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    Betz Quicklock Spacer

    You can optimize it for tour plate using thin spacers, Open it up and tou will see, Think bets have a video of it best of luck
  2. JohanPhillips

    Wave 1 for sale

    In excellent condition. Not used a lot and works perfekt. Selling this great piece of kit to someone who has more use for it. Including Wave 1 Long plate 2 short plates 2 PRO-wave power (3pin not the cine live) D-tap-wave power Transport box € 7159 spent Asking € 5400 preferred shipping UPS Bank-wire please no Pay-pal Located in Stockholm mail for more pics Regards johan +46707330691 johan@steadicam.se
  3. JohanPhillips

    Wave 1 for sale

    S O L D
  4. JohanPhillips

    EFP Gimbal

    Köp en begagnad pro gimball istället! mycke bättre och går nog att hitta!! lycka till :-)
  5. I'm selling my lightly used Bartech system. As you can see, the system is very well maintained and fully functional. Has been sitting unused for a long time and about time someone put it to use. Here's what's included in the package: - BFD Transmitter - BFD Receive - Heden M26p Analog Focus motor - Bracket for motor driver - Lens gears: 0.8m-32P, 0.6m, 48P, 0.5m, 0.4/64pitch, (pleas se pic. not 100% sure of exact gears) - 19mm and 15 mm motor mount - 19mm universal mounting bracket; will mount on either side of the motor in either direction - Hard case for the BFD system Cables: Please se pictures.... send a message for more pics Asking for reasonable offer Item is located in Stockholm Sweden shipping is UPS, Let me know if you need additional information or photos. johan@steadicam.se +46707330691 Best regards johan
  6. JohanPhillips

    BOLT pro with 3 receivers

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  7. Selling a great system. Has been upgraded with latest firmware from Teradec and performs well. The system looks good, with minor signs of use Has been sitting on the shelf for some time and time to put it back to work 1 transmitter 3 receivers 1 cage for TV-logic 6" monitor (w56) with custom main switch for sony MP-F batteries A 6600mAh will get you about 3 hr use 2 D-tap to Lemo 2 pin 1 Fischer 3pin to Lemo 2 pin 2 mains power supply 1 spare Lemo 2 pin 90 degres 2 battery plates with Lemo 2 pin (Canon LPE6) Please call or mail if you have any questions, asking $1800 preferably ship with ups johan@steadicam.se skype johanPH viber +46707330691
  8. Zero delay HD/SD Transmitter/ receiver The system has great upgrades The transmitter is rebuilt with a new HD out, so it has the in/out funktion (loop trough) Also upgraded powersupply, alowing for 9-28v (unsure of exact number) This is great for povering of the Arri 24v 3pin-fischer and such. The reciver has been upgraded with an additional HD-SDI output. This system is performing great and has impressed people on set many times, equipped with the white panel antenna it really covers a great distance. Rubber duckie antennae 1 x video cable & 2 x audio cable, 4 pin XLR to boxx and D-tap to boxx 5 array 20db directional antenna Updated software & well maintained System checked at Boxx about 3 months ago when the power supply was installed, asking $3500 can ship ups or fed ex byer pays shipping please mail or call for questions, johan@steadicam.se skype johanPH viber +46707330691
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    BOXX MERIDIAN system

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  10. JohanPhillips

    BOXX MERIDIAN system

    Lowering the price to see if this will prompt anyone? this is a great system at a bargain! asking $2400 OBO
  11. JohanPhillips

    BOXX MERIDIAN system

    lowered price asking $2800 OBO
  12. JohanPhillips

    Pro monitor arm extensions

    Still looking?
  13. JohanPhillips

    BOXX MERIDIAN system

    lowered price asking $3000 OBO. best regards johan
  14. Superpost is SD, includes docking bracket in excellent condition with very little use over the years The case is lightweight and practical. Make an offer. Buyer pays shipping. prefably UPS best regards johan@steadicam.se
  15. This is great for use with all the lightweight zooms on your Steadicam. separate MDR for single channel zoom motor control The housing is really light weight, Preston motor cable power cable. Powers into the 3pin Lemo 12/24 output on a PRO or XCS (mkv also the same?) Thumb controller to MDR cable $ 1500.00 (OBO) please mail or call for questions, johan@steadicam.se skype johanPH viber +46707330691
  16. JohanPhillips


