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  1. Still cleaning out the shop. Price reduction $275.00 US Have a delightful day everybody! Andy M.
  2. I’m cleaning up the shop. $300 obro Have a great day! Andy M
  3. Price reduction. $400 obro. Free shipping inside the US.
  4. I have a used Original Steadicam Vest socket block for sale. This was one of the original pre Tiffen Socket Blocks. It came off of an old 3A vest. It is made of super hard metal, I was told they use to be made of titanium, but I have no way of confirming this. It shows some signs of use, particularly in the plastic thumb screw caps, yet it is in great working order. It includes a full set of stainless steel mounting screws that I did not get a photo of. It has been mounted on my Steadicam hard mount kit for the last 10+ years and has only been used a handful of times. It is compatible with all Steadicam 3A, EFP, Master Series, and the newer X50 & X70 arms. It will also work with the PRO arms, Proline and NB Stabilizer arms as well. I paid $1100 for it back in the day, so I was hoping to get $500 for it. if you are interested, make me an offer. Have a delightful day! Andy M.
  5. Thank you Shawn for explaining all of the cool differences of the NB Arm. I switched last month and am blown away every time I put it on. It is amazing that an arm that is so lite can be so strong, and sooo smooth! The Arms super light weight is hands down the best feature for me. I have been operating since 1995 and not a youngster anymore. Last week I had a 12 hour day moving to many locations around an Orlando theme park and the 8-10 lb lighter arm was a huge improvement. Plus the way the arm behaves made my day. It is one of the best gear upgrades I have ever made and I could not be happier.
  6. SOLD. She is on her way to the Gentleman and Steadicam Op. in Brazil.
  7. Hi Ryan, This is Andy Montejo in Florida. I have a used Donkey Box Model I for sale. I got it for a light running rig that I was going to build and it never happened. It is all there, not perfect, but it does work. At the time of the build I took it to a local machine shop that specializes in camera gear repairs and they quoted me about $300 to rehab it to like new function (not looks). If you are interested make me an offer. It’s probably worth $500 but at this point it is just on the shelf collecting dust. I included some pix below. I can send you more if you like. The zip tie in the last shot is just there to keep the 4 screws from getting lost. Have a delightful day! Andy M.
  8. This Arm could be an affordable option to pair up with the ZeeGee or an excellent Backup Arm. The Price is: $2500 US and includes free shipping to anywhere in the USA.
  9. For Sale is this Proline Steadicam Stabilizer Black Edition XL Arm. I am the second owner of this arm that is a little over two years old. I purchased the arm while I was building a custom light weight Sled. What I really wanted to complete my build was to find a used NB Stabilizer arm, as I was keeping things light and my budget lean. So I purchased the Proline arm, from one of our SF members. I got it home and used it on a music video project (worked great btw). I was happy the system was complete and all was working great until another SF member listed a NB Stabilizer Arm, the one that I had wanted in the first place. You know how that goes. I tried to ignore the Marketplace add but couldn’t stop looking at it. Now I have two Arms and I don’t need them both. The Proline Arm does have some scratches and other mild signs of wear, but functions well. It’s No Tiffen or PRO Arm, but is smooth and gets the job done for a crazy low price. $2500 US obo. Free shipping in the USA. Here are the Arm’s specs from the Proline website: BLACK EDITION XL ARM 1 to 70 lb Payload using the same arm and same springs Effortless boom up and down super strong construction with Aluminum 7075 and stainless steel 80cm boom range without kickbacks Tortion and Friction free Made in the USA (Miami)
  10. For Sale: Original Steadicam Model 1 or Model 2 Top Stage and Dovetail Plate. It’s hard to determine which rig it actually came from because their top stages were the same. The brass gear and dovetail move smoothly and the lock holds tight. This is your chance to own a functional part of Early legendary Steadicam History! Use it as a ruggedly handsome desktop paper weight that is likely loaded with cinema history or use it to build your kid their own custom Steadicam rig. Or take the gear out and modify it a bit and it could serve as your own SOS plate or Cat Griller plate. If you are interested in this item, check it out on eBay. It is listed there with free shipping. Make me an offer.
  11. If you have a used Donkey Box 1 or 2 for sale, please message me with your price and contact info. thanks, Andy M. FYI, I am still looking for an EFP arm if anyone has one to sell.
  12. Happy New Year Guys! Dust off that old EFP arm that has been sitting in your closet and find it a new home with me. I’m not looking for a heavy lifter, Any color springs are fine. If you have one to sell, PM me your price and contact info. Thanks, Andy
  13. Transvideo 6" Super Bright Monitor W/ Marell Advanced Digital Level. Condition is Used but in excellent working Order. FYI, this is an NTSC Standard Definition monitor and will require an adaptor to view HD images. Items will be Shipped with tracking and insurance via USPS First Class Package. Included in this sale: 6” CineMonitor IIIA SUPER BRIGHT 1200nits.(NTSC SD) Steadicam Monitor Bracket. Instruction Manuals for both items. Steadicam EFP power cables. 2 Sets of monitor & level interconnecting cables. $350 plus shipping cost. if you would like to see more pictures, search: Transvideo 6" Super Bright Monitor W/ Marell Advanced Digital Level, on eBay.
