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  1. Still on Sale... Contact for more information Thank you
  2. Hello I am, selling my SCORPIO FOCUS lens control FIZ. 7000€ Serviced and upload it in Barcelona by SERVICEVISION The kit has cables for different cameras. Check the pictures bellow and don't hesitate to contact me if yolu have any question.
  3. guys I try to get into the cinetronic forum to read about my monitor but the company never answer my petitions to go in, even I wrote a personal messages. I don-t understand very well. So I went in with a friend who has a Cinetronic and I update my monitor. Now is working well. Thak you very much for your help. God luck
  4. Excuseme guys Hector wrote about me. It's my monitor and the problem is that I can't see CINETRONIC logo when I switch on the monitor. Any ideas? Thank you very much
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