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  1. Matthias Biber

    Vibrations topstage

    with the alexa mini the battery mount can cause vibration issues. I use this little bracket to stabilize the battery. It also lets you mount the viewfinder behind the handle. https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/alexa-mini-evf-bracket-battery-stabilizer/ check the videos on the site
  2. WTB Ghost Eye 150M receiver or Actionproducts ECLIPSE I just need a reciever.
  3. Matthias Biber

    Mini rearview RF bracket

    viewfinder bracket and stabilizer for loose arri battery mount, all in one https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/alexa-mini-evf-bracket-battery-stabilizer/
  4. Matthias Biber

    Arri Amira & CN7 on Steadicam

    I use this plate. Saves a ton of weight AND height. Also a must have when the Amira goes to Ronin2. https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/amira-bracket/
  5. Matthias Biber

    TVlogic F-7H 3600 nit

    cam-jam.de offers a mounting kit for the tvlogic F-7H to be used with the QUATTRO II monitor arm with yoke. https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/quattro2-monitor-arm-with-yoke/
  6. Matthias Biber

    Starlight HD bracket to sled?

    Have a look at this one: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/recorder-mount-for-quattro-monitor-arm/ Also works for the return feed for live shows.
  7. I have a few of these Ronin2 Tripod adapters for sales. https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/dji-ronin2-tripod-adapter/ Video: https://vimeo.com/284670140
  8. Cam-jam.de now offers a mounting kit for Atomos Shogun Flame. check this link: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/mounting-kit-battery-back-for-atomos-shogun-flame-info-site/ Allows to use this monitor in the yoke and the Quattro monitor arm. It has the option to use a v-lock or AB battery on the back. So this lightweight monitor balances well on the rig. The monitor is mounted at center of gravity. Tilting the monitor does not affect balance! !!NO third party cage is needed!!
  9. Matthias Biber

    WTB: large male socket block for IIIa arm

    I have a hardmount with sockeblock for sale https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/cam-tec-hard-mount/
  10. Matthias Biber

    Back mount vest - screw bend

    Hi Jens, is your carbon arm connected to the harness 90° ? Walter Klassen makes a crossover block that orients the arm a bit down. That results in having the male and the female socketblock more parallel and the lower screw (which bends) can be shorter so it won´t bent.
  11. like new! v-mount plate 380€ was 610€ new zoom control 280€ was 400€ new
  12. Matthias Biber

    zoe zoom remote, V-mount plate

    zoom controler is sold! sony/alexa plate still available
  13. located in Germany. But shipping worldwide. Shipping costs will be calculated in the online shop. Credit card payment is possible. https://shop.cam-jam...-category/used/
  14. I´m helping a friend who retired to sell his stuff. Hardmount, Gyromount, Dovetailplate, Genio, Modulus, Zoom Controler, Transvideo monitor, Arri handgrip, Colormeter, a lot of cables and many more. We set up a used section here for easy ordering: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product-category/used/ Sachtler Rig and Vest are alredy sold. Pro Arm is sold, too.
  15. and more stuff have a look here: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product-category/used/
  16. Through holes are back for Teradek Bolt and Sidekick! https://shop.cam-jam.de/…/mounting-bracket-teradek-bolt-ho…/ This little bracket allows to mount a Teradek Sidekick receiver and the Bolt 500, Bolt 1000 and Bolt 3000 transmitters and receivers to mounted as we are used to with the older Bolt 300 series. No ULCS arms or Noga arm! Just one screw! Also works great with our regular Bolt Transmitter mounting bracket https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/bolt-mounting-bracket/
  17. Matthias Biber

    WTB Preston Hand unit 3

    don´t forget a monitor mount for your new HU3 https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/preston-hu3-monitor-bracket-handgrip-one-cinequick/
  18. Matthias Biber

    SmallHD 703 Ultra Bright

    Hey John, the Quattro Monitor Arm with yoke from cam-jam.de works great with the artemis sled and the 703. There is also a mounting kit that allows the 703 to be tilted at its center of gravity. With or without a battery attached to the back.
  19. The new monitor mount for Preston HU3 is ready. It is the same concept as our mount for Arri WCU 3/4. The monitor is as close to the index mark as possible. The handgrip transfers the weight from the wrist to the biceps. It also serves as a docking bracket for a c-stand. The monitor can be quickly taken of with our included CineQuick release. Prototye with dummy HU3 shown here
  20. Matthias Biber

    SmallHD 703 Ultra Bright

    https://shop.cam-jam.de has all you need for the 703 in stock! look here: https://shop.cam-jam.de/product/703-mounting-kit-upgrade-guide/
  21. I´m happy to announce my new mounting plate for the Arri Amira. Arri has the great UAP-2 cheese plate to mount our steadicam dovetailpate. Many ACs like the UAP-2 very much, too. But on top of the camera to mount mdr, transmitter, Cinetape, etc. From the rental house usually comes only one plate. So I find it very useful to have my own bottom plate and let the AC keep his one on top of the camera. Especially when dayplaying. available on http://cam-jam.de/index.html more pictuers and a video: http://cam-jam.de/amirabracket.html
  22. Matthias Biber

    Amira mounting plate

    The plate adds around 5mm of height to the bottom of the camera. This is necessary to access the clamp mechanism.
  23. Matthias Biber

    Amira mounting plate

  24. The WCU-4 with a monitor and receiver (and battery) attached is quite heavy. And the regular hand position on the left side is very far away from the center of gravity. This results in high fatigue on the wrist. The JOE bracket allows to mount and adjust a monitor to the WCU-4 and has its own handgip which is placed much closer to the center of gravity. The weight is no longer carried by the wirst but by the much stronger biceps. When the WCU does not need to be carried around the handgrip serves as a docking bracket on a C-stand. The cam-jam JOE comes with its own quickrelease bracket on the monitor so nothing extra is needed. No noga arms, no cinelock, no spigots. https://shop.cam-jam...-with-handgrip/