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  1. Hi, if files recorded on StarliteHD are editable in most popular software? My friend said no, there are some .mov files on SD card but he couldn't open it. Is that truth? Does SDI output work during playback? Need fast answer, thank you in advance. Stan
  2. Hi all I've already replaced my pan bearing in Ultra1 gimbal and there is no difference. There is a play between inner and outer bearing rings. Housing in gimbal (inner and outer) looks great, any schratches etc. and after assambling the bearing to each part it seats strong without any play. Sorry it's hard to explain it in English to me. What manufacturer do you suggest? There was Eagles, so I changed to Eagles - no difference, now there is FAG - still the same. Model 61809 bearing. Any ideas?
  3. The current issue with my sled is that once I've balanced it, if I have to 'change sides' in the middle of a shot, the sled wants to lean over. Peter Abraham seems to think the Pan bearing might need to be replaced. Daniel have you found the issue of leaning sled over? It seems I've got the same. After 90 degrees tilt up sled stays a little bit up. It makes in every direction. My roll and tilt bearings are brand new. Gimbal has been centered according to instuction above. Did change of pan bearing help? I was looking the reason in some play in Master top stage, but I can't find anything t
  4. What is good system to work broadcast live? My analog Bartech has too low range for whole event stage or sport area. Not always my focus puller can be close to me - some video directors don't like it. What do you suggest? Many of polish broadcasters use Chrosziel Digi Fox. What's your experience? Best regards Stan Marcinkowski
  5. Hi I still have issue with vibrations at my Ultra1 top stage. I love features of 4 section sled and tilt stage, so I'm looking for some solution. Does DBII or Betz top stage fit to Ultra 1 tilt? There are 6 screw holes in tilt part. Has anyone done similar mod at your rig? Best regards Stan
  6. Hi everyone I got similar problem. During running or even fast walking there are some vibrations on image. All is strange because it's second time I've. There is a place when using some force is kind of play - see photo https://goo.gl/photos/9HqYzNnc6FizSye2A All 5/64 scerws seem to be good tightened https://goo.gl/photos/yD8ur2dNeVw5SnLe6 Do you think only Wegde Clamp can solve the problem? CP haven't produced it any more. What to do? Best regards Stan Marcinkowski
  7. Hi, I need to buy used American stand, best in Europe because of duty. Offer send at PM please Regards Stan
  8. Thanks for reply guys, there are lot of option I see, but it's difficult to choose right :/
  9. Hi I need to buy plate for Alexa. There a lots of them on the market, but which is most universal. I hear there are different kind of Alexa (Plus and Studio). Cam-tec makes plate for Sony V-mount and Alexa in one model. Could you help me to choose best option please? Regards Stan
  10. Robin hasn't replied me for this week. Andrew could you measure thread on your screw please? Inner diameter is ca. 4mm in handle, but I can't find correct inch thread. Regards Stan
  11. Here are pics of gimbal socket https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-zUXM5aw2fiw/Vxi7uxZQ96I/AAAAAAAAKeg/3Pez3PZlJeYckorZfH8OV7rXAcvE0fiUgCCo/s800-Ic42/IMG_20160421_120449.jpg Screw is't in center od gimbal diameter https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-_DwnAgajKcE/Vxi7wepI1pI/AAAAAAAAKeg/1RERjV1AhhQUHkj0L2FeZRGerhD6hnrrQCCo/s800-Ic42/IMG_20160421_120531.jpg End of arm post need to be locked by screw https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ZnbAbqx7Q2k/Vxi7xN_AfDI/AAAAAAAAKeg/nmuUYUE8nvQYpMogFWVN1wVzm-1Vp7gmACCo/s800-Ic42/IMG_20160421_122634.jpg Here is my tech diagram of this screw. I can'
  12. Hi There is a pin to lock old type F-bracket in Ultra1 gimbal. I didn't recive it in my rig, and my question is, where can I find it or where are any pictures or dimensions to go with to the machine shop? Regards Stan
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