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  1. Thanks for that. The G-50 is $8500 and NB is asking $10k. I was surprised by that. I led him down a path of used gear. Thanks again and what a cool product! Any chance there is one in NYC? I’d love the chance to see one first hand.
  2. A DP friend of mine is looking to get one. He has a Klassen vest already but is curious about arms. What do you recommend? I had suggested a G-50 but he would prefer to spend less.
  3. A friend of mine is looking to get a Zeegee or twister for commercial work and asked my thoughts on an arm for that. I thought the g50x for its boom range and load limits. Any other thoughts out there? Maybe something less expensive? He doesn’t want to spend $8500 on an arm if he can help it.
  4. I am looking to buy an HME setup and am lookong for input from folks. What do you like? I’ve heard there are some less expensive ones that are good.
  5. Looking for a zoom control to mount on my gimbal handle. Must work with digital (Preston ) motors. Anyone got one they haven't used in ages they want to get rid of?
  6. Just gonna bump this post since now I'm looking. Interviewing folks and not totally sold on anyone yet. Afton, who did you end up with and are you happy with them?
  7. Had a strange thing happen the other day using the Anton Bauer plate on the back of a red to power the camera from my PRO. It was a Panavised Red with their power back and only one of the lights would turn on and the camera wouldnt power up. Volt meter was getting 14.8 volts from the sled through the plate and a dionic straight to the camera worked fine. Strange ghost in the machine as Ive used that plate countless times in the past. Tried different cables and even differ jumper block below. Any thought on why? Again, getting lots of power from the plate with a volt meter.
  8. Posting this here, baby coming and need to sell it. Selling an Arri Alexa EV Classic, High Speed and Anamorphic licenses, with lots of extras. Cards, support and a solid shipping case. Camera is in excellent working condition and has just been serviced by Clairmont Camera in Vancouver BC. What's in the box: Arri Alexa # 3451 with 5405 hours, High Speed and Anamorphic licenses and latest firmware SXS option EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder VMB-2 Viewfinder mounting bracket EL-3 eyepiece leveler VEB-1 viewfinder extension bracket Viewfinder cable short 35cm Viewfinder cable medium 65cm Ethernet cable Alexa 12v access cable 6' 24v power cable (3pin) WA-1 wedge adapter BPA-1 bridgeplate adapter LB-1 leveling block SP-3 Shoulder pad CCH-1 carry handle HEB-2 handle extension bracket BP-9 Bridgeplate set BAT-V v-mount battery back Eyecup assembly 435/535/SR3 5X 32GB SXS cards 2X 64GB SXS cards Jerry Hill top plate IDX dual charger 2X IDX Batteries Custom hard case Batteries will be shipped separately ground as they exceed airline limits for lithium ion batteries. Camera is located in NYC, local pick up is an option. I can send additional photos on request and am happy to answer any questions.
  9. I've been really inspired by the beautiful work of Afton Grant and Tom Wills lately. So I decided to make my own...
  10. Selling my Alexa, link to the eBay post below. Camera is located in Brooklyn, NY and was serviced by Clairmont Camera in Vancouver since it's last use. 5400 hours and 5x 32gb sxs and 2x 64gb sxs 15mm baseplate, dovetail yada yada. pics and all on the eBay site
  11. bump. here is the new eBay listing, I will take offers too. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/272555868338?
  12. Selling a brand new in box pelican 1550 with dividers. eBay link Didn't plan on selling it but I need to up my eBay sales limits and I guess you need to have sold stuff on eBay...
  13. Merry Christmas! I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday. https://www.facebook.com/events/1775903746007917/
  14. Hey folks, It's been too long since the last NYC get together so lets have one! Where: Josie Woods Pub 11 Waverly Place New York, NY When: December 29th 7:30 PM Hope to see you there!
  15. Hadn't thought of something on my stand. I guess I was holding out for the day I could afford an Afton box. Oddly simple, thanks Tom. I was thinking along the lines of my main AKS on the cart. Thinking of switching to a Pelican 1550 and getting rid of soft bags altogether. I'm working on designing a lid pouch set up specific to our needs and looking for inspiration. Seeing Mike Germond's cases on the travel thread gave me the idea to do something different.
  16. What do people use for their go-to on set AKS? I have a Steadicam AKS from Modular51 but I find it's really big and fairly empty. I've been gradually pulling stuff out of it in an attempt to make it lighter. I'd be curious to see what setups people have.
  17. The Trinity is great and I've played with it a few times. I was more asking in terms of Movi competitor/ remote head type applications. The weight was my biggest concern. I am not interested in trying to put one on a steadicam, that's what the steadicam is for in my opinion. I almost had Dave's to play with a not long ago but the production couldn't get their shit together. I've seen enough good use that it seems like something worth having in my kit. It's just making sure I get the best one for the most applications. Also, Arnie isn't what he used to be and nobody can run these things handheld for a reasonable and repeatable time without engineering or whiskey and speed.
  18. I am curious who owns one and what your thoughts are on them? I have been thrown into several situations with the Movi lately and I am curious about a real comparison of the two. I haven't really seen the Maxima out much. It weighs considerably more on its own and is more expensive. The Movi software seems to be getting better but is it enough? There is some pretty cool stuff happening with these things and I'd like to hear back from the people I've learned to trust over the years.
  19. It should trigger off an Arri camera, it's a timecode trigger and the video assist takes timecode. I'd love to know if anyone can confirm or deny this as I am still leaning this way. Anyone?
  20. Any new and interesting recorder options after NAB? I need to pick something up and right now I'm leaning towards the BlackMagic Video Assist, Would love peoples thoughts on it and any thing new.
  21. And to Victor, what are the caveats you refer to?
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