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  1. Where's everyone getting their cables right now? I've reached out to Terry West and Engineered Cinema Solutions but no reply. That said, I may not have Terry's most up-to-date email... I'm looking for Zephyr power cables
  2. Looking for 4-6 98wh gold-mount batteries and a quad charger. Please shoot me a message. Thank you!
  3. Part of the job of an operator is knowing which tool is the right tool for the shot. In this case, steadicam is probably not the right tool. If they insist, try your best, but manage expectations.
  4. If you or someone you know is selling, please DM me. Thank you
  5. Hi all, Hope this finds you well. I’d like to put a Steadicam business plan together and need some help. Anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Would love to jump on a call or meet locally. Happy to pay you for your time!
  6. Los Angeles, CA 30” Chest (42” actual), 38” waist $125 each or $225 for both
  7. Not seeing how to edit original post, but asking $5.2k 30” chest and 35” waist fit me and I’m 5’10, 190lbs.
  8. Selling my GPI Pro vest. Serviced 10/2020 at GPI and returned with clean bill of health. Pad Options Chest: 30” or 26” Waist: 38” or 35” Located in Woodland Hills, CA
  9. Hey, good people! I’m in the market for a used, big rig sled and arm. Doesn’t need to include the Volt. Thank you!
  10. I’m 5’10” looking for more elbow room, but don’t want to give up low-end boom range. Anyone my height try both 2inch and 4 inch adapters and have a preference?
  11. Do they have an office state-side? They’re based in Sweden, correct? I guess my hang up would be sending things in for service if I had to send it to Sweden from the US
  12. Hello, I’m a Steadicam newbie (just picked up my own vest!) looking to get together with a group that practices regularly. I’ve had a few lessons, and looking to deepen my gear and operating knowledge. I can help load in/out, clean equipment, etc. Thank you!
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