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    Walk and Talk technique

    It is not stressful but annoying because they disturb my operating and I sometimes get a bump against my sled or arm which I can't compensate. But mostly I find my way through the crowd without any problems. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/jkkkvb383938ct1/Steadicam show.mp4?dl=0) Here you can see an example which is not as crowded, though. Watch the bumps and shakes of the frame when I hit people or they hit me. People suddenly appear behind me when I walk backwards although they were not there when I walked forward. Sorry, that I had to pixelate and mute the singer but I want to avoid problems with her management. The movie was shot by a GoPro mounted on top of the camera. That's why the framing seems to be bad. Steffen
  2. Steffen Bendix

    Walk and Talk technique

    Hi Cedric, I sometimes work in live shows where the singer comes off the stage and walks through the arena. Many people are in my way because they want to take a photo with the celebrity. I have to change from Missionary to Don Juan quite often and unexpected because the singer starts and stops suddenly, changes the direction and so on. I am quite close to the person and when he approaches me, I sometimes have no time and room to make a switch to be in Don Juan, but I try to as soon as I can. When it is very crowded I have to operate with only one hand on the gimbal. I use the other hand to keep the crowd on the distance that I don't hit people with the arm (which I unfortunately did in a womans belly last year when I was running with full speed). When I am in Missionary but in front of the star (walking backwards) I often bump into people with my back. I don't have a spotter as I am all alone with my rig in the crowd :-( Usually, I prefer to go Don Juan when I walk more than a few steps. I have one eye on the monitor, half an eye on the ground below me and half an eye on my walking direction. With "half an eye" I mean I "see" with the corners of my eyes. It is not really seeing but more a recognition of shapes, light and contrast changes and movements. With this technique I can turn my head back to the actor and my monitor but can also "see" what is behind me (in my walking direction) without turning my head or just a little bit. I hope I could explain it in a comprehensible way. Steffen
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    Universal lens control for gimbal?

    Can you recommend an electronic lens control for the gimbal handle that can control a variety of camera brands, not only a specific? I need one for at least JVC, Panasonic and Sony. Steffen
  4. No, two days were planned but we got snow on the second day. We had to go out a third day because the footage from the first shooting was without snow. Compositing was really a pain and a lot of Maya / Shake / After Effects hassle and the more often I watch the video the more mistakes I see. But anyway. It was fun. I have a Making Of somewhere on Vimeo which shows all the chaos. It is in German, though.
  5. Here are my two cents and my first post in this forum. The video was a no-budget student production in 2010. I flew my old rig (lots of modification), the weather was freezing cold and it was a bit of half-legal guerilla shooting. The footage is far from being professional from every point of view but I like it anyway because of the dynamic of the pictures. The band was super happy about the result. This counts.