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  1. I've just banned that account. Thanks for the notice.
  2. I had to refresh the server and install a compete backup from Wed night, so recent posts and DM's are not available. Please let me know if you experience any weirdness. Sorry for the trouble.
  3. I'm not sure, James. iPhones are just 14-25% of the market AFAIK but I bet the server software developers have HEIC on their to-do list. Is there an easy way to convert to JPG or PNG in the phone before exporting / uploading?
  4. The HEIC image format is not currently fully supported by the backend software that runs this forum yet. If you upload an HEIC image to the forum it cannot be displayed in the web browser or phone viewing SteadicamForum. It will only be offered as a download link, and the reader will need to download and open each HEIC image on their device or computer. That is cumbersome. Best practice is to upload and insert JPG and PNG images to the forum.
  5. John Weekend was banned a month ago. We don't have a "drex" on this forum. I have just banned the "Leo Liam" account.
  6. I've rebranded the "Sustaining Membership" to "Premium Membership" to clear up some confusion that a recurring payment is required. No other changes have been made besides the renaming.
  7. Please read the Marketplace FAQ, Joseph.
  8. Checkout the Marketplace FAQ, Brian. Sorry for the trouble. I will make the upgrade easier to find.
  9. Tim's issue was due to a mis-typed user name. Konstantino - the problem is likely that your web browser or password app has multiple logins stored for this site. You might try deleting all of the stored passwords and starting fresh. Sorry for the trouble.
  10. Original post updated to include: Do not use a bank transfers to send money. Bank transfers are not reversible and do not offer buyer protection.
  11. Hi Tim 

    I just got this issue from a member of the forum (below) if you are able to repair his problem would be great

    Thanks all the best 

    Louis Puli 

    Hi Louis,

    I just joined the steadicam forum community yesterday.  I'm happy to be apart of the community and its a great resource for me as I pursue the steadicam dream.  I'm not able to reply to any posts, it just gives me an option to 'like' but no option to comment.  Any insight into why this is would be great.  

    Happy to be apart of the community, and want to be able to utilize this forum.



    Chris Vinopal

  12. I'm on Android, Rob, but you should be able to edit the photos on your phone and Save As a lower resolution.
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