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  1. Thank you, Reed! Their updated list is not easy to find. So if anyone else is having trouble, here is the link to the course. https://tiffen.com/products/banning-mills-steadicam-gold-workshop-2021?variant=39314675892295
  2. I'll definitely keep him in mind. I saw he's taking enrollment. Thanks!
  3. All the SOA workshops are full so I signed up for the wait-list. Hopefully I can squeeze in. SOA workshops are definitely my first choice based on everything I'm reading. Thanks for the response!
  4. I'm looking to take one of the workshops. I've signed up for the wait-list in the SOA website already but also wanted to try the Tiffen workshops availability. Unfortunately, it seems like Tiffen hasn't updated or added any courses since Dec 2020. Anyone have any insight or other potential gold rated workshops? Thanks in advance!
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