  14. Professionally Modified Steadicam system, complete and ready for any job: This Steadicam package has been professionally maintained, modified and upgraded over the years. It has always been an owner operator rig and never mistreated. This rig has been skillfully modified to be super lite, yet be able to carry a planet. The minor blemishes are simply evidence that it has seen productions of all types. Everything about this system works excellent & the heavy lifting Arm also carries a bit of Cinematic History (See Arm info below). Package includes: STEADICAM SLED- modified to perform like PRO Lite. 3A GIMBAL- heavy lift. DONKEY BOX ll- top stage w/ 2 dovetail plates, & Sony quick release. Lower Battery Rack dovetail mod. 3 batt positions & 12/24 volt capability. DOCKING BRACKET- Custom Captive type w/ aircraft pin. (2) DEROSE RED DOCKING CLAMP RINGS (3) 4pin Steadicam power cables. Steadicam Panavision power cable. Steadicam ARRI power cable. GIMBAL MOUNTED REMOTE ZOOM Controller for Fuji & Canon lenses. KING TRIAX to COAX Live TV truck adaptors. STEADICAM VEST- lite weight vest. Beefed up for heavy loads. Vest has been dry cleaned, re-padded and fresh for new Operator. ARM- MOD 2 w/ 3A Elbow and Gold Spring upgrade. The previous owner told me that this arm was originally owned by Garrett Brown and that the weight markings on the bone covers were scribed there by the Man himself. (Maybe on the shinning?). Rob Luna has confirmed that Garrett did own the arm. (The shinning part has not been confirmed or denied). All routine maintenance to the arm has been performed as needed but never disturbed its appearance to preserve its historical value. ARM POST set w/clamp rings (6", 8", 10", 12") J-TUBE for LOW MODE LOW MODE HANDLE CLAMP LOW MODE CAGE LOW MODE ARRI 3 bracket BarTech WIRELESS FOLLOW FOCUS SYSTEM- complete with motor brackets & rods. (2) BFD power cables, 2 Motor cables, Panavision run cable, ARRI run cable. (Please see pictures too much to list) This BFD has proven to be effective to over a one mile range! HEDEN M911 High Torque Follow Focus Motor w/cinema gear. Set of 4 metric pitch gears for Video lenses. MONITOR in CAGE w/HOOD- Black Magic design 7" 4K Multi-format monitor with SDI, HDMI and built in 4K DVR. PELICAN CASE 1650- with fabric insert for lid and Sled. PELICAN CASE TINY- for BFD FF system. RIP STOP BALLISTIC FABRIC Arm bag (New). RIP STOP BALLISTIC FABRIC Vest bag. (2) ABS GRAY THERMODINE FLIGHT CASES for airline travel. MATTHEWS LOW BOY COMBO ROLLER Stand for build/balance. This Steadicam uses Anton Bauer Batteries. **please note there are no Anton Bauer batteries or chargers included in this sale.** I have tried to list everything out as clearly as possible. I am glad to answer any questions if you are a serious buyer. Selling Price for complete system: $16,700 OBRO. I prefer local pick up. The gear is located in the Orlando, Florida area. Shipping in the US with insurance, will be pricey ( likely around $600US) and will have to be calculated after sale based on location. ***Please note, I will only ship inside the USA*** Below is an Ebay link with a few pictures. I will Post a link with detailed pictures shortly. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153455099726
  15. This Monitor has sold. thank-you all for your interest. and especially Mr. Greg Bubb for all your help in making this sale happen. And thank you to an awsome operator in the UK that now owns her. Andy M.
  16. For Sale is a used but well cared for Steadicam EFP Vest with the Socket Block for the Steadicam arm. While this vest was original equipment for the Steadicam EFP it is capable of handling any of the Big Rigs out there. The EFP Steadicam Vest was the lightest Professional Vest that was made by Cinema Products and Its light weight makes it great for summer or warm weather climates. This vest Model #78-4040 SN #158 is in very good condition the Leather shows some wear but is solid. The fabric has no rips or tears. The pads still offer comfort. The velcro is probably the most worn item on this vest but still holds fine and has never been a problem. Also the quick escape system is all intact in in working order. For the most part this Steadicam Vest is un-modified and as Original as it gets. The only Mod done to this vest is in the center spar. The side rails that allow the vest size to adjust are rather thin and a weak point that eventually can fracture and I had these professionally modified to a thicker gauge by a machinist that specializes in custom steadicam work. So these are now rock solid and should never be a problem. Also the thumb screws that tighten down to hold the arm in place have been upgraded to something better than the originals. Pictures of this item are posted on and can be seen on Ebay.
  17. For sale is used Original Cinema Products Steadicam Color LCD Monitor with built in Frame Line Generator. the monitor has been the back-up monitor for my Steadicam EFP. It was built around 1986, This is early LCD monitor technology but was probably ahead of its time when it came out. I have used it since new when ever the job was indoors or at a shaded location and it has always performed very reliably. The monitor is in a very rugged abs and aluminum housing that is very lite. Its weight of less than 2 pounds makes this a great monitor for running shots. The color and brightness are good considering when this item was built but it is certainly no match for the LCD technology out today. The built in frame line generator works fine. This sale includes one 6 pin Hirose monitor power cable that would plug right into the EFP lower junction box and I believe also into the models III and IIIa Steadicams. Included in this auction is an adaptor for 4 pin XLR power and BNC video input. With this tiny adaptor you could easily use to convert this big rig monitor for use on a Glidecam or a home made rig needing a monitor with built in frameline generator. I will include an instruction sheet with the pin diagram for the power and video connections. Please Note: ( No monitor bracket is included in this sale.) Check out this and some of my other Steadicam items for sale on Ebay will. Included in this sale is: 1 Color Steadicam LCD Monitor with Built in Frameline Generator, 1 Colapsable Sun Shade, 1 Dayglow Bubble Level, 1 Steadicam Monitor Power/Video Cable and 1 6pin Hirose to 4pin XLR and BNC video adaptor.
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