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  1. Is the AR2 still available 

    1. J. Christopher Campbell

      J. Christopher Campbell

      no this has been sold, thanks!


  2. Is it still available??

    1. Rob Carlson

      Rob Carlson

      Hi Joseph.   Sorry. I missed this. I’m not sure what your inquiring about.

      All the Best


  3. Is it still available 

    1. Joseph louis

      Joseph louis

      Starlite monitor i mean 

  4. Is the trinity still available?? 
    i need the trinity head separately contact me at joseghlouis@gmail.com

  5. Contact me at 


  6. Is the trinity head still available?? 
    i already have the Artemis package i only need the trinity head separately 

    1. GrantCulwell


      One potential buyer ahead of you. I’ll confirm it this weekend and get back to you.

    2. Joseph louis

      Joseph louis

      Ok i will wait for your answer 

      contact me at 



  7. Is it still available 


    what is the best offer? 

  8. Is it still available 

    AR ??

  9. Is it still available 

    ar omega 

  10. How much for the wave ?? 

  11. Is it still available?? 

  12. why I cannot post something on WTB ???
  13. Is the monitor still available 

    what is the price 


    joseph louis 

    1. xavier henselmann

      xavier henselmann

      Hey Joseph,

      yes the monitor is still available for $1500.


  14. Is the wave still available?? 

    contact me in 


  15. Hi 

    is it still available 

    min interested in the mkv sled 

    would you sell it separately 

    where are you located 

    contact me 


  16. Hi 

    would you sell the V4 electronics separately 

    best regards 

    joseph Louis 

  17. Hi 

    would you sell the V4 electronics separately 

    best regards 

    joseph Louis 

    1. Svetlana Miko

      Svetlana Miko

      Hi Joseph, sorry not this time. Good luck and thank u. S

    2. Joseph louis

      Joseph louis

      Is the sled still available?? 

      if yes 

      do you accept cash 

      and what the best offer can you give me?? 
      stay safe 


    3. Joseph louis

      Joseph louis

      Contact me on



  18. Is it still available 

    where you located 


    1. Luis Garcia

      Luis Garcia

      Hi Joseph. 

      still available.

       I'm in Madrid. 

      Best regards

    2. Joseph louis

      Joseph louis

      Hi Luis 

      do you know how is the shipping cost to cairo Egypt 



  19. Is the vest still available 


  20. Is it still available

    how much you need 

    where are you located?? 

  21. Hi Bryan 

    I’m interested in Gpi pro arm 

    Would you sell it separately ??

    what the best offer for it 

    I have a friend who lives in LA 

    he can contact you 



  22. Hello 

    is the arm still available? 

    1. Matt Trujillo

      Matt Trujillo

      Hello, it is still available. 

  23. Is it still available ?


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