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  1. You don't need a mickey for dynamic balance ;)
  2. Hi Andrea, do you have a more detailed breakdown of the included pieces? What are the top stages, distribution boxes, monitors etc., and how is the sled modified (battery hanger)? Thank you for your time!

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    2. Andrea Miraglia

      Andrea Miraglia

      Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I am not getting the notification through my email, I have to log in to see the new messages.

      Anyway, we can definitely chat on FaceTime whenever you would like. Saturday morning works for me.

      As far as the sled it is ready to work. I don’t have any plates. I have another PRO sled that I loaned to a friend of mine and he has it on his show with all the plates. I can see if he is not using one, but they do come up for sale often.  Do you have a vest? I will list a modified 3A vest soon. I’m only saying it in case you are in e market. 

      And I can meet your friend if you decide to buy it.

      323 456 6367

    3. natw1n


      No probs! Sorry about the short notice, I just got up haha. I will be free in about a half hour. That cool with you?

    4. Andrea Miraglia
  3. Hello everyone! I have an opportunity to upgrade my kit was wondering if anyone has had experience with both of these arms and how they perform? I can purchase the G50 for a really good price and plan on having the X upgrade from Tiffen, but another seller has a non-carbon Artemis arm that I'm interested in although it is the more expensive option. I like the on-the-fly adjustment features of the Tiffen arm but I have no idea what the Sachtler offers because there is so little literature out there about it, I do think I need a tool to adjust lift however. I only have experience with the Tiffen Scout arm for context. I hope any of you expert ops can help me out with my investment decision. Thanks!
  4. Lol Reviving this old post. Well I just a have a Tiffen Scout and looking to add onto my package and set myself up for a future upgrade for a new arm and sled that's all. I'm an extremely frugal guy and there are not many ops around my neck of the woods and even less willing to part with their stuff, so this maybe a "damaged" looking vest, but for the price he's selling it's a steal.
  5. I'm looking to buy this used vest but for the life of me I can't determine what make/model this is. The owner said that they had bought off another op and doesn't know what it is. I did some googling and found that the Master series vest looks extremely similar but just not quite the same. Is this a knock off vest? The socket block setup is also kind of weird, I've never seen that kind of setup before. Just trying to do my due diligence before buying this backup vest. *edit* Also I can't seem to find a way to change my username into my real name. I signed up back in 2015 through facebook connect (hence the username) but haven't visited the forum in a couple of years so I think the new forum software may have permanently set my name. I don't see a way of changing it through account settings. Do I have to message a mod/admin? Thanks everyone! https://i.imgur.com/loGYFhv.jpg
  6. http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=23157&do=findComment&comment=113621 I don't know if he's still doing it but I got this mod in October 2016 and it's been fantastic!
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