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  1. Selling my G-Link Max package (W/O VEST) with handeld mount included. Used 4 times. Excellent condition. Just purchase an XSpine vest, and you're ready to fly! This is the 1.0 GLink system. $6300
  2. Selling this complete Xbone kit with all accessories that you see. $2000
  3. I have this video posted in another thread where I am selling my SmartSystem R2 "Ronity" sled. Thought you all could see the arm in action with that rig here, as well. Solid arm. Only selling because I am getting out of steadicam operating and moving up to DPing and directing. Thanks for stopping by! 115878901_RONITYVIDEO.mp4
  4. I know some of you may not be familiar with the SmartSystem sled, so here's a video of me using it in the "Ronity" configuration, and then a quick video of the sled in normal steadicam mode in dynamic balance. It really is a versatile sled and very well made. And the customer service and support with SmartSystem has been absolutely amazing. I'm only selling because I am getting out of steadicam oping and moving into DPing and directing. So the sale isn't because of it being a subpar product. Check out the video below! 115878901_RONITYVIDEO.mp4
  5. Selling my back up Exovest. As you can see from the pics, it is still in very good condition. Don't hesitate to ask any questions! I'm here to help! $4000
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