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    Heden Motor questions

    Hi friends, I'm looking at tailoring my Preston kit a bit and I am curious about everyone's experience with Heden motors. The size and cost of these motors would make them seem like a no-brainer but I was curious if there was a reason they are far less common. Are there speed or strength issues? Thanks, Ross
  2. Thank you for your interest. I'm selling an XCS Ultimate II sled. The sled is less than four years old and in prefect working order. Most of the components show some normal signs of wear as this has been my work-horse in that time. I am the original owner. I had the center post custom made 2" shorter than stock to accommodate smaller cameras. I've also upgraded the LEH with the Ulitmate 2HD SDI panel for greater signal strength. I've had no issue with the Cinetronic monitors aside from the known PSF issue which I resolved with the HD-PDL. The HD-PDL acts as a down-converter providing SD signal when necessary. However, I'm willing to separate the HD-PDL and monitors if need be. XCS Ultimate II components: Upper Camera Platform Ultimate Gimbal 2" Telescoping carbon fiber post (custom 16"-26" length) Lower Electronics Housing Preston Universal MDR bracket Drop-Down Dual Rod Monitor Support Arm Cinetronic Gen 2 monitors (2) XCS HD-PDL Plus Additional Parts: XCS Sliding Adjustable Dovetail Plate (2) Arm Posts (2) PRO low-mode bracket Custom mounting brackets for Cinetronic monitors (2) Monitor Cables (4) Hill docking rings (2) Original parts bags (additional screws, etc.) Gimbal tool Ultimate II case I can provide more pictures upon request. Items are in Los Angeles. I'm willing to ship anywhere at buyers expense. Serious inquiries only please. Thank you, Ross
  3. Ross Coscia

    XCS Ultimate II sled package

    Still available.
  4. Ross Coscia

    XCS Ultimate II sled package

    The Cinetronic monitors have sold as well as the monitor support arm.
  5. Ross Coscia

    Technovision Mark III S Geared Head

    The head has been sold.
  6. Hi folks, I have a Technovision "Mark 3 S" geared head for sale. I bought it a couple of years ago as a practice head. It has 3 speeds on the pan and tilt as well as a pair of reduction gears. It's also equipped with an integrated tilt plate. I had the head serviced when I originally acquired it and it remains in pristine condition. The only blemish is some minor pitting in the finish. I have a case for it and I'll throw in the high-hat as well. This head is ready for prime-time or practice. Located in Los Angeles. Local pickup preferred. Buyer pays shipping. $6000 obo Thanks, Ross
  7. Ross Coscia

    Garage Sale

    Hi folks, I've recently reorganized my kit and found some bits that I haven't seen or used in a while...if ever. I don't know the value of most of this stuff so I'm taking any reasonable offers. I feel silly for posting some of this stuff but I can't bring myself to throw it in a trash can. 3x Hill 5/8" PAM arm 2x Hill 15mm PAM arm 2x Hill Uni-clamp 3x Hill PAM Rosettes Hill D clamp 2x PRO 12v to center-pin postive cables (Decimator 2) Custom cheese plate (made for Red Epic top plates but doesn't work for all) PRO 7" Dovetail with motor rods and support bracket Blackmagic cheese plate for Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 Film-Tools cheese plate various plates and brackets for film cameras Cinetronic Digital Level (with cables and mounting hardware) Practice cage 4x 4-pin xlr cables (8') BNC antenna I'm in LA. Local pickup is preferred but I'll ship anywhere at the buyer's expense. Thanks, Ross
  8. Ross Coscia

    Garage Sale

    A couple more pictures for clarity.
  9. Ross Coscia

    Garage Sale

  10. Ross Coscia

    Garage Sale

  11. Ross Coscia

    Garage Sale

    I don't know why some of these are flipped...
  12. I'm selling a Preston 1 setup that has been modified to start/stop Red cameras curtesy of Cramped Attic. The kit includes: Preston 1 Handset 2 Handset Batteries and Charger MDR 1 3 DM1 Motors Additional Panavision motor gears 3 Preston Brackets w/ bushings for 5/8" and 15mm rods Iris Paddle 4 motor cables Command Cables (Arri, Red, Panavision) All necessary accessory cables Custom Pelican 1550 Case I have pirated the power cables from this package for my current MDR so those will be a necessary addition for the buyer. All items are in good working order and have seen little use over the past couple of years. The motors have been rebuilt by Preston and the MDR has all available updates. Please contact me if you need more detailed pictures of anything. Buyer pays shipping. Looking to get $7500 obo. Thanks, Ross
  13. I'm selling my current wireless setup. It includes: 1x Bolt Pro transmitter 2x Bolt Pro receiver 2x AC power cables 1x 4pin (sled) to 2pin power 2x Ptap to 2pin power 1x BNC (curly) Small HD AC7 (SDI model) with A/B back plate custom handheld bracket monitor hood monitor AC power cable AC7 screen protector custom Pelican 1550 case This is a fleshed out little system; it just doesn't work much any more. I did use it just a couple weeks ago and it fired up just fine. I may be able to dig up some more cables to go with it as well. I'll ship to the continental U.S. Beyond that, it's at the buyers expense. Looking to get $3000 obo. Thanks, Ross
  14. The director's monitor and associated hardware have been sold. I still have the transmitter, receivers and applicable cables for sale. Asking $1500.
  15. Ross Coscia

    Preston 1 Kit w/ Red start/stop mod

    This setup is still available. Asking $5000.
  16. Ross Coscia

    Preston 1 Kit w/ Red start/stop mod

    Still available. $6500
  17. Ross Coscia

    Preston 1 Kit w/ Red start/stop mod

    Price reduction: $7000
  18. Ross Coscia

    Antler repair

    Somehow the most rudimentary piece of equipment in my kit has been damaged. My antlers are no longer able to telescope through their full range. Something is clearly out of round. I'd like to get them repaired but I don't know who is manufacturing these things or if I should just seek out a machinist. Anybody have some insight as to the best course of action? I'm in Los Angeles. Thanks, Ross