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  1. I'm selling my brand new G70x arm. It's only every been used to test out a few times at home and has never been taken out on a job. Asking for $14,000 USD (Total cost from Tiffen $15,576.38) Local to Los Angels
  2. I am selling my additional monitor with a built-in recorder and swing arm. It has been great as a low mode monitor for quickly going between Standard and Low Mode. It comes with the case, power cables, and swing arm. I have a Pro sled and can power the monitor from either the top or bottom stage as well as directly from the camera. Originally sold for $1,595 I'll let if go for $1,100 OBO
  3. Unused/Unopened Inovativ Vest Rod. Original Price: $140 Asking $120 Description: The Vest Rod connects to any of the 4 upright post of the cart and can both swivel 360 degrees and rise or fall on the upright tube. Use this accessory to mount anything from Steadicam and Pro vest’s to Ready-Rig’s and Walter Klassen gimbal support vests. Made of 6061 aluminum Anodized Black / Orange Product Code: 500-408 Dimensions: 21″ L x 7″ W x 1″ H Product Weight: .3 lb Shipping Weight: 1 lb
  4. I just purchased a new Walter Klassen vehicle mount and now selling off my older mount. $500 OBO Local to Los Angeles and will be in the NYC area in mid October.
  5. Brand New Cart for Sale. Never been opened! And comes with a case! I've had a couple of these carts already and they are great! I acquired these carts while building a home studio and have one too many carts. The Original price $3,630 (Cart $3,250 + Case $380) My Price is $3k Local to Los Angeles/Southern California or Buyer Pays Shipping Specs Collapsed: 39.9″W x 24.7″L x 8.25″H Assembled: 8″ Wheels Version- 39.9″W x 24.7″L x 39.5″H 10″ Wheels Version – 39.9″W x 24.7″L x 40.9″H Inner Tray Size: 35″W x 23.25″L Weight: 8″ Wheels Version: 68 lbs (30.84 kg) 10″ Wheels Version: 76 lbs (34.47kg) Fully Adjustable & Tool-Free Assembly 4 Threaded Rail Plates
  6. Just taking sometime to clear out my garage and getting rid of the last couple of items. These items can be shipped out to you. XCS 2" Monitor clamp: $200 Front Box to American Docking Stand Clamp: $150 Open to Offers
  7. Note: There is a minor issue with the top stage. The forward and back motion does have a click has you adjust the trim. This has never been an issue of particular concern for me but is something that can be fixed by Pro. Sorry, I meant to include this in the initial post
  8. Upgraded my rig to a Pro Cine Live w/ a Volt and now selling my old rig. It has been great to me and I'm hoping that it goes to some else who will benefit from it. Selling for $11,000 USD or OBO Custom XCS/Pro Sled w/ Pelican Case -2” XCS Post w/ XCS gimbal -Pro D-Box III Top Stage -Custom Pro Style bottom Stage (Modified by Gregg Bub @ XCS) -Hill Docking Bracket (x2) -Hill Balancing Bracket -Hill Angled J-Bracket -5 x Camera Plates 2” Super Post (needs HD upgrade) Assorted power cables Alexa Red Film Camera Cables (Panavision & Arri) -Dyna 4 Bank Charger - 4 x Dyne Gold Mount Batteries (One needs to be recelled) -Cinetronic Gen 1 Monitor -Teradek Bolt Pro -Transmitter -2 x Receiver -AC cables, D-Tap Cables, & Assorted camera power cables
  9. Hey man I’m interested in your vest. Can you contact me at (323) 806-4347 and we can discuss?
  10. I’m interested in your vest if you’re ever interested in breaking the rig up
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