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  1. WTB - Actionproducts rebel arm heavy load spring cores (55lb or 75 lb). (The ones I have are up to 44lb.).
  2. Is the digital level still available and at what price ?
  3. I am powering mine with the dtap - mini xlr cable. Does someone power it through the 8 pin lemo? What kind of cable do you use in that case ? Thanks.
  4. Spiral cable, 6 pin lemo, male-female. Length: min58cm - max240cm. In very good condition. Rarely used. (New over 280USD). 150euros
  5. Thanks a lot guys for your inputs ! Joshua's solution with the Smallrig monitor cage seems great for the Atomos Flame or Inferno.
  6. Bebob Engineering ML-120 Rouge Hot Swap Adapter for Red One Camera In good working condition. 430 eur. + shipping. Haven't tried it, but I've been told that it can work with Red Epic or Scarlet too with a D-tap to 4pin adapter like this one for 45usd (http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/261923454027?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true). Located in Europe.
  7. Hi guys, Located in France. Interested in a second hand hard mount, not too pricey. Vahe
  8. Hi guys, I am looking for an American stand. If it has wheels, even better. I am located in Europe, France. Vahe
  9. Thanks a lot William Demeritt for this detailed input ! It's great help :) I am looking for a monitor for a newly built rig for no more than 2500usd, so I've been hesitating between a second hand Transvideo/Cinetronic (can't find a Boland at this point:) OR a Shogun Inferno (the latest of the family with 1500nits), which does recorder at the same time, but doesn't have the rugged construction of the previous monitors. I was also worried about reflections, but since you say that even without an anti glare protection it has been Ok, that sounds interesting. If I get an Inferno I will definitely get a Shape aluminium cage for more weight and protection. Thanks again for your input !
  10. By the way has anyone used the new Shogun Inferno for steadicam work ? they told me that these Atomos monitors do not have anti glare coating. So they might be bright (1500nits), but what about reflections ?
  11. So James Freeman how is the Shogun performing ? Reliable ?
  12. I see your point, Victor Lazaro. At the end one gets what he pays for... can't escape it I guess.
  13. Thanks for your input Jens ! How about the actionproducts RebelElite Arm ? (it's only a backmounted arm). http://www.actionproducts.ch/portfolio_item/actioncam-rebelelite/
  14. Hi guys, How are these arms ? Has anyone tried them? How do they perform ? http://www.easysteady.com/cineseries_arm_it.html http://www.steadicamproline.com/#!arm/cnu0 Thanks Vahe
  15. Hi guys, Has anyone tested-used these stabilizing systems ? http://www.easysteady.com/cineseries.html http://www.steadicamproline.com/ (Proline has launched a new backmounted vest that reminds a bit the design of the Exovest - though at least from the pics it doesn't seem as solid). How is the performance, quality, reliability, dynamic balance etc. of these two systems compared to the big brands (Tiffen, MKv, XCS, Sachtler, GPI Pro etc.) ? Is there a huge difference ? thanks in advance for your valuable input, it's very hard to find any review on the net. Vahe
  16. A correction: I think the last video on the "twiga" query is not about the twiga arm. It's a new arm using rubber bands, don't know what's the brand name. So apologies for the confusion.
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