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  1. I am absolutely no expert but i have had experiences with both these arm (carbon version for the artemis). If the upgrade for the G50 is not to expensive (better check that in advance) i would definitely go with a G50(x). The main reason would be to have the Ride adjustment (and indeed the toolless). But if I remember well last time I checked the upgrade was so expensive it was almost the same as buying a brand new G50x. If memory serve the Artemis is designed like a Master or 3A arm, meaning that for it to be more isoelastic it needs to be near its maximum weight range. With a
  2. Thank you Jerry and Robin! If it can almost handle Imax it should be just fine with a 35mm steadimag. Thanks!
  3. Hello Everyone, I am wondering what are your experiences with the Volt with a rig going off balance, typically using lenses with a big glass displacement, film inside the mags etc... In the case of film, do you do a quick rebalance between each take even on short takes? And would this be a big concern on long takes? Thank you
  4. Hello Everyone, I have a slight "clicking" on my upgraded G70, so I am looking to replace the Lift screws. I ordered two from my local reseller and I am not sure I got the good ones. The one I received are labelled G70 (not G70x) and does not have the green coating that the old ones had. I tried to change it on one section, but the result is even more "clicking". Does anybody knows if it is normal that I received screws without the green coating? My local reseller tells me that they are not coated anymore but I saw Neal Bryant changing his for greeen
  5. If you don't have any other choice, this could help you : - Have an assistant Raising or lowering your docking stand to the correct height for the shot - Put your Sled on the balancing stud - Put a magic arm between your post and the stand - Frame the shot, than tighten the magic arm Not as sturdy as a tripod but can sometimes help.
  6. Hello Alberto, If this is just to practice, take a look at the Kino wheels system https://www.kinowheels.com/. Really cheap way to practice the wheels.
  7. Hi Chris, Thank you for your answer. I actually did not implied that the problem was in the design, it is a really well constructed vest. I just wanted to know if someone came up with some sort of padding to limit shock with sharp parts. I will try to see if I can come up with something clean. Again thanks and great job on designing the vest!
  8. Hello Chris, Thank you for jumping in. It seems to me that my fitting is pretty good (I atached pictures), My back is not touching the rear rods, and the chest plate is in normal operating position pretty low. It is really in case of a shock that my back bends and come in contact with the rear screw, and for the chest plate I have experienced it when bending down not wearing the rig or arm, so the vest go up. Let me know what you think. Thank you. Cedric
  9. Hello everyone, I've been using my exovest for almost 2 years now and I am really happy with it. During my last too shoots I've had some concern about some safety concerns in case of a fall. I've realised that sometimes the metal plate on the upper chest can knock on the trachea. And also yesterday going backwards and knocking onto a wall I felt the screw that is in the middle of the back rods hitting my spine. This made me realised that taking a fall could be pretty hurtful. As anyone ever noticed that, and maybe found some way of protecting the vest for this points?
  10. I have only try this with the Arri Trinity, never with a normal sled. But the main disadvantage I noticed is that as you move, the monitor moves with the gimbal handle, and makes it almost impossible to judge the steadiness of the actual shot, and as the monitor is closer to your eyes you don't see where you put your feets as well as with a standard monitor placement.
  11. Hi, Thanks to all 3 of you for your answers. Lisa, I had not thought about the trust fall, it is a great idea as I usually don't have an experienced spotter with me. I think I need to train for the stairs as it completely mess with my sensations and i almost always lose balance. Will try to find some others new operators to train on that point. Steffen, I can't even think about going backwards on the crowd, hats off to you, must be so stressful having all those people around especially on a live show.
  12. Hi Sawyer, I have the same thing happening on a Clipper2. It is a bit of a bother but i didn't really put time to find the cause before your post as I got used to it (and it is not my rig, so I could not really take the risk to modify something). Now I have looked in details to what could cause it and i find some things : - I am pretty sure the cable is moving inside the post which could influence a little - I found that the monitor mount tube (single tube going down) was not tight enough, and the monitor was moving paste a certain level. I tighted that a
  13. Hello Guys, I'm curious to know how you guys operate your walk and talks, Missionary? Don Juan? Depending on the lenght? If you have a spotter? etc I'm a beginning operator and mostly do music videos and small ads, not narratives but I was curious about how operators deal with it. Thanks!
  14. Hi Sawyer, I'm often flying a Clipper 2 that I rent from another operator and I experience the same thing often working at 4 to 8s drop time Going past 45° on any tilt direction will modify the rig balance and it will still hold a slight tilt. I also checked that everything was tight. I have sometime noticed a small noise when doing the tilts. I didn't disasembled the sled to check if it was that but my idea was that it could come from the cable moving in the post, if it is not a coiled cable like in most modern sleds. If you have a way to check if that can be because
  15. Hi Brad, I have seen something like that from Flowcine. I believe it is named Xpeg but not sure if it is available for now.
  16. Hello, Unfortunately I don't have the answer but would be grateful if anyone as. I just received my Starlite HD+ and out of the box I had issues with picture freezing when recording, monitor rebooting on its own, not talking about the numerous glitches on the recorded video. Thanks everyone
  17. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to use a Video Device Pix-E5 as a recorder/low mode monitor? I thought of it as I am looking for a recorder that could also double as lowmode monitor, but the fullHD screen is a bonus for me as I could also use it for pulling focus when I work as an AC. I have never had the chance to use it outside except by night. I think daylight viewability would not be that good as it is only 500nits, but I could still use my primary monitor for lowmode in the sun. Any Thought? Suggestions? Thank you.
  18. Thank you Chris, I will try with the velcro folded before cutting it. I also moved the rear pads more to the center and it seems way better now. I will now wait to give it a full day of work and see how better it is. Again thank you Chris for your help. Cédric
  19. Hi Chris, Thank you for answering so quickly. I checked and the retaining screws are on the shorter slide on both side. I just tried tightening it more, and giving the torso more lenght and it seems better. But the waist straps are pretty long (see pictures). Is there an easy way to shorten the velcro? Thank you. Cedric
  20. Hi everyone, I'm a new and happy owner of an exovest, that I used on two shooting days recently. I had no problem on the first one even carrying the rig for extended period of time, as the setup was quite light. This weekend with a heavier setup, as the day went I had the feeling that I was carrying to much weight on my shoulders and upper back, and that the rear waist pads barely put any pressure on my waist (I actually had the patern of the shoulder pad imprinted on my back for an hour and a half after the last shot). Is that something usual or should the rear pad feel snug even wh
  21. Hello Guys, I'm looking for a starter rig capable of lifting most camera packages (so, no zephyr or aero). I tought the Archer2 would be a good starting point. Ideally with a G50x or Pro Atlas arm, but i'm open for other arms. If you have a vest I could take it too, but this is not mendatory. If you have this or any other budget friendly Kit let me know! Thank you.
  22. Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a G50 or G50x Tiffen arm. If anyone has one he is thinking about selling let me know. Also interested if anyone has an Artemis vest to sell. Thank you guys! Cédric
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