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  1. Thanks for the reply Jerry, I see what you mean however I just did some playing around and no matter which way I leaned it snapped up and down at the ends of the boom. My main concern is that there is something wrong with the arm itself. Perhaps I just need to keep working at it to find the solution. But as far as I can tell, no matter what I do it holds at the ends. The only way I’ve found to work around it is to have the upper section lead. That way I avoid the end points on the bottom section. I’m fairly green so this all could be simply a mistake I am making. I have to confirm the rigs function to my employer and just want to make sure its my folly and not a fault in the arm.
  2. Hiya folks, I have recently acquired a master series kit at work and have noticed the bottom section of the arm kind of snaps/clunks into its final positions at the top and bottom of the boom. I am new to a rig of it's age/power so wanted to confirm if this is normal for it, and as long as the arm is tuned properly the top/bottom should be avoidable? I've attached a video, note the tune isn't perfect I just set up quickly to demonstrate. I appreciate any knowledge the community can offer, -Tyson King IMG_2650.mov
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