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  1. Riedel Bolero. you can even use your own Bluetooth earpiece like the AirPods
  2. Find a used PRO. One and done, you will never need to buy another rig again
  3. No, it will give you the foundation to start building your skills as a steadicam operator but it will not get you work one other thing to consider, are you already an operator? Knowing steadicam doesn’t make you an operator you need to decent at that skill before you add steadicam
  4. No, Why would you need to know that? What would it change shot wise? I'd rather be improving the shot than looking at that
  5. Anytime you have a rig that doesn't stay balanced when panned has one of the following three issues The Gimbal is not centered The post is not round Weight is moving Its really that simple
  6. No that is not a good rig to start out on. To fly a classic you really want a “Big Rig”. Look at what is being shifted on the used market for a Tiffen, GPI-Pro or the likes
  7. Two VERY different devices with VERY different applications.
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