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  1. Peter Robertson https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0731989/ http://www.steadishots.org/shots_detail.cfm?shotID=298
  2. Hi Tim 

    I got a request from Erik G about deleting his post .  Is this something I can do and if so can you tell me how to do it .

    Thanks mate .

    Louis Puli 

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  3. Tim Tyler

    log in

    Why do you need to reset your password? Are you forgetting it?
  4. Tim Tyler

    Forum UX Upgrade

    Welcome to the new look! Please report any problems by emailing me: tim@cinematography.com Problems logging in? Your login username is now the same as your Display Name... which should be your Real Name. Looks like there might be a problem creating new accounts. Working on it... All interaction is now encrypted with SSL. (https) TAPATALK is no longer installed. If you have browser Favorites or Bookmarks to SteadicamForum they might not work anymore. You'll need to recreate them.
  5. Tim Tyler

    for sale

    If the item is no longer available, please add a reply to the post stating that. Fort example: "The item has been sold."
  6. What's the other account's name?
  7. Tim Tyler

    erasing a sold item

    Just add a reply to the post that says "SOLD".
  8. Tim Tyler

    Search Function comes up empty

    Hi, Iain, Three characters (like "A R M") is too short. I think the minimum is five. Make sure you click the green magnifying glass submit button too, instead of just hitting RETURN on your keyboard. Tim
  9. Tim Tyler

    For Rent Forum? Under Market place?

    Anybody else want to comment on this?
  10. Tim Tyler

    Credit card payment!!!

    Click the PayPal option and then proceed to pay with your credit card on the PayPal site.
  11. Tim Tyler

    Editing title

    Hi, Jim. As a sustaining member you should be able to edit topic titles for topics you've created.
  12. Tim Tyler

    Adding images to My Media

    You need to choose the More Reply Options button when posting. That brings you to a form with, umm, more options, including the ability to Attach Files. Once uploaded a file becomes available in your My Media.
  13. Tim Tyler

    Nightmare to upload pictures

    Enrique, Use the "More Reply Options" button on the Quick Reply form. That will lead you to a form where attachments are possible.