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  1. A friend wants to start out with a Glidecam Vest but can not close the waist section tight enough because his waist size is 28 so that lots of the weight lies on the shoulders. Anyone has a smart idea how to fix that problem without having something around the waist which might be to slippery or to soft? Thanks.
  2. I'm looking for some Pro Jumper Blocks, set up doesn't matter but preferable all 3 batteries parallel.
  3. I'll take the rangefinder. Cheers, jens
  4. JensSchroeder

    Pro Vest

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a good solution/upgrade/change for the 3 little screws on the shoulder part of my Pro Vest. Mine will get very loose every now and then. Thanks in advance, jens
  5. Hi Michael, I actually wanted to ask again concerning your Pro monitor bracket. And then I saw that you're looking for a Backmount. I am 5, 9 and waist 33 and have my backup backmount for sale. But it's not a Flex , it's the older Universal style. Talk again, cheers, jens
  6. Kenyon Gyro KS6x6 Kit in immaculate condition The kit contains the gyro with 5 foot straight cord, 12 volt inverter, battery charger, cigarette adapter coil cord in a iM2400 Storm Case, various screws for different setups, XCS bracket, 2" custom made-bracket by Jarrett Morgan, no battery because shipping is too complicated. New Price is 4500, I would like to get 3k or best offer.
  7. Hi Steve, Sure, I will pay for the shipping too. Talk later, peace, j P.S. Sent you a PM
  8. Hi Stephen, I'll take it if you ship to Europe too.. Peace, jens
  9. Looking for an 1.5" Artemis Post from Sachtler/Arri. Just the Post, no cable needed.
  10. Looking for a 2" Hill Docking Ring for a 1 5" Post. Would like to buy or exchange, can offee a 2" Hill Docking Ring for a 2" Post. Thanks for looking email please: yeahjens@aol.com
  11. I'm looking to buy a new style, telescoping Pro Centerpost. email: yeahjens@aol.com
  12. I'm looking for a Pro SD upper and lower junction box. Please email to: yeahjens@aol.com
  13. Hi, I'm looking for an M1 Sled with Volt Gimbal, so if anyone wants to upgrade to M2 etc., send me a message. Can have marks of usage as long as it all works. Cheers, jens
  14. Sale pending of Pro1 Sled, Master Arm, Baer-Bel Vest
  15. Two Big Rigs for sale; First Rig is a HD Baer-Bel Sled with Baer-Bel-Vest + 3A Arm (Gold Springs) and BFD-Follow Focus for 9500US$ o.b.r.o. Second Rigs is a Pro1 HD Sled with Glidecam Gold Vest + Master Arm and Digital 3-channel Chrosziel Aladin Follow Focus 11500US$ o.b.r.o. More pics and info on request, cheers. My email: yeahjens@aol.com Bearbeiten
  16. Hi Thomas, I might have something for you. It's a Pro1 sled, just HD upgraded by Terry West. My email is: yeahjens@aol.com Just send me a mail, if you want some photos. Greetings from Germany, jens
  17. Sale of Vest + Titan Arm Pending. Thanks for all inquiries.
  18. I'm looking for a long Pro Gimbal Handle. Thx.
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