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  1. Great deal!, WHoever buys them can send the one with the broken screen back to Ritter and they will fix that up quick and get it right back to you cheap.
  2. I have a question.. Is the payload limit because of the top stage attachment, or the Gimbal used? and are the electronics for a Volt built into an M2?, so no more MDR style box up front? Ozzie
  3. Hi folks. Looking for an RBQ set up and an Arri Sliding base dovetail plate, not the full kit, just the lower Dovetail... Thanks, Ozzie
  4. Although I really like what can be done with the Trinity, I have been asked if I can go from Low Mode to High Mode in the same shot 3 times in 22 years of operating. There are several thoughts I've had on whether to buy a Trinity. 1. Price vs. return on investment. How long would it take to pay back the $63,000 the complete Sled costs? let's say charging an extra $1000 a day Above a somewhat standard $1000/day kit rental. 63 days... Now how many times have I been asked if I can do a High to Low mode shot in 22 years...3. 2. Can YOUR Market withstand that extra Kit rental cost?.... Mine can't...and I live in Miami, FL. I've spoken with Arri Trinity owners and what they get for their Kit alone and the extra labor costs they charge while operating the Trinity can not be gotten here in this town. There are tons of producers and maybe 6 full time Steadicam Operators that work down here who make 90%+ of their income as Steadicam Operators. as for Volt/Wave... I enjoy my Wave. I use it handheld on boats and on Steadi for Windy days, moving platform shots, etc..., I even use it inside a Cinemilled Pro ring with just the Wave and a Camera for great Horizons while using the system with a Ready Rig/Vega combination.... Best, Ozzie
  5. Hi although I have not personally used a raven for actually work, I have put one on and set it up to test out a system before shipping it out to Colombia for a fellow operator who bought one of those Pro-Line Raven systems here in the states. The system is pretty much barebones I have heard that the newer arm that is offered now is a lot smoother and better than the older version that came with the system that I was prepping to ship down south. The vest does not come with the little side straps that connect the midsection with the lower lumbar support and I feel that that is an absolute necessity in any vest. I'm sure you can go to a good Shoemaker or leatherworker and have them add those straps with some quick disconnect buckles and you'd instantly upgrade the feel of the vest. For the money you can't beat it I've heard prices of $4,000 and even sometimes less for the entire kit it's an amazing deal and then the first upgrade that I would suggest would be to get an older Master Series arm or a steady rig arm. There's even a G50 xarm being sold for $4,000 on the Forum that is just an amazing deal. Good luck. Ozzie
  6. Hi folks. Did anyone get the travel case for their Innovative 37 Scout and decided you're never going to use it again and want to sell it? Ozzie
  7. BTTT Looking for a GPI telescoping post 1.5" no cable needed. with the threaded ends..
  8. Looking forward to it. Haven't been there in a bit. Planning on attending!!
  9. Looking for a 1.5 inch pro post with internal HD cable and 1.5 inch gimbal. For use with my cinelive. If the price is right I can pay for it and pick it up at cinegear or stabilizer expo. Ozzie
  10. Hiya.. Looking for an XCS super post with the GPI/Pro inserts at the ends. Now.... there are the older inserts which have a very small amount of threads and the newer inserts which have the larger number of threads which will match the thicker knurled ring on the Cine Live sleds. Would like it to have a perfect working order HD cable like used on the current Cine Live sleds. If the Price is Right I can pick it up at cinegear or stabilizer Expo. Ozzie
  11. For years I just checked in my Klassen Deluxe vest with extra clothes in it in the bag it comes in, no damage ever. I did remove the arm, and cradled it inside the vest and then packed clothes on in there. ended up weighing like 28lbs.. Just my experience... Ozzie
  12. I've been using Matthias bracket for my Starlite HD on live shows for several months. Works great. On non live shows I put the bracket on the top rods and have a great low mode monitor in the right spot.
  13. Hi Alfeo, what are they charging for an HC90 at Batteries Plus? I've used Ritter for many years ( They're also 20 minutes form my house). Their customer service is excellent and super quick turnaround. I believe the HC90's are $179. My HC's are going on 4 years of use and only now are showing signs of needing a rebuild. Ozzie
  14. Hi Folks. Would love to find a Betz Wave camera plate stateside for sale. I have one with my Wave but would like to have another for the bottom. Ozzie
  15. The folks I sold mine to are in Atlanta, XCS Post, Diodes in the AB plates, XCS HD line down the post. Originally modified by Erwin, sold to Geoff Shotz, then to me, I had David Hable do his thing to it, to make it HD then it went to ATL. Hope you find one, they're great!
  16. Hi Tim. Where is this located? I have a colleague from Colombia here in Miami looking for a complete sled. arm/vest system and this may work out for him. Best, Ozzie Ozzie@silverafilm.com
  17. I too use the Samurai Blade. It's been my on board recorder for the last 5 years. Almost everything on my reel is from there.
  18. Hiya.. Any pics of it in use? Would like to see how it's mounted on a GPI sled. Thanks.. Ozzie
  19. Where are you located? What would shipping be to South Florida ZIP code 33027
  20. Axel... the DB3 that you got. Was it from GPI? Or the modified, tooless one from Optical? Ozzie
  21. Got a hold of them. Thank you Jason for the support ticket suggestion. They were quite nice once I finally got a hold of someone. Shipped my unit to them, and after 2 weeks they deemed it un repairable because of the modification I had Media Blackout make to it years ago. Mine was the first to get the 2 pin connector added to the side so I would just plug it in to the lower electronics of the Cine Live. But they gave me a great Out of warranty replacement cost for a new unit. and of course I will "upgrade" the new unit again with the same modification since it's the only way I want to use it. Really love the unit and the form factor and size of the Samurai Blade. Just figured I'd update the post.
  22. If anyone seeing this has another Donkey 3S for sale, Let me know.
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