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  1. Hi Jason, I’m 6ft 6inch and I bought a secondhand LX vest which had been adapted by someone tall by putting the centre plate on the outside so you can drop the block to help with eye level...Works really well for me. Can send a pic. Let me know Russ
  2. Hi Jonathan,


    I’ll buy the shape kit. I’m based in Ireland

  3. As I'm left handed I use the rig on the left, gives me better control, also stronger left leg for stops, have tried the right side and it feels completely wrong so I think its what ever feels right. But like Arvid said I think you should test both, i'v also come across shots where i wish I was right sided, so I think its worth practising the dark side!!!(which ever side that is)
  4. I'm currently shooting with an Alexa on my MKV rig and while I can handle normal low mode was wondering about super low mode, can anyone give me any advice, the sled I have is a 1.5" post and with the Alexa and bits its heavy enough to extend the post already. Russ
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