the European Union fancy this rig, the price has just dropped effectively to £12500.....making this an even better deal for a fantastic, ready to fly, complete rig. Cheers Kev
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