    PRO Make an offer. Buyer pays shipping. prefably UPS johan@steadicam.se Attached Images
  17. time to sell and let a fantastic piece of gear find a new owner, owned by me since new. It has never let me down on set. Hand unit 3 (g4 chip) MDR 2 (g4 chip) DM 1x motor with Hill 19mm kip-style and Hill 15-19 mount DM 2 motor with Hill 19mm kip-style and Hill 15-19 mount Motor offset 2 wide gears for lens scales that travel 3 gears for video lenses Camera MDR mount by Jerry Hill. MDR to 3/8 mount, for mounting MDR directly on camera 3 FM50 almost new batteries Cables: 4 motor cables 2 MDR power cables 1 PRO TO MDR Power cable 6 camera start cables (2 ARRI 3pins, RED one, Epic, Aaton, Sony) Main command cable (long) Neck strap Preston and Cinetape interface, lets you se the cinetape readout in the Preston screen. 6 Premarked rings + spare, sheets, Hand unit backside mount for small TV or Acc. Price: $16'000.- OBO ------------------------------------------------- Johan Phillips Film & Steadicam Solhagavägen 41 16347 Spånga Sweden T: +46 707330691 johan@steadicam.se www.steadicam.se
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    Thank you all who mailed about the Preston, It is now ben shipped to NY, to do sharpness,,,,,on set there, I got a bit surprised about all the mails from interested people. Not easy for a "thick fingered"camera person to all of a sudden be running a small office ;-) ha ha The easy answer why is probably just that HU3 is fantastic product that holds its value remarkably well, cheers to you all and good luck in the future.
  19. JohanPhillips

    Operating in deep snow at altitude

    Hello, Sounds like a tricky shoot. My 2 cents is to if possible, stay of the snowmobile and to hardmount on the sled instead. They are fantasticly smooth and have a much lower CG rhen the snowmobile. Also on the sled you can fit DOP and a focuspuller. We also did a rig to try to cover the tracks, some branches or likwise works preatty well. Take it easy if going downwords! Then its not tje best setup. Regards johan
  20. JohanPhillips

    working with the CODEX

    Hello. Hope you all are well. I have a job coming up with the Alexa and a onboard CODEX. Apparently its about 25w in 24v. And a 2,5 kg lump on top of the camera. I normally power the Alexa from my 2 Dionic HC and ger about one and a half houer of runtime. What do you guys think of this little thing? Is it ok, or a ........ How do you power it? Through the rig or Alexa onboard bats. Any tips and pointers would be greatly appreciated. Best regards johan
  21. JohanPhillips

    steadicam rental in New York

    Hello fellow operators does anyone have some tip about where to rent a Steadicam in NY. the rig is needed for a live-TV event in start of November. Preferably a PRO or a EFP. thanks in advance best regards johan Email me
  22. DM-1 Preston Motor The motor has low-hours since I normally use the DM-2 for regular work. 15mm mount on motor. serviced at Preston. asking $1800 will ship worldwide via UPS/Fed-Ex. best regards Johan Phillips skype: johanph +46 70 733 0691 Email me
  23. JohanPhillips

    PRO Sled

    PRO sled with bayonet mount PRO Center-post PRO Donkey Box I (low hours, has been on my super-post) PRO Upper Junction Box PRO Battery Module I CP 3A Gimbal with MK-W tool less clamping Custom thin side cable down the post PRO "T" MDR bracket 10 Ni-MH Batteries 13,2v 4.5 AH, weight 0,9 kg/1.9 lbs each Camera Essentials Rain-cover for battery cage Monitor bracket D-bracket Sled hard case manufactured in 2007, 3 extra storage compartments, compact & light Jerry hill dock (the fork) Jerry hill MAG dock 2 Black Jerry Hill locking-docking clamps 2 PAG multi format Battery Chargers 100-230 V~ (Li-On/Ni-Mh/Ni-Ch) 2 AC power cables Battery and charger hard case. Manufactured in 2007 very compact and light 6 PRO Battery charging cables 2 PRO-12v battery to 4-pin XLR power cables PRO gyro system, complete with cables and inverter, backpack, post clamp, (no gyros) Schematics for sled / manual Manuals for chargers Description: This sled is a PRO generation I. The rig was bought by me in 2000. It has been meticulously cared for with regular service and maintenance. It has only had two owners and has never been used as a rental rig. It is in great condition for a used system. That is a testament to the quality of the product that it is still in such a god condition. The center-post extends from 17” to 26”. There is a Custom extra cable down the center-post for tally or other function. The connector is on the left side of the monitor Lemo. The gimbal is a CP 3A that is in excellent condition and has been on the super-post all this time so naturally it has low use. It has been fitted with a MKW tool less lock. 10 PRO Ni-MH batteries. 13,2v 4.5Ah. All ten batteries are in good condition. 5 were re-celled in 2010 and the other 5 in 2007. They all work perfectly. In 2009 The 10 batteries were rebuilt changing the voltage-push button on the back. The new button has a better click "easy-puch " function and are better than the original. On one battery the voltage-display is dead. I normally use that for the monitor so thats no problem. The display is probably easy to replace. The Ni-MH batteries weigh (0,9-kg)less than standard Ni-Cd and also have a lot more Ah. Two 4-channel PAG battery chargers in excellent condition fairly low hours, bought in 2005 and 2006. They come with 6 battery charging cables and two AC power mains. The GYRO system just needs 2 gyros and is ready to go. Or maybe as a rebuild for a GoldMount-light-weigth system. photos of the sled $ 6000 O.B.O Will ship worldwide TB-6 and PDL Sold and not included. ------------------------------------------------- Johan Phillips Film & Steadicam Sweden M +46 70-733 06 91 Skype:johanph My email