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  1. Hi @Alex Foerderer

    I found a wrong sentence on a post about a sale announcement where you connect SmartSystem company to Easysteady one.

    I'd like to point out that the two companies have no connection between them and that SmartSystem cannot offer warranty or repair service for easysteady products (in case they need to be checked).

    Thank you so much


    1. Alex Foerderer

      Alex Foerderer

      Hi Andrea, 

      I must have expressed myself incorrectly.
      Nevertheless, I have never written that smartsystem takes over warranty or repairs.
      I wrote that the products are similar in design and easysteady can be expanded with smartgear.

      I will chance it in my announcement.

      Kind regards 


    2. Andrea Falcucci

      Andrea Falcucci

      dear @Alex Foerderer


      I appreciate your kindness.

      As you surely know, a not new equipment may need repair or service. Connecting two companies can lead to the idea that a service for the used equipment can be requested by the new owner.

      Thank you again.

      All the best


  2. Following the list @Jeffrey Rosenberg wrote, I suppose @Kevin Jacobsen referred to ArmX1 for this review I quoted here. Just a tiny help for avoid confusion. Cheers!
  3. Hi! If you received the Matrix R2 and you need some assistance or suggestions on how to place ronin or balance it before using it on Matrix R2, feel free to ask! Sincerely Andrea
  4. I can't speak for AVDONIN arm since I'm a manufacturer (SmartSystem) and for this reason I'm extremely biased since I personally designed and patented the ArmX1 in 2010. I don't want to publicly promote our system but can I gently ask to you which are the features that let you define it a huge skips? Have you ever tried our ArmX1 before? If yes, in which occasion? Trade show or via a retailer? Did you test it extensively on a film shooting? Thank you so much.
  5. In case other user will search for this info, also Arm X1 has 0.625 (5/8") arm post.
  6. Hi Zachary Lurking on the internet I found this post that deserve an answer for whom could be interested on our system. In May 2019 we upgraded the Arm X1 with a new springs (special design and material) that greatly improved the performance of the arm extending also the load capability. We launched these new spring on CineGEAR 2019. Your arm was assembled few months before so your kit was composed with old springs (silver and gold) Since the mod was universal for every arm manufactured since 2010, you should felt a completely new arm responsiveness with the new springs (Blue and Black) We are working on various tutorials to help operators to fine tune the Xtune in order to get always the best results. Keep you posted!
  7. Hi guys we are very happy to invite everyone to test or to touch with your hands our SmartCAM ARM X1, one of tiniest stabilization arm in the market but able to carry up to 70lbs and with the ability to change on the fly the springs and to adjust the dynamic response of the arm. We will carry also our Matrix Sled in its latest revision, our Vest Lite and other products and accessories at next CineGEAR in Los Angeles 31 May - 1 Jun. You'll find us at Booth 153B - New York Streets https://cge19.mapyourshow.com/7_0/floorplan/?hallID=E&selectedBooth=153B&shareguid=31D63443-E6F9-BBB1-7C4F03DD4B09F0E0 See you in LA!
  8. Hi Tom I'm Andrea, CEO and Senior Engineer inside SmartSystem. As technicians, we are always happy to receive feedback. Especially, the negative ones push us to find better and "smarter" solutions... always. As you know, the world is a perfectible place. For this reason, can I kindly ask to you if tested our system and where? Maybe we met somewhere in some exhibition? What you found wrong or bad and what could be considered good? Sincerely Andrea
  9. Hi Adam Yes we were in Paris for Stabilizer Event 2018 with Arm X1 and Matrix R2 (especially designed for Ronin2) equipped with Horizon monitor System. About your direct request, I've found that someone asked to your question Facebook at this link Hope this helped Sincerely Andrea
  10. Hi to all. Lurking on internet we found this old post. Maybe someone could be interested to this photogallery regarding 3D Shooting with 2x RED Epic Cameras. Equipment used : 2x RED Epic Cameras with Mattebox and GENIUS 3D Rig 1x LCD 7" monitor 4x V-Lock Batteries SmartCAM ARM X1 SmartCAM Matrix Sled Complete Pro SmartCAM Vest Lite Happy 3Ds! Andrea
  11. Hi Folks, we'd like to share with you a about a video made by an italian Steadycam operator (he owns a steadicam pilot, as reference) with our equipment. Equipment used: Arm : SmartCAM Arm X-lite Sled : SmartCAM Mini Sled Extreme Vest : SmartCAM Vest Lite Camera : Panasonic GH2 & Sony PMW-EX1 Monitor : Swit 1070HS Andrea. SmartSystem
  12. Hi to all guys and thank you very much Stefano!. As I said in other posts, We are available for any explanations you might need. Thanks to the new Live Chat Software installed in our website, you can get info, quotes, news and everything you need in REAL TIME. I suggests to check it out our gallery, especially the RED Camera one. Best Regards Andrea SmartSystem
  13. Hi to All! Thank you chris! Not So Professional, isn't it? :lol: As you can see, we are an Italian Company developing professional Professional Video Products. We are available for any explanations you might need. With best regards Andrea SmartSystem
  14. Hi to all! Lurking on the web, I found this topic. My name is Andrea Falcucci and I'm the SmartSystem CEO. As you can see, we are an Italian Company developing professional Professional Video Products. We are available for any explanations you might need. With best regards Andrea SmartSystem
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