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  1. Hi Jack Check it out. Monitor yoke and Gimbal Wrap mods by from Jamie Rhodes-Simpson, a steadicamforum member.
  2. Hello Has anyone the files (3D print) for this design ?? The original link, I can't download them. https://www.tinkercad.com/things/huwV8L15sn1 Thanks
  3. Hola Andrés ATENCION, NO usar WD-40. En varios de los manuales de Steadicam (Tiffen), esta la recomendacion de no usar WD-40. Un producto que muchos usamos para el brazo es AFC-50 mira este post.
  4. Hi Robert The direct response of Chris F, the Exovest` designer. He is always ready to share the knowledge. All the best
  5. Hi Kyle, Welcome to this wonderful world (and to the business, apply other adjectives). I think, almost everyone, when we decided to do the "JUMP", there are doubts, questions .. In my case, I have taken some workshops, (including bronze), and each one is a great experience. Also your "business plan" is important, you take the workshop, And AFTER, -do you will buy your own rig? -range of cameras do you want to "fly"? -budget ?? it's just some things to analyze (many more things). There are several incredible women operators, but in NY area, maybe you can contact KATERINA KALLERGIS, ( http://steadikat.com ) She is operator, also Steadicam instructor. Sure she can share experience and great information My 2 cents All the best
  6. Hi Chris Maybe too late. You can check here, someone operator with Zephyr http://www.steadicam-ops.com/database/soaListName.php?recordID=New%20York My 2 cents
  7. Hi Michael. I agree with Lisa....the Historic Workshop ... with Garret Brown... But, other option is the affiliated Workshop.. Maine Media Workshop I think so is close to Toronto. https://www.mainemedia.edu/workshops/filmmaking/steadicam-workshop I can say. The Steadicam Workshop is an Amazing experience. Fly safe
  8. Hi Guys. Again, share some info about a new product: Steadimate mount
  9. Hi Guys New product (accesory) by Steadicam...??? STEADIMATE after 2:12 m Who knows more about this new product ??
  10. Hi Nils Thanks for your info about this new model.
  11. Hi, I hope that some colleague present at IBC, who can share pictures and information about this product. New Artemis MINI or TRINITY, I dont know the model name. But, it i new option, new tool.
  12. Hi Mikhail iUnfortunately Victor Lazaro sold the Zephyr. You can contact Kyle Fasanella in NYC area. http://www.smoothcamera.com/ or Peter Abraham, Look for it by user in this forum. My 2 cents.
  13. No problem. I did not know you had sold the Zephyr. Sound good, that means you're growing to big leagues. congratulations.
  14. Mikhail You can contact Victor Lazaro. He has a Zephyr, I do not know, if Victor rent ONLY the rig , but surely he can help to rent or info. http://www.victorlazaro.com/
  15. Hi Guys A short, but interesting article of Larry McConkey, about The Famous “Copa Shot” of “Goodfellas” http://www.p3update.com/production/cinematography/136-cinematography/steadicam-operator-larry-mcconkey-talks-achieving-the-famous-copa-shot-of-goodfellas
  16. Hi Frederic, I'm sure, these guys can help you with information or a good guide for your requirement Victor Lazaro http://www.victorlazaro.com Alec Jarnagin http://www.floatingcamera.com My two cents. Nelson Villamil
  17. Good energy at NAB 2015 All the best to friends and colleagues. Good luck
  18. Hello Folk I know, No steadicam news, but also good info for us. New Releases by Arri, now Alexa SXT - 4K More info. http://www.arri.com/...ction/overview/
  19. Hi Diego, How are you ?? Maybe this links, a little help to you. http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=21504&hl=zephyr http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=20926&hl=zephyr http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=20802&hl=zephyr http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=21382 All the best
  20. Hi Daniel Please could you share more information about your experience with NYRIUS Pro, (good and bad) You have tried to use with 24 fps and 23.98 fps ?? ie. Epic Camera output no PsF.
  21. Hi Michael, I know, maybe it's too late. But my 2 cents. You can contact Kyle Fasanella. http://www.smoothcamera.com/ O also Peter Abraham All the best
  22. Dan, My friend All the best, at NAB 2014. All the best to all operators, friends and colleagues, who will be at NAB 2014.
  23. HI Ruben. Welcome to the Steadicam Forum I agree with Robert, and my own experience, the small rigs are a great challenge, and if your learning stage, it will be a good choice. Of course, according to YOUR business project, you'll always have a large platform reviews that will be better. More competition, more choices etc take jobs. but you're starting, Your projects, your business, your projection and understanding in the business will be a great guide and other things. I think you have an excellent teacher and professional, also will help. But do not forget, a lot of practice, a lot of discipline, loyalty and ALWAYS FLY SAFETY. All the best.
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