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  1. How do we know your real name is Levi Raizen if your PayPal name doesn't match? Got a reel somewhere?
  2. Hmmm. I just changed a config setting. Do you have the option to opt out now?
  3. I just turned Google Auth off on your account, Frederic. Please let me know if it stays off.
  4. I had to refresh the server and install a compete backup from Wed night, so recent posts and DM's are not available. Please let me know if you experience any weirdness. Sorry for the trouble.
  5. I'm not sure, James. iPhones are just 14-25% of the market AFAIK but I bet the server software developers have HEIC on their to-do list. Is there an easy way to convert to JPG or PNG in the phone before exporting / uploading?
  6. The HEIC image format is not currently fully supported by the backend software that runs this forum yet. If you upload an HEIC image to the forum it cannot be displayed in the web browser or phone viewing SteadicamForum. It will only be offered as a download link, and the reader will need to download and open each HEIC image on their device or computer. That is cumbersome. Best practice is to upload and insert JPG and PNG images to the forum.
  7. John Weekend was banned a month ago. We don't have a "drex" on this forum. I have just banned the "Leo Liam" account.
  8. I've rebranded the "Sustaining Membership" to "Premium Membership" to clear up some confusion that a recurring payment is required. No other changes have been made besides the renaming.
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