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    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

    Hey everyone! I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in doing a meet-up and practice? I'm still a newbie, so I'm trying to get more time in the rig practicing with other ops to help give/get tips, advice, network, etc... I want this to be mutually beneficially for everyone! I'm located in Los Angeles. Please let me know! Have a great day!! Kevin
  2. Kevin Kisling

    Green Screen Monitors

    Hello all! After listening to "Walking Backwards", I've noticed they talk about green screen monitors quite a bit. I'd love to learn more about them, the pros and cons vs LCD, if people still use them, etc... I realize this is probably a very old topic. I've been running into glare quite a bit on my LCD. Thanks in advance!!!
  3. Kevin Kisling

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

    I'm in Hollywood, but that's not far
  4. Kevin Kisling


    Hi everyone! I'd like to get some thoughts on walkaways and what everyone does with their gear. I've only had a couple and each time I've packed up my gear at the end of the night and took it home. We were at a house, which the homeowner still occupied each night, so it made me wary. If we were on a secured stage, I might have left it and felt more comfortable about doing so. I do have insurance on my gear. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on the subject! Thanks!
  5. Kevin Kisling

    Glidecam X-45 Sled

    Thank you for all the great info!
  6. Kevin Kisling

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

    sending ya a message!
  7. Kevin Kisling

    Glidecam X-45 Sled

    Thanks Nicholaus! The dovetail question might be a direct one for Glidecam. Thanks for your comments on the rig, that's exactly why I'm interested in the rig, I'd like to get a big rig at a decent price!
  8. Kevin Kisling

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

  9. Kevin Kisling

    Glidecam X-45 Sled

    Hey! I also wanted to follow up and see how the sled has held up! Is the dovetail plate the same size as the other big rigs?
  10. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Weight???

    I believe the Zephyr can fly a camera payload up to 23lbs. From Tiffen's site "9 to 23lbs.(4 to 10.4kg) net camera weight"
  11. Kevin Kisling

    New gimbal on Zephyr

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! Did you notice anything during the time up until it snapped, or was it out of the blue? This is a great fear of mine; a sudden failure while on set oping. I feel the same way about the arm. Every time I've flown a bigger build, 18-19lbs, I still have a lot of room left in the arm to go heavier. I'm not sure if any other gimbal fits the Zephyr or Aero sled, I think our post is one inch? If you find yourself always pushing the limit, it might be time to upgrade the rig!
  12. Kevin Kisling

    Steadicam Accessories

    Hi Rob! For batteries, I've been quite happy with Core SWX Hypercore 98. For follow focus, I've used the tilta Nuclous M, and it was good. But the Bartech is probably what I would buy for myself. For wireless video, teradek bolt 500 is solid option. I don't have any experience with teleprompters. Hope this helps!
  13. Kevin Kisling

    New gimbal on Zephyr

    I am VERY interested in learning about the same topic! I have the Aero30. What happens when you go over 23lbs? Do you notice your rig acting differently? Also, how did the gimbal break? Was it a slow break over time, or a sudden failure? Would an upgraded gimbal increase the payload capacity?
  14. Kevin Kisling

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

  15. Kevin Kisling

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

    @Ivon Visalli Messaged!
  16. Hey everyone! I'm having a little issue with my Zephyr vest, the pin that pops in and out of the holes from the socket block to the center spar has come off my vest. I’ve attached photos, let me know if this is something that could be fixed by myself or if I need to bring my vest in. The knob that tightens the socket block to the center spar still works, so I should be good to go in the mean time.
  17. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest - Socket Block to Center Spar Issue

    Update: Took the vest to Tiffen in Burbank and they replaced the pin. They told me I could fly without the pin as the nut that tightens the socket block to the center spar is what counts on the Zephyr vest. They also tightened the 6 bolts in the picture above to make the socket block hold tighter on the center spar. Hope this helps anyone in the future!!!
  18. Kevin Kisling

    Los Angeles Meet-Up and Practice

    @James Dunham Messaged! :D
  19. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Hey Everyone! I've done some looking around, but didn't find what I was looking for. I was wondering how far you can upgrade arms and sleds while still using the zephyr vest? I understand you'd probably have to get a larger socket block. Could you pair the vest with a G-50x/G-70x/pro arm and a Shadow/Archer/pro sled? Thanks!
  20. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Thanks for the tips!
  21. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Lisa, thank you very much for the words of caution! I really appreciate it. Maybe I'll look into buying an exo vest first. Is it compatible with the a30 arm? I know the post on the a30 is 1/2in. Thanks for all the help!
  22. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    Thanks man!!
  23. Kevin Kisling

    Renting Bigger Rigs

    Hi! I wanted to re-open this topic! Looks like camera support still rents, but anyone know any other places in LA? Would love to be able to get my hands on a big rig for more practice and gigs (hopefully) Thanks!
  24. Kevin Kisling

    Zephyr Vest with bigger arm and sled

    I've been thinking about cross back straps more, where do you find these and how do you attach them? Any links? Thanks!
  25. Kevin Kisling

    Aero 30 or Zephyr?

    Hi Rob! I have the Aero 30. I like it, at times I wish I had the Zephyr. 3lbs doesn't sound like much, but, it can be very handy. It sounds like you know exactly what you want to fly, Canon/mini with canon lenses. It might be a good idea to build your typical camera package and then weigh it. I didn't see anything about a FIZ or teradek, so you might want to throw that on your build as well to see the added weight. That will give you a good idea of which rig would be best for you. Some advice I got in regarding to camera package/weight, you don't want to aways fly a camera package on the max end of your payload capacity, its good to be a little under. So if you are pushing it weight wise on the Aero 30, then the Zephyr might be a good idea. I would recommend going with Gold Mount over the Canon battery for the sled. And I think either the Aero 30 or Zephyr would be great for beginners. The Steadicam silver workshop uses both for new ops! Hope this helps!