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  1. Most Operators in North America use either a Stanton zoom/focus unit, or a Gzoom. Pros and cons to both. Whichever you choose, it's best to get 2 of the same units in case you have failure on set.
  2. I receive replies from John Battiloro who's their USA rep when I ask questions about their 2" volt gimbal. Maybe reach out to him on FB messenger, that's how I've been communicating with him. As far as I know MKV only reopened 3weeks ago.
  3. I've never flown a Betz or a DBIII. What I find interesting are the different opinions on how "solid" different ops describe the Betz. Some say it's super solid, and zero vibration, while others describe it as the opposite. If some operators are experiencing vibration what advice would you give to troubleshoot it?
  4. This is pretty awesome. Love the execution. Just curious...what if your wave stops working and needs service? Do you have another top stage to swap into the mix?
  5. Hi! I would stay away from these lower end products. It will cause you frustration and you'll want to get rid of it quickly. Best to stick to the main brands, even if they are older units that can be serviced/upgraded by the same manufactures who are still in business today.
  6. I think most of us insure the gear for full replacement value, whether it's used gear or new. If your kit gets stolen or damaged you will want to be able to order new components as fast as possible to keep working.
  7. I owned a Master Sled, and still own the arm as backup. The arm is decent. The reality you must face, and be honest with yourself about, is are you prepared to put a lot of work and money into upgrading the sled? I've seen some nice looking upgrades that pretty much re-do the entire sled, but at that point are you really saving much money compared to getting into a lightly used PRO sled for example? The Master is not modular. Top stage has way too much potential to come loose and cause all sorts of problems. It was a good gimbal but if it needs service you can't simply remove it from the sled. I realize many are trying to get into the steadicam craft on a ridiculously low budget compared to investing in top gear brand new and creating a relationship with the manufacturer....but personally...I'd recommend staying away from all these older CP/Tiffen products as your primary sled. You WILL have headaches.
  8. Haha Mr Fowler! I consider the XCS Ultimate 2HD (and soon the Ultimate 3) to be the RR, despite the masses adopting the Volt on their Tiffen and Pro sleds.
  9. Any updates to share about this twitching? I demo’d the Volt at Cinegear again. The Tiffen rep mentioned this might happen if the side to side adjustment on the top stage was off a little. Any feedback about this comment? Also there were comments about the Volt box, if it’s not mounted properly with zero vibration possibilities it can also affect the performance consistency.
  10. Most likely the Potentiometer needs replacing. Many of us have sent our M1 motors to Peter Hoare in the UK......pete.hoare@gmail.com
  11. Looking for an XCS Superpost ideally within USA. Email me: Trieb@me.com Thanks!
  12. Mint Condition Preston Kit Never Sub rented, lightly used only with Steadicam, kept in amazing condition. Anyone who knows me can vouch for the condition in which I keep all my gear. Kit includes: 1. HU3 serial #1909 2. F/I unit serial #1623 3. MDR-2 serial #2387 4. DM1-X Motor serial #3513 5. DM2 Motor serial #5183 6. Jerry Hill PAM motor brackets x3 7. Small single battery chargers x2 8. Sony NP-QM71D Batteries x2 NP-FM50 Batteries x5 9. HU3 pre-marked focus rings x6 (Ai, Bi, Ci, Di, Ei, 1 blank) 10. F/I unit focus rings. Blank x2 11. Red rod collars (19-5/8) x2 12. Blue rod collars (19-15) x2 13. Padded neck strap for HU3 14. MDR-2 mounting brackets x2 (One for 19/15mm rod, one for 1/4-20) 15. Preston Motor gear pitch x5 (64, .50M canon video, 48, .60) 16. Preston Motor cables 2ft, 2x90deg connectors x2 17. Preston Motor cables 2ft 1x90deg connector x2 18. Run/Stop cables- Arri 2ft - Sony F55 2ft - Red Epic (bnc version) 19. MDR-2 power cable from ARRI body 20. MDR-2 power cable to male P-tap 21. P-tap male to P-tap female 2ft 22. ARRI body iris rod mount 2 19mm 23. Jerry Hill PAM extender bracket 24. Cinetape cable $$$$ 25. Cable wallet for all cables 26. Pelican Storm iM2720 case with custom insert by Innerspace Kit is currently in Toronto, Canada. All firmware updates done by Phil Cremer in Toronto MDR-2 upgrade to Blue Dot can be done by Phil Cremer before shipping. Not breaking up the kit. To be sold as a complete package. Buyer pays Shipping $15 500.00 USD Email: steadi.og@gmail.com
  13. Please contact me if you have one you'd like to sell: trieb@me.com Thanks!
  14. Bump... This kit is still available, located in Vancouver, Canada. Price Reduced to $30K USD Please email the seller directly: Dale Johannesen dale.johannesen@icloud.com
  15. Posting for a friend who's retiring from Operating. This kit has everything needed and then some to start working on Live Broadcast immediately, has been with the original owner since purchased new and has been kept in excellent condition. Never rented, light use, G70 recently serviced/cleaned by Tiffen, all cables run through the post for a clean Live setup: Clipper 312(12V) Sled 8.4 HD Monitor 3.5"Program Return Monitor 7" CK 700 w/Anton Bauer plate backup monitor Teleprompter Monitor G70 Arm Tiffen Vest Gzoom plus spare cables Plus spare zoom control 4 Anton Bauer Dionic 90 Batts Anton Bauer Charger Tally System 2 Mohawk Fibre (SMPTE) jumper cables Triax to BNC cable adapters Various necessary (and backup) cables and tools. C Stand Monopod $35 000.00 USD Please email owner directly with any questions: Dale Johannesen dale.johannesen@icloud.com The kit is in Vancouver, Canada
  16. Can this Monitor accept Standard Def video signal? Would be great to use as program return monitor and record line cuts.
  17. Jens, for a moment I thought you were severely stoned on hallucinogens :)
  18. I tried the Exo at NAB last year and didn't find it particularly comfortable. Flash forward to another test at the recent Stabilizer Expo and wow...the evolved design was super comfortable. I was surprised and impressed. I've always had pain in a front mount (to be fair, I haven't flown a PRO harness for longer than a few mins which wasn't measured to my body), and have been loving my Klassen Harness for many years now, which causes me no discomfort and allows me to operate at great lengths with zero soreness. The Exo gave me a similar feeling to the back mount. To be fair I didn't fly it for more than 5 minutes, but for me that's long enough to see if it feels funky. I would definitely recommend considering this harness. We all have different body types with different strengths and weaknesses. It's cool to have another option which may help us fly the rig in a physically comfortable zone.
  19. Touring around Europe on a Drama and my DP wants some Steadicam on location outside of Rome in a few days. Wondering if anyone who's based out of Rome would like to rent their rig and FF for a day. Last minute kinda request but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.....please email me if interested. Thanks! Bryan Trieb@me.com
  20. It looks so sweet....I waaaaaaaant mine nowwwwwww already...it's been soooooo long FAAAAAACK!!!! Clear throat, adjust collar. As you were....
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