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  1. Hey, For sale is my 3A Luna Backup Arm with titanium springs and a load capacity of 6-32kg. The Arm is in great condition and ready to work. With the Arm comes a V-Bracket from Cam Tec and in Total 4 Arm Posts in different sizes. Price: 4500€ plus shipping. I am Located in Munich Germany Chris
  2. Hey Guys, At my last Gig I noticed that there is some play in one of the Screws that secures the Male Socket Block. Is this normal or is there something wrong? Is it easy to disassemble the Socket Block and look into the thread or is it very hard to assemble it again because of the Spring? It is a 3A Luna Arm. Right now I am a bit afraid of using my rig so I am very thankful for your answers. Best, Chris Attached is a Link to a video where you can see the play in the thread.
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