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  1. Based in LA lookong for some accessories for my new XCS rig docking station camera plate drop down monitor rails and bracket
  2. Looking to upgrade old pro or xcs thanks
  3. Avery Ramriez

    WTB - Sled

    I have a Zephyr, can fly 24lbs, with accessories and stand. contact me at avery.d.ramirez@gmail.com for pics and price.
  4. Avery Ramriez

    Zephyr Wanted

    Sent you a message.
  5. Avery Ramriez

    Zephyr kit, located in Los Angeles

    Nathan, if you still need a zephyr, I have one with a bunch of accessories
  6. Avery Ramriez

    Zephyr Rig

    Henry, i have a zephyr I’m looking to sell. Email me Avery.d.ramirez@gmail.com
  7. Hey everyone, Looking for a steadicam zephyr with gold mount batteries. Looking for full rig and maybe some accessories. Thanks!
  8. Avery Ramriez

    Weighted plate

    Looking for a weighted plate around 10lbs to practice with. Maybe even a weighted cage?
  9. Hey friends! Looking for some gold mount batteries and a charger for a reasonable price.