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  1. I saw this sled on Terry’s work bench while he was putting it together. Bump for another PRO I sled mod!
  2. HD 6". That's just me, but I haven't felt a major need to use an 8", unless it's brighter. AND if it definitely doesn't have an internal horizon, then I'd stick with the 6". It's nicer because it's smaller and more nimble, and doesn't become so much of a sail in the wind.
  3. Hello, Today I am selling my Ultra 2 vest that I've been using for the past couple years. It's a great vest that allows for fitting of many different body sizes/heights (I am 5' 10"), and is easily flippable from regular to goofy and vice versa (the photo is of it set up to goofy, I set it back to regular since most likely someone who purchases it will be regs). Some of the waist straps have been modified by someone else before me, but I have not had any issues with this. Includes: Steadicam Ultra 2 Vest Backup Pads/buckles Extra socket block wing nut Steadicam travel bag Please reach out to me if you are interested or have any questions. Located in Ventura, CA, but can ship/meet if needed. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, So today I am sadly selling my trusty Steadicam Master Series arm. This arm has been great to me for the past couple of years, but I just purchased a new arm so it's time to pass it on. This arm would be great for anyone looking to get their first arm (with the ample amount of lift power it has), or just even a solid backup arm. One of the more affordable arms that will allow you to carry anything from a lightweight RED to a damn heavy 35mm film rig (with the delrin spacers removed). Includes: 1.5" post (5/8") 5.5" post (5/8") 7.5" post (5/8") 10" post (5/8", without post clamp) 6.25" post (3/4" with post clamp) Low mode bracket with 2.5" post (5/8") Robert Luna delrin spacers (installed, necessary for flying anything lighter than an Alexa Mini) T-tool for spring tension adjustment/removing spacers Extra spacers for arm post collar Case is not included, but if desired will sell for an extra fee. There is a little bit of rust on some of the arm end caps and a few screws, but nothing on any crucial components. The rust is light, and probably from sweat I'm assuming, but will NOT affect the performance of the arm. There is also some plastic shielding on the top of the arm where "Steadicam" is printed that is beginning to peel off. You can keep it or peel it off, your call. Please call/text me at (805) 320-1845 or email me at lorenpaulhamilton@gmail.com if you are interested or with any questions. Located in Ventura, CA but am able to ship/meet up near LA. Thanks!
  5. I am selling this Glidecam package for a friend. Feel free to contact him with any questions you may have. "Glidecam V-8. Used. In great condition. For a camera rig up to 10 pounds. I purchased it used 10 years ago and used it for one short shoot, since then it has been stored in this Pelican 1660 rolling case, which will be included in the sale. $1,500 USD. Pick up in Ventura, California. Email John at writejohnmckinney@gmail.com " Thanks!
  6. Interesting, I'm guessing that comes standard on all new-to-order Volts nowadays?
  7. Hello, So I was listening to the Walking Backwards podcast and during one of the conversations the guest op was mentioning the "newer version" of the Volt, which I believe he said smaller motors and maybe something else. Does anyone know the difference between a v1 and a v2 version of the Volt, if there is one?
  8. For sure Master Arm. Great arm, probably the best of the older arms in terms of payload, up until the Titan and the G70(X).
  9. Hey everyone, feeling around the market for a PRO vest, preferably setup for goofy (not just socket block, but latches on right side so they don’t interfere with the arm). feel free to DM or call/text (805) 320-1845 thanks!
  10. Hello, today I’m selling the gimbal that originally came on my PRO I sled. It’s not the smoothest or comfiest gimbal to hold, but it’s still kickin! A cleaning and lubrication would be ideal, but can definitely be used just as it currently is. The grip was wrapped with what I believe was 3M tacky tape at sometime, which is pretty nice actually, but not sure what it looks like underneath. For 5/8 arm posts $500 (or best offer) + shipping takes them both. call/text: (805) 320-1845 located in LA/Ventura
  11. Found a gimbal! still looking for PRO vest. thanks!
  12. Preferably a long handle PRO arm, and if Ergo handle a goofy one would be ideal. Also looking for a PRO vest. Fastest responses are to call/test: (805) 320-1845 Thanks!
  13. My apologies if this is already a topic on the Forum, but I was curious as to if there are any pros/cons of using either type of gimbal handle, other than obviously having more of an area to hold for longer handles. Is it just personal preference on feel, or are there benefits to having one over the other for certain shots or for how you move with the rig? Thanks
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