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  1. 3a top stage with camera plate 3a gimbal 3D printed post wrap (4 inch) Or metal 5 inch included 7 inch Ruige HD mon Sdi Line passes HD 1.5 inch telescoping Post Simple modular rig- very well cared for Prob keeping the stand and dock. Pair it with my 3a arm - (also for sale) and you have a nice starter all purpose rig. $3500 Prefer USA ship. Buyer pays shipping. Will spilt or sell as package Follow link for pics https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zbqagko0zptxq6d/AAByBkhyond00dOyrM27LLV4a?dl=0.
  2. SLED is sold! 3a Arm with red springs still avail...asking $3500 follow link for pics: https://www.dropbox....yrM27LLV4a?dl=0.
  3. Steve Minnick

    Upgraded Steadicam Flyer

    How far we have fallen... [emoji15]$1900!!! Make an offer!
  4. For sale: Upgraded Steadicam Flyer...included in sale- Steadicam Flyer grey arm 15lbs max. / red gimbal post handle, /HD SDI signal / Upgraded Flyer vest (most recent version they sold with it) / low mode adapter / Flyer arm to big socket adapter / allen wrench / "old school" manual / Flyer carrying case /Steadistand/ NO Monitor. I can include all the original parts to the flyer...SD monitor and bottom bracket but new set up is sooo much nicer. Bottom rails are carbon fiber -The rig weighs about 6 pounds. Power from A/B mount battery goes up post AND to monitor 4 pin cable. Old video bnc at top stage is basically "unplugged"...but can be used in an SD setup. I'd prefer NOT to ship but will if needed. Buyer pays shipping. ...very well taken care of. Hoping it goes to a good home... asking $3900 or best offer.
  5. Steve Minnick

    Adapting arm with 1/2" post to 5/8" sled

    Contact Markus Bernhardt at Baer Bel baer-bel@gmx.net He'll make you an adapter post or adapter that fits over your existing post. What arm do you have?
  6. Steve Minnick

    Practise Rig

    the basic principles are the same ... I would say if you have a good deal on the Flyer- try it... just be careful as the resale on Flyers and most under "5g steadicams" is currently not that good. I've had mine for sale over a year with barely any serious interest.With that said - I was glad to learn on the Flyer as it was easier to jump to a big sled after. Hope that helps Steve
  7. Steve Minnick

    Adapting arm with 1/2" post to 5/8" sled

    I don't see how you would not have to replace the arm post with one that adapts- either 5/8 post to 1/2 inch or vice versa.
  8. Steve Minnick

    Misc Sale

    Curious - do you think it can hold a Klassen vest?
  9. Steve Minnick

    Upgraded Steadicam Flyer

  10. Steve Minnick

    Free 3d Printable wrap grip designs

    thanks Tim- I figured that was the issue...as I read the other part of the thread. Much appreciated though- Thanks for sharing the design!!!
  11. Steve Minnick

    Free 3d Printable wrap grip designs

    Just got mine from Media Blackout- going to try to use it as a regular post grip for my 3A gimbal. I had been looking into trying to make a few of these ( aluminum) but this might just work! A bit on the thick side but I'll see how it goes. Added grip tape and it feels/ looks great. Tim- do you think you can design a slimmer one more like the aluminum one pictured?
  12. Steve Minnick

    Upgraded Steadicam Flyer

    Includes docking bracket New Price - $2250
  13. Dovetail cam plate included with DB2?
  14. Looking for arm post adapter. 3a arm to archer gimbal 5/8 inch to 1/2 inch anybody make them?
  15. Steve Minnick

    in search of.... arm post adapter

    Rob- I checked with Tiffen- no luck...they don't have any and will not make any. :(
  16. Steve Minnick

    Upgraded Steadicam Flyer

    "Flyer arm to "big socket" adapter" no longer included in sale. New Price $2500 or best offer...
  17. anybody selling an arm post adapter? looking for 3a arm to Archer, Flyer, Zeph etc 5/8 inch arm to 1/2 inch gimbal I remember someone selling a few not long ago but nothing turned up in my search. Thanks
  18. Steve Minnick

    Arm post reduction

    Are you still making these adapters?
  19. Steve Minnick

    Upgraded Steadicam Flyer

    let's get this sold! $2900 !!!!!
  20. Steve Minnick

    3a arm maintenance.

    Sam- what did you end up using?
  21. Steve Minnick

    Upgraded Steadicam Flyer

    PRICE DROP $3100....will entertain all offers! I've been sitting on this for about 6 months now. It's a great starter rig...or something legit to fly your DSLR or small HD cam....bring your own monitor!
  22. Steve Minnick

    SmallHD DP7 built-in tally/cue light

    optical Tally is the way to go - Peter Abraham makes 'em. I have one and it works great! I have an engineering friend that could make you one as well. Good luck!
  23. Steve Minnick

    Flyer arm to Klassen Vest adaptor

    Walter definitely makes one- I have one- the first one they sent me was slightly off- so they sent me out another one- works great!i found it easiest to mount it on the arm male end... Then just dock the arm to the vest "as normal. I hope that makes sense!