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  1. Hi Michael, I don't know if Jae from TV-Logic checks the forum but he can confirm what I'm about to say. I own a Mk1 F-7H that I use on my studio builds, I love it. As far as I understand the screen and the outer casing/heat sink is the same on the Mk2. I used the Mk1 in the heat of summer outdoors without any problems but it did get super hot, almost as much as the Teradek Tx and RX. The DP of the show I'm on now has a Mk2 and he said he had the same experience. Getting that hot can't be good over time but the screen is so damn good. I also have a 703 and I have to say I like the TVLogic colours and contrast better. But the 703 is easier to use. Cheers,
  2. Hi Loren, There are so many different types of snow, and different levels of cold that I feel it's more a question of having many options in the winter equipment duffle bag! Most important is to stay dry in my opinion I have a pair of Salomon Winter Trail running shoes, with gore-tex waterproof. https://www.salomon.com/en-ca/shop/product/supercross-winter-climasalomon-waterproof-lg5603.html#color=59300 I also have Merrel Tactical boots, also waterproof.https://www.merrell.com/CA/en_CA/moab-2-8-inch-tactical-waterproof-boot/29991U.html?dwvar_29991U_color=J15845#cgid=merrell-tactical&start=1 And a couple of different types of slip on crampons. From small crampons to fairly aggressive. In big snow, that needs any more than this, invest in your grips (Bribe them with whatever they want). They will make your operating safer and easier by building you a heated floor so you can keep operating in your Hi-Top Converse. But seriously, be safe, watch out for ice, walk the shot a bunch of times and watch the way the snow/ice evolves over time after you and your whole team walks over your tracks and change the state of the ground your flying over. A slip up happens so fast, just fly safe! Hope this makes sense and helps. Ben
  3. Good day everyone, I'm an operator based in Montreal. My partner and our daughter are both Australian, and after being "stuck" in Canada during the pandemic, we're planning a long-ish trip back down under to visit family and live for a year or two. Escaping the minus 30 deg winters! I'm looking to get in touch with Australian based operators for a chat regarding the work opportunities in Australia. Where to go? Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide? Is it worth getting a Family Visa on my own and being available for work, or is there help for other entertainment based work visas through a union? Is there a IATSE Local for Australia? With Marvel setting up shop in Sydney, are there more opportunities for operating? And others similar question!! I do promise to whoever offers their time and help, that I will visit you with a nice bottle of whisky or a can of maple syrup or both whenever we land in Australia! Reply via private message and I'll send you an e-mail address or we can organize a FaceTime or whatever. Thanks for your time! Ben
  4. Thanks AJ, I find the top flag system annoying on the Tangerine MBs. Thanks for reaching out though! Cheers mate!
  5. Figured I wanted to carry a Clip-On matte box as part of my own kit. Anyone with a well used 3 Stage LMB-25?
  6. Selling back up of the back up of the back up! Nothing fancy, Cinetronic Gen1 HD monitor w/ Yoke. Well used, still does the job exactly as it should. 500$? 300$ bottle of Whisky? Cheers, Benoit benoitcgauthier@icloud.com
  7. Looking for a master series arm post with the spiral groove that ends in a 5/8” post See attached picture. Thanks for your time and help!
  8. Teradek Bolt 500 1RX 2TX SDI/HDMI Ptap power cables AC power cables SDI cables HDMI cables Mounting brackets and screws Case 2400USD Buyer pays shipping I also have a Sidekick II available for an extra 1000USD
  9. For sale: $2000 USD BarTech Focus Device Handunit fStop V2-1 Receiver Heden M21VE-L Motor 2x D-Tap to Lemo2 power cable 2x Digital motor cable 1x Ultrathin digital motor cable 2x Red One Start/Stop cable (Lemo 4) 2x Red DSMC Start/Stop box with BNC 1x Sony Start/Stop Cable (Hirose 4) 1x Arri Start/Stop Cable (Fischer 3) 2x 7” antenna 2x Short antenna 5x Aluminium white focus ring 1x Pelican case with custom foam $2000 USD Kit is in Montreal. Ready to ship anytime! PayPal seems like the way to go! https://share.icloud.com/photos/0UNDnDLEHRODJ5esz-awPEjAQ
  10. Alan! You're awesome! Such a good guy and helpful too. Really great that you are offering this to us! Thanks a bunch. *Ordering in a few minutes*
  11. @Jerry ... Need anyone to carry cases??? I wouldn't mind going to Tenerife!
  12. Oh yeah! This is back on sale! 7,750 USD$ or The Dalmore Constellation Collection 1972 Cask #1 https://www.thedalmore.com/the-collections/the-constellation-collection/1972 Cheers, Benoît
  13. Oh Yeah, I'm interested in that too! I'm confident any of the others has already made a convincing offer. But if not... 438-496-1048 Cheers, Ben
  14. Alan!! What a guy! We'll start calling you Dr. Rencher.
  15. Pardon my ignorance Stanley, but in this last picture you posted, is the cinetape mounted to the Heden motor? And if yes how is it used and controlled? And is that Motor to cinetape bracket custom made? I am interested in the Cinetape. Just trying to understand what's in the kit. Cheers, Ben
  16. Thanks Jim for posting that Jim. I have in fact been using my handset to test a bunch of unidentified 2 Pin Lemo cables at the rental house but haven't thought about posting about it. As a side question: Would you mind sharing with us what your cable tester looks like and/or how you made it? Cheers, Ben
  17. Friday Night Scotch O'Clock Price Drop 8999$ USD. Willing to negotiate if there is a rare scotch whisky included along with the payment.